How To Download & Install Netcut in Windows

An internet connection through cable or wireless is very common these days. Most Wifi connections come with routers with easy to use features. This makes it very convenient for people to use the internet. However, there is an annoying problem that most people connected to wireless face. When a lot of users use the network, some users constantly use all the available bandwidth by downloading torrent files or streaming high-quality videos.

So, how do you solve this issue?

The first that you can consider is to talk to the people directly. Ask them to adjust their internet usage so that they don’t use up all the connection and stress the router. In case they ignore your suggestion, you can cut off their internet connection through ARP spoofing. However, it is advised to use this at your own risk as misusing this method is unethical.

Netcut is a popular Windows program that can cut off a connection from the common network. Downloading and installing the program is very simple. Follow these steps for download and use:

  1. Download the Netcut software and then install it.
  2. Run the software.
  3. Select between IP/ hostname/ MAC address but select a different mode.
  4. Cut off or limit the host network.

Wait for a few seconds for the program to take effect.

Note: When running this software, make sure that you are logged in as an administrator.

Use of the program:

  1. Detect users in the network
  2. Protect the user details.
  3. Cut off network between two users when they are connected to your LAN network
  4. Scan the network to ensure safety within the network.
  5. Know the type of phone connected to your LAN network.
  6. Detect attackers in the network and cut them off from the network.
  7. Save the name of the network user to identify trusted users.
  8. Limit the number of devices connected to your network.
  9. Change the MAC address of the adopter connected to your PC.
  10. Clone any MAC address of any device connected to your network.

The program automatically runs when you startup Windows. When you feel that you no longer need the program, you can follow these steps to disable the services:

  1. Open up the run dialog box (Win+R) and type services.msc and press the Enter key.
  2. Double click on “Arp Intelligent Protection Service” from the list
  3. Click on the drop-down menu for startup type and select “Disabled”
  4. Now, click the “Stop” button followed by the OK button. The changes will thus be applied and the service stopped.

Using this software is easy and convenient. With so many amazing features, this is something you definitely should consider having if you face bandwidth hog problems.

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How To Work Smarter and Not Harder

In the recent years, the speed rate of work has skyrocketed, thanks to the ever-evolving technology. You can now get a lot of tasks done in a short frame of time. Some people take this to be an opportunity of a lifetime and get things done as quickly as possible. They don’t mind spending long hours at work just so that they remain ahead of their competition. But, in most cases, these people find themselves always lagging behind their competitors. So, what makes them lose the game here? It’s time such people sit down and think about working smarter rather than harder and for longer hours. Here are some tips that you should follow to get some smart work done:

Prepare yourself the night before

The best way to make the most out of your day is to prepare for it the night before. This makes it clear as to which tasks are at the top of your priority list and you can straightaway dive into it without having to ponder on where to begin.


Break down your tasks


Although multitasking is considered to be a unique and adorable trait, it is better to be avoided when your goal is to work smarter, not harder. Focus on one thing at a time and break down your primary goal into smaller tasks. Set a time frame for each task and make sure to accomplish them on time.


Schedule your tasks the right way

Scheduling your tasks is an important aspect of working smart. You need to assign your tasks according to your energy levels throughout the day. Schedule the tasks that are at the top of your priority list for the morning. Your energy levels will be optimum during this time of the day and you handle your high priority tasks in the best manner.

Stay updated on the world economy

There are things happening in the world of economy every day. Make sure to keep yourself updated on what is happening around the world. Any kind of news about business is beneficial to you. Know about the highest valued currency in the world. Stay updated about the growing economy of nations all over the world. Keep track of new business models and the latest trends in the business industry. 


Work on your time management skills

There are a few simple rules that need to be followed to manage your time well. For instance, when you are working on your priority task, you simply have to ignore your phone and your emails. You need to avoid multitasking as it can slow you down. You need to set deadlines for your tasks and do your best to meet them. Good management of time is, in fact, one of the entrepreneurial secrets to success.


Use your phone

Writing emails every time you need to respond to someone may be time-consuming. Talking to the person on the phone is a better alternative to this as you not only save time but also build a relationship with the other person, most likely your valuable clients.


Learn more

One of the entrepreneurial secrets to success that every entrepreneur will agree upon is that you need to constantly keep learning. Learn as much as you can and as often as you can. Analyze your skills and find out where you need to improve or what more you need to learn to keep yourself updated. Stay updated with the latest trends and developments and never stop learning.


Look after yourself

Give yourself enough sleep, rest and exercise. Make sure to keep yourself in the best shape. Take breaks in between work and get some fresh air and exercise. This will make you more productive and you will be able to accomplish more in less time.

