League of Legends Merchandise – Show Off Your LoL Style

League of legends has really taken over the world of eSports. Who would have ever imagined that League of Legends would be so successful that it would have its very own merchandise? Not many other games are actually popular enough to have their very own merchandise!

The merchandise is really cool. You are able to show off your style and also your love for the game all at the same time. While there are so many merchandise of the game, here are the most popular ones:

  1. Plush Dolls – This is undoubtedly the cutest. From Fizz plush dolls to Plush pillows, there are so many cute dolls to choose. The plush dolls are just like stuffed animals but they look a lot cuter. They also have toy figure dolls with bright colours that look marvellous.
  2. League of Legends Keychains – The keychains are elegantly designed as weapons from the game. You will find shields, arrows and swords that just look really amazing. You will certainly want to purchase them in case you are a real League of Legends fan.
  3. Posters – Posters are just about the most popular ones on the list of League of Legends Merchandise. There a quite a lot of variants of posters for League of Legends. From modern wall art pictures to HD canvas posters, there is so much to choose from that you are going to have a tough time deciding on which one to choose.
  4. T-shirts – These are absolutely amazing with a wide variety of designs to select from. The graphics make these tees look very cool. You are certainly going to gain some compliments on these T-shirts.
  5. Costumes – For the die-hard fans of the game, these costumes are those things that you really cannot afford to miss. Because of so many varieties in style and design, these are among the best sellers in the list. These costumes are a great way to show your support for the game and look great at the same time.
  6. Mouse Pads – These are customized mouse pads with super cool League of Legends graphics. Having them on your desk or table can make your place look great.
  7. Bracelets – These are in fact the most popular items now. You can wear them as a show-off and get some admiration from fellow LoL fans.

League of Legends is not just a game. It is a complete industry. The League of Legends merchandise collection is a part of the industry that has become a huge success with fans all over the world. The past, present and future of League of Legends is certainly wonderful. And because the franchise is here to stay for a long time, this merchandise will continue to get more and more popular. Actually, even the price might rise! Get your items now and show them off!

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5 Useful Websites For LoL Fans

For the newbies who are just starting out in the LoL world getting accustomed to the mechanisms of the game can be a little overwhelming. It may take a while for the new players to get ranked in the game. This article is for those who are looking for tips and advice to improve your rankings. Listed below are the five most resourceful websites that give you the basics instructions to start out on your journey to becoming a pro.

  1. Junglekit.com

Junglekit.com is a very useful website for LoL fans. This website gives you a lot of information about the latest upcoming in the game. You get tons of info about the latest strategies to step up your game and get the best out of it. It lets you replay your game at high speed to find out the mistakes you made during your play. This can immensely help you to analyze your weakness and work your way to improving them.

  1. LoL Training House

LoL Training House is by far the best place to find mentors for LoL players to help them improve their game. Using this website regularly can ensure that you get better at League of Legends. Once you get better at your game, you can share your knowledge with other players who are looking forward to improving their game. The site also lets you find out someone to play with. The filter feature of the game lets you instantly find the players around your rank to play with.

  1. Lolchatroom.com

Lolchatroom.com is a website that lets LoL players come together to discuss their game and find out the latest updates about LoL. The website has plain and hassle-free features. With this site, you can start a straightforward conversation without having to move around the site much. It is truly an awesome site to try out for the League of Legends fans.

  1. Gaming Curious

Gaming Curious is a site that creates gaming videos. The site basically produces YouTube content which are videos related to League of Legends and other games of the same genre. You can find tutorial videos on League of Legends on this site. Make sure to check it out.

  1. LoL Twitch

It is the official Twitch channel for LoL users. You can find people who share your interests in League of Legends franchise flocking to this site. It is a great platform for people who share a deep interest in online video game culture. You can watch highly skilled gamers play live and learn from them. It is a great site for beginners to scale their rank higher by learning from the pros.


These were the five best online sources that you can make use of to enhance your League of Legends experience. Make sure to use them if you really wish to be a part of the growing community of League of Legends franchise. You will be glad to find out how much you can learn from these online sources.