5 Tips on how to get Spotify Followers

If you are a music lover, you must have at some point in your life come across Spotify. It is a great platform for artists and music lovers to get show their passion for music. When you are an artist on Spotify, you must know the importance of gaining followers for your playlists.  If you are new to the platform, there are things that you need to know to attract more followers to your playlists. Here are some of the best tips that we think can help you in the process of attaining more Spotify followers.

Tip#1. Share on all Social Media

So, you have worked hard to build the perfect playlist for your audience. But if you do not promote the playlist on your social networking profiles, all your work would be wasted. You are missing out on a major source of getting your music out to a large number of audiences if you stay away from using social sites as a means of promotion.  The first thing that you must do after creating a new playlist is to share it on all social media platforms.

Tip#2.  Know your audience’s needs

A very effective way to promote your music on Spotify is to understand the needs and wants of your audience. Try to put yourself into the listeners’ shoes. Think about their musical interests. When you are able to understand the interest patterns of your audience, you will find it a lot easier to connect with them through your music.

Tip#3. Connect with other playlist makers

Online promotion requires you to be part of a network. Be it music or just any product, you need to maintain a connection with other players of the game to maximize your chances of reaching out to more people. Share your work with other playlist makers and get some tips from them whenever possible.

Tip#4. Buy Spotify Followers

A very resourceful strategy that can help you build up an audience quickly is to get some paid followers. When you buy Spotify followers you give yourself the opportunity to get a boost at the initial stage of your music promotion. Getting some followers can give others the impression that you are an established artist and people will likely trust you more in that case.

Tip#5. Add a Spotify Follow button on your website/blog

Your website might get a lot of visitors from time to time. Having a ‘Follow button’ on your website can let them know that you are on Spotify. This helps users to follow you straight from your website. Additionally, you can also embed a couple of playlists on your website next to the ‘Follow button’ so that users get a glimpse of the kind of music you have for them.

While all these tips are great means that can help you build an audience on Spotify real fast, there are other tips that we haven’t covered in this article. We would like to know from you some other tips that you know and want to share with us. Leave it as a comment for this post. We would be glad to interact with you.


How To Promote Your Music On The Internet

Tip #1: Quality

First and foremost, you have to have quality music. Make sure you have quality music which is really worth listening to. Not only should your music have amazing content, but it also needs to sound catchy and professional. Good music doesn’t need much promotion to reach out to the audience. In case you currently have good quality music, let us move on to the next tips!

Tip #2: Social Media and Music Streaming Platforms

Social Media is a good way to market and share the music of yours! You are able to actually connect with a huge number of folks in seconds! You need to at least sign up to 3 different social media websites. If you believe you are able to deal with more, please sign up to as many as you would like! The more the better. Stay active, but don’t to spam! That just annoys folks and could seem as you are desperate for attention. Rather than spamming, give value to your friends and followers. Post quotes, pictures, and tips! Post pictures of the equipment of yours, everyday activities, or perhaps quotes from the song of yours!


SoundCloud is a good site to post and share your music. A lot of upcoming artists build the fan base of theirs by using SoundCloud alone. Users are able to like and share the songs of yours. You can also market your playlists by promoting tools like SoundCloud playlist downloader. People using SoundCloud playlist downloader can easily download your playlists on their device and listen to it anytime.

The other sites like  Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter also play a significant role in marketing your music online. Twitter may be used to keep the fans of yours and followers updated on your latest music! Facebook can be used to work together with fans and friends on a more personal level. It provides you with an opportunity to produce a lot of posts and speak your mind. Snapchat is another rapidly growing social media site! It’s a good way to have some fun with your fans and friends by posting photos and videos numerous! Once again, it’s tough to manage each and every one of these! That’s why I advise you to pick a minimum of three and stick with them!

Tip #3: Consistency

This is probably the hardest and most important step. You’ve to be consistent. On social media, you’ve to upload content daily, and you have to upload songs/videos weekly! We are now living in a fast-paced world and we have to grab people’s attention! And just how do we do that? By being consistent! Remember, nothing happens overnight. But in case you remain consistent and make use of these tips, you are going to begin to see results quickly! Be patient! In case you’re expecting overnight success, it will not happen. Marketing your music online will certainly help speed up the process, however. You will find numerous other tips but these are a few simple ones.

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SoundCloud is the best place to grow your music fanbase online. To give your songs more exposure, you need more SoundCloud plays. When you have enough SoundCloud plays for your songs, it makes a huge difference. It can give you that extra push you need to get more audience. However, the process in getting more audience includes some tips which you must know about. So, let’s get started.

  1. Set an eye-catching profile

In the process of getting in touch with the new audience, always remember that your first impression matters a lot. Try and make your profile as unique as possible. Keep it simple yet appealing. Your profile should leave an impact on the viewer’s mind. It should be something worth remembering.

  1. Make friends and build a network

Networking is a key factor to gaining more audience. To gain more followers you need to follow a lot of other music creators who share the same interest as yours. Leave suggestions and criticisms on other people’s profile. Interact with them. When you give valuable feedback, your fellow creators will notice that and will care to do the same for you.

  1. Buy followers

Just in case your music doesn’t get the kind of exposure it deserves, you can opt for other means to promote your music. It is very much possible that you are not able to reach your target audience. In such a case, you can take the help of different services for the promotion of your music. A highly recommended website that we know of is SoundCloud on Fire. This website offers you high-quality plays and followers.  It provides you a variety of packages within different price ranges. You can choose the one which suits you best, and get the most out of their service. An important thing to note here is that you do not fall prey to the various other websites out there which are mostly scams. Use SoundCloud on Fire and be assured of getting genuine plays that can help you boost your audience organically.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency is a factor that is important for music promotion. You cannot expect your songs to be a hit when you release your tracks once a month. To see the growth you expect, you need to keep releasing more music. You need to do it on a consistent basis. Your consistency can greatly lift your reputation and make your profile more discoverable.

  1. Share on other social media platforms

Every time you post music on SoundCloud, be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media accounts you have. While doing this, make sure that you give them relevant reasons to visit your profile on SoundCloud. Ask them to share your song with their friends.


Just like any other social network, building a loyal audience for SoundCloud takes time and effort. With proper use of the tips, you can, however, fast-track your reach to your target audience.

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