These were some of the things you can do to work smarter and not harder. One of the things that I personally love to do is to stay updated about the world economy. This has really helped me in understanding the world of business in a better way. From learning about the highest valued currency in the world to researching the lives of top business persons in the world, I have done it all.

Best Weight Loss Foods

There are a lot of weight loss supplements that you will find in the market today. You must know about the side-effects of these products even before you think about consuming them.  A lot of people believe that weight loss can be achieved without exercise and dieting. They trust their supplements and end up with serious health consequences. This article tells you about the recipes that you need to include in your weight loss diet so that you don’t have to depend on any kind of supplement to fulfil your nutritional requirement.

Here are some of the most popular and useful weight loss foods that are preferred by most weight watchers users:


Spinach is one among the most popular green leafy vegetables. It is a storehouse of nutrients and can be included in your daily diet plan for weight loss. Fresh spinach is a source of antioxidants, proteins, nutrients and vitamins. Add them to your salads or prepare a dish with them. They are beneficial to your body anyway.


Fiber is one of the most important ingredients in a recipe for weight loss. We usually consume less fiber than needed for our daily diet requirement. This makes it difficult for us to achieve that slim and trim look. Fresh fruits, legumes, brown rice, lentils, nuts, peas, beans and seeds are some fiber-rich foods that you need to include in your daily diet.

Chicken breast:

Chicken breasts contain a lot of essential proteins that help in weight loss and for muscle building. Our body needs a lot of good protein and chicken breasts make for a tasty and healthy option that fulfils this requirement. Use chicken breast with other healthy veggies to make it special and more nutritious.


Wholegrains have amazing health benefits. Adding these to your daily nutrition can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. furthermore, it reduces the risk of being overweight.

Nuts are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fats. The protein content in nuts keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Most people get fed up with their diet regime and give up midway on their weight loss journey. This happens mainly because they follow weight loss diets that give them no other option than eating tasteless food. To avoid such a situation, make sure that you learn about the best weight watchers recipes and try them yourself.

When you are willing to put some effort to lose weight, you will definitely learn new things to help you reach your goal faster. Learn about the best practices for weight loss and the best weight watchers recipes and you will find that weight loss isn’t that complicated as you assume it to be.

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How To Transform Yourself From A Couch Potato To A Fitness Freak

There are people who go that extra mile to stay fit and then there are people who crave for an extra hour of sleep every morning. Well, if you belong to the latter category you must realize that the lifestyle you follow is not the best. A closer look into the mirror should make you realize what you are doing to your body. If you are sensible enough you will know that it is time for you to prove to yourself that you are better than this. You need to stop living the life of a couch potato and do stuff that brings out the fitness freak within you. Here’s how you can get started:


#1. Get off the couch

The first thing to do to stop being a couch potato is to stop being lazy and give up the habit of lazing around on your sofa. Stop spending hours and hours of your precious time in front of the TV and snacking upon crispy chips and other snacks.

#2. Hit the gym


Do spend a considerable amount of time productively rather than sitting in front of the idiot box. The best way to do this is to join a gym and start training.

#3. Use other forms of exercise

If hitting the gym is not really your thing, you can try some other forms of exercise that can help in weight loss. You could try brisk walking, jogging, sprinting or skipping. Doing these exercise on a regular basis while following a healthy Indian diet can help you reduce a considerable amount of weight.

#4. Try to take lesser breaks

Taking a break from workout has its own advantages but never make the mistake of extending your break for more than two days in a row. Long breaks make it difficult for you to get back to your routine.

#5. Learn some basic exercise

When you find it hard to go to the gym for some reason, you can still do some workout at home. A couple of sets of crunches, push-ups, leg raises and butterfly jumps can be easily done at home. Watching some videos on YouTube can help you learn some basic workout techniques.

#6. Do some Yoga



Yoga is a great way to exercise the mind and body together. It helps you improve your balance and makes you more flexible. It is an effective way to relieve yourself from mental stress.

#7. Mind what you eat

When you are a couch potato, you naturally are a big time foodie. This makes it very difficult to control your craving for snacks and junk food. But face the truth here – these kind of foods are not all that healthy for you. Watch what goes into your mouth and go for some healthy Indian diet. Eat food that helps you feel fuller while reducing the building up of calories.

Becoming a fitness freak might seem a herculean task, but when you make an effort to keep yourself motivated you will soon find that is not all that difficult. Soon you will be on your way to becoming a fitness freak from a couch potato.


5 Reasons To Buy YouTube Views

YouTube is one of the most used video streaming apps that is gaining more and more popularity each day. This makes it the perfect choice for video creators to share their content on the platform and gain some audience. However, getting more views on the videos requires some effort on your part.  Getting YouTube views is not a one-time phenomenon. Actually, there is not a limit to the numbers you can have. The more you have, the better it is for your channel. So, why restrict yourself to a number? You can follow a lot of methods to increase your views. One of the most unconventional methods which is gaining popularity these days is that of buying YouTube views. Let me share a few genuine reasons for you to buy YouTube views:

  1. Social proof

More views on your videos give people the impression that your videos offer some value to the users. This leads to more engagement and eventually, your channel starts moving up the ladder. Most viewers like to view content which already has a lot of views. Getting more and more views adds to your credibility and your videos start getting shared on other platforms as well.


  1. Can make your videos go viral

There are certain factors that make a video go viral. But sometimes some videos go viral when you just convince your viewers to see it. One way to do it is to promote our videos so much that nobody is able to ignore it. Another way is to get some paid views so that viewers start believing that your content must be really worth viewing. While it is true that you may have to spend money from your pocket to get more views, considering the fact that it is likely to make your videos go viral, it is worth it.


  1. Helps you boost up your confidence

As a YouTuber, you might have had times when you feel low on confidence. Your videos start getting lesser views and you start feeling like giving up. In times like that, getting some extra views on your videos can give you the extra push that can help you revive both your confidence and your views.

  1. Safe Investment

When you buy YouTube views you do not have to wait for the results. On the other hand, when you invest in ads, you may have to pay in advance for unsure results that might not actually turn into conversion. This makes purchasing YouTube views a safe and smart investment. The results can be seen almost instantly or within a short span of time.

  1. A growing trend

Buying views for YouTube videos is quite normal these days. Many YouTubers do it. It helps them attain a certain amount of social proof to help their channel grow. Therefore, it is considered as an effective method that really works.



Wrapping it up

These were few of the reasons why you need to invest in getting views for your YouTube videos. Hope you found this post informative. Thank you very much for reading!


What Parents Need To Know About the Dark Web

The dark web is actually a part of the online world which is not conventionally accessible. It takes different types of software and computer knowledge to use the content that is in this particular space. As a parent, nothing could be much more important than to watch your child’s internet access and track his activities. Nevertheless, it is easy for children in the modern digital age to seek and figure out how to use particular types of software to access disturbing online content, buy and sell illegal items, etc.

There are many parents whose knowledge about the web doesn’t exceed past using social media networks like Youtube and Facebook or simply searching for random things on Google. Nevertheless, to the dismay of many, there is an entirely different world on the World Wide Web, which is actually described as the dark web.

The internet generically has 3 subdivisions. The internees, which are a part of the day use of ours, the deep web that’s beneficial for the government and also the dark web.

The deep web and the dark web differ in many aspects; predominantly they are not readily accessible by folks who are ignorant of its existence. In a nutshell, you won’t just stumble on it, however, as parents, you can’t be satisfied by this. In today’s world information and especially a mysterious phenomenon like this one is actually a curiosity to most youngsters.

The kid of yours might not be specifically looking for its content, rather simply browsing for the sake of curiosity. This is as bad as looking for it on purpose. As a parent, here is what you have to learn about this disturbing trend:

1. Accessibility

As mentioned before you can’t just access the deep web like any other sites on the web. But it’s not rocket science either; you are able to very easily find the procedure as well as download the software required to access this area by just searching for it on normal search engines. In case your kid has access to a bank account or perhaps can spend online, they might simply have the ability to join the sites and communities on that side of the web.

2. The BitCoin

This is a digital currency, a payment system which has no repository and can’t be linked to a single administrator. All its transactions are actually peer-to-peer and this is the currency which is actually used on the deep web. If your child can pay online they can readily buy this cryptocurrency and access the deep web to make unconventional purchases or perhaps procure memberships.

3. How Bad Is It?

The Dark Web is actually the part of the internet where all illegal activities, drug trafficking, and other unimaginable actions take place. You receive access that is free to forums that promote content such as kid trafficking, drugs, hitmen, and even cannibalism. This is not what anyone would like the kids of theirs to be a part of.

Bottom Line

You can only access this treacherous part of the internet when using the Tor browser; it is a browser much like Chrome, Firefox or the Internet Explorer. In case you find this on your child’s phone or computer, it’s time to take the steps needed to make sure your kid isn’t exposed to the potentially malicious content.…

A Quick Guide To Help You Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

Being well versed with the existing trends in social media is something you cannot ignore if you really want to run a successful Facebook page. To achieve this, you have to smartly handle the free social media monitoring tools. You can follow these simple tips to get more engagement on Facebook Page:

  • Appealing content

If you have a business page, try to post entertaining and interesting content. The more the content gets viewed and engage users, Facebook will automatically reward the content by putting it out on your friends’ newsfeed. This will make users like you post and comment on them. However, you have to be certain that your posts are engaging enough to get comments. Another alternative to this is to buy Facebook comments. While this may seem to be against the protocol, you will be amused with the results you get when you buy Facebook comments. Your posts will get more engagement and will reach out to more people.

  • Communicate with other pages

There are lots of fan pages available that can be utilized to further promote your page and they vary based on your niche. With a little research, you can identify and make use of them. Take some time and try and determine exactly where your customers hang out, what they like, what information they look for. Use that information to find pages that are good representations of your buyer persona. Reach out to those pages that you can benefit from working with and figure out a means to provide them some value. Building relationships with other pages in your niche can mean a lot of new “targeted likes”.

  • Use Facebook Page Insights

One of the most resourceful tools Facebook has rolled out for users is the Facebook Page Insights. Facebook Page Insights are actually helpful to guide you about the peak times for optimum attainment of engagement with the users. With so many different forms of stats, monitoring user engagement on Facebook Page has become easier than ever before.

  • Offer Information and discounts

Offering discount codes and information that interests your fans is actually a terrific way to get more likes on Facebook! Remember to always take advantage of whatever you are pushing out that holds value. Useful information or content should always be leveraged to obtain the best results possible. When done correctly you are going to gain a lot of targeted fans quickly while promoting your product or company.


  • Start a contest

In order to run a contest, you have to offer something quirky yet relevant to your target market. It should encourage them to participate and contribute willingly. Constantly share the results with your friends. Make use of Facebook ads to promote your contest.


That was a short guide on how you can increase your page following on Facebook. We hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know about it in the comment section below. We shall be glad to hear from you. Thank you very much for reading.…

6 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Getting more followers on Twitter can be a challenging task, especially if you have just started out on the platform. Your follower count works as a judgemental factor for people to decide whether to follow you or not. A high number of followers on your Twitter profile brings you across as someone popular and worth following. In simple terms, it is like – the more you have, the more you gain. Listed below are some tried and tested ways to increase your Twitter followers. Check them out.

  1. Set up a good profile

Before you get into the challenging task of going after followers, make sure that your profile is ready for people to check out. Get a good profile photo with an up-close view of your face. This lets the user get a glimpse of your personality. Next, give a clear identity of who you are and what your business is about in the bio section.

  1. Follow people

Find people who have the same interests as you and follow them. This will help you get like-minded followers on your list. Getting like-minded people as followers also means that you get to come across tweets that you will be interested in rather than those that are of no interest to you.

  1. Tweet regularly

When you look for more followers you need to make sure that you tweet regularly. The right frequency of tweeting would be to tweet once or twice daily. Another important factor is to time your tweets. When you tweet multiple times a day, make sure that you have enough gap of timing between your tweets.

  1. Use popular and relevant hashtags

One of the best ways to gain more followers on Twitter is to tweet on trending topics with hashtags that people are interested in. To do this effectively, you need to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings in your area of interest.

  1. Buy Twitter followers

When you are a business owner and you want to use Twitter to grow your business quickly, you need to consider buying some Twitter followers to actually get to the level of competition. When you buy Twitter followers, you match up to your competitor’s fan following on social media.

  1. Practice Reciprocal Following

When someone follows you on Twitter, they will be more than glad to have you as a follower. Do not miss out on such opportunities to gain more followers. Follow back people who follow you. However, one thing that you need to be concerned about when following someone back is to know if they are really worth it. For example, if you are using Twitter for personal reasons, it is absolutely fine to follow anyone you like. But, if you are using it for marketing purpose, you might consider following back only those people who share your interest or who you think could be a potential customer for you.

Finally, increasing followers on Twitter won’t be so challenging when you follow the right tips and tactics while bringing out valuable content for your followers. With these tips and strategies, you can be sure to make use of Twitter as a great online tool for your business.…

Social Media As an Investment

In its short history, Social Media, also called New Media, has been considered a place to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends as well as interact in an online social environment. In a nutshell, social networking sites were “a fantastic place to hang out” but held very little applicability beyond that. There has been no lack of financial backing in Silicon Valley for firms launching newer media platforms. With the growth of websites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, there is no question that there is value in the huge quantities of info on people that these platforms have been able to collect. However, there continues to be no clear monetization program beyond bringing in advertising revenue. Arguments have been risen as to the true worth of these firms; quite a few would point out that their valuations are inflated and synthetic, while many others claim that the importance of their databases alone is sufficient to justify multi-billion dollar price tags.

The New Value of Social Media and The Social Media Firm 
More lately social media has spawned a brand new value proposition, which happens to be the online business applicability of the huge user bases these social networks have produced. No matter which side of the valuation fence you sit on, it could be said that social networking holds great energy for companies searching for a brand new method to reach out to clients and participate in two way communications. It has never been accomplished before from a conventional marketing, public relations viewpoint or advertising, and has given rise to a brand new business model: The Social Media Firm. This brings forth the argument of whether or not The Social Media Firm is a great investment.
Because of the state of the present economy, Venture Capital and angel funding sources have been keeping their portfolio dollars close to their chest, reserving investment just to companies with a good working history, strong revenue streams and unrestricted growth potential. Social media has turned into a staple of the lives of younger generations, and probably the fastest growing adopters of new media are actually folks over the age of thirty. Since the recognition of the company potential that social networks hold, big Fortune 500 firms are actually devoting a good part of their advertising budgets to social networking sites and new media campaigns.Can it be sustainable?
For the most part, it has become a regular part of the web experience akin to email. The sites which are actually regarded as the gorillas in social networking might churn. However, there will always be something totally new to which these Internet-based communities will migrate. The long-term sustainability of The Social Media Firm is mostly centred on these companies’ potential in order to identify and pre-empt the subsequent big shift and in order to create successful ways of leveraging the new and old platforms for the benefit of driving revenue, profitability, sales volume and identity to the clients.Why Outsource to The Social Media Firm?
One question which might arise is actually: why would big organizations employ a social media agency when they have the monetary information to do it in-house? The answer to this is the simple fact that it is cheaper to outsource a new media plan to a firm which has a competent team already in place that is intimately acquainted with navigating the complicated world of new media. In the exact same fashion that big businesses hire advertising agencies to design conventional media campaigns, this particular strategy can and will be considered for new media. By hiring The new Media Firm companies are able to eliminate the administrative burden that comes with hiring a wide range of new employees, and the learning curve which will inevitably be existing when attempting to incorporate those employees into their corporate culture. It is much more cost-effective, in each administrative and monetary respects, to contract out these campaigns to pro teams that are completely adept at leveraging the possibility of contemporary media, navigating the codes of conduct of the internet communities and staying in front of the curve with regards to identifying and exploiting the latest new media trends.Closing Remarks

To sum up, The Social Media Firm holds great potential for numerous funds.

League of Legends Merchandise – Show Off Your LoL Style

League of legends has really taken over the world of eSports. Who would have ever imagined that League of Legends would be so successful that it would have its very own merchandise? Not many other games are actually popular enough to have their very own merchandise!

The merchandise is really cool. You are able to show off your style and also your love for the game all at the same time. While there are so many merchandise of the game, here are the most popular ones:

  1. Plush Dolls – This is undoubtedly the cutest. From Fizz plush dolls to Plush pillows, there are so many cute dolls to choose. The plush dolls are just like stuffed animals but they look a lot cuter. They also have toy figure dolls with bright colours that look marvellous.
  2. League of Legends Keychains – The keychains are elegantly designed as weapons from the game. You will find shields, arrows and swords that just look really amazing. You will certainly want to purchase them in case you are a real League of Legends fan.
  3. Posters – Posters are just about the most popular ones on the list of League of Legends Merchandise. There a quite a lot of variants of posters for League of Legends. From modern wall art pictures to HD canvas posters, there is so much to choose from that you are going to have a tough time deciding on which one to choose.
  4. T-shirts – These are absolutely amazing with a wide variety of designs to select from. The graphics make these tees look very cool. You are certainly going to gain some compliments on these T-shirts.
  5. Costumes – For the die-hard fans of the game, these costumes are those things that you really cannot afford to miss. Because of so many varieties in style and design, these are among the best sellers in the list. These costumes are a great way to show your support for the game and look great at the same time.
  6. Mouse Pads – These are customized mouse pads with super cool League of Legends graphics. Having them on your desk or table can make your place look great.
  7. Bracelets – These are in fact the most popular items now. You can wear them as a show-off and get some admiration from fellow LoL fans.

League of Legends is not just a game. It is a complete industry. The League of Legends merchandise collection is a part of the industry that has become a huge success with fans all over the world. The past, present and future of League of Legends is certainly wonderful. And because the franchise is here to stay for a long time, this merchandise will continue to get more and more popular. Actually, even the price might rise! Get your items now and show them off!

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any queries or suggestions, please drop it in the comment section below. We will be glad to answer you. Thank you very much for reading. Do visit us again.