Top 3 SEO Alternatives to drive traffic to your website

While SEO is considered to be an important factor to get your site ranked and bring traffic to your website, mastering the art of proper SEO takes time and patience. The world of internet is so huge that you can always find an alternative to almost anything. In this article, we have covered the 3 best alternatives that you could use when you find yourself struggling to get your website ranked through Search Engine Optimisation. So, let’s jump into it.

#1. YouTube

Visual content is a lot more appealing than any other form of content. Considering this fact, it is a great strategy to get as much video out there as possible. Make sure to include a video content to your blog posts whenever possible. This way you can send your visitors to your YouTube channel. The same can be done on your YouTube Videos. Make a straight ‘call for action’ in your videos, enticing your viewers to get to your website. The important part here is to grab the attention of the viewers and make a connection with them. When this is done, you can be sure about getting a massive audience for your website.

#2. Reddit

Reddit is another place worth exploring when looking for the best traffic-generating sites. This social media platform is more like a community-based website which focuses more on the content than the users. In fact, most users of this platform remain anonymous. Users submit their content here in the form of links or posts. These are then upvoted or downvoted by other users. When the posts are curated strategically focusing on providing value to the user, it has chances of getting upvoted. The best part here is that the more upvotes you get on a post the more audience you draw for your post. This can lead to a conversion of readers into potential visitors for your site. The key here is to grab the attention of the Redditors (Reddit users). A lot of Redditors use various means to get their posts noticed. This includes getting positive comments from fake accounts and buying cheap Reddit upvotes. While cheap Reddit upvotes might bring your posts to other’s notice, you must look out for the downsides of getting paid upvotes. Our advice is to give yourself some time to understand how things really work on Reddit. Once you get the hang of it, you can try different strategies to get traffic to your website through this medium.

#3. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to share your content with a new set of readers. Your content on other bloggers’ site can be a source of fetching in traffic to your own website. Get in touch with other bloggers and let them know that you are available for guest blogging. Once you get started, you will find a huge increase in traffic to your website.


These were the top-notch strategies for driving more traffic to your website without having to use any SEO tools.

Have you used any of these strategies for driving traffic to your site? Are you planning to use any of these now or in the future? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments.…

Creating new Internet based software has stimulated a lot of new development interest with the results of Google products.  Each approach must have a sustainable business model to get income, but with the right methods anyone can get a prosperous company up and running.  There are several important things that these companies include in both their physical form and methods of operation.

Providing a whole suite of software or a single piece that does it all will attract a lot of customers and get them away from other goods.  Generally, software is distributed by way of a fixed price model or by providing it completely free.  Most paid programs supply a huge amount of functionality while charging an increased premium for the initial purchase.  This route needs a lot of customer support and frequent expansion of new features, and since many cannot afford them, a number of companies have instead begun offering their products for free.  These goods often base their revenue on advertising, and cloud-based systems help keep the expense at a minimum and make it simpler to access for the user.

Offering services free of charge has allowed upstart companies with no capital to be successful.  Many companies will in the beginning offer their software for free as a test, and then charge money to unlock added features and get rid of any advertisements.  This technique is very smart since it allows a business to operate with very low risk and eventually pull larger profits once the software has developed and users are typically happy.

Companies that offer software for free have started using cloud based servers to create a more open ended approach to building software.  Cloud based systems supply a suite of options to provide to the customer, which includes server-side processing and storage systems, which standalone programs just cannot offer.  Considering that the software requires the Internet and data transfer to work, it is vital to use website performance testing tools to make certain things work under heavy loads.  The best performance can be achieved using website load testing tools so the server can be tweaked to run great even at its processing and data transfer maximum.

Keeping the team on goal can be effortlessly done by creating a time sheet that is able to evolve based on the needs of the organization.  Most businesses that sell software successfully plan far in advance to make sure they take user requests into account and have a direction to go in the meantime.  Small particulars and features can stall or ruin products sometimes, and it is good to account for this in the planning so nothing happens.…

Pay-per-click can be one of the most effective ways for any business to market on the internet.  With pay-per-click, you get an affordable and easy way to drive consumers to your website, getting you the kind of results and profits your business needs for success.  With this platform, you pay every time a user clicks on your ad and goes directly to your website.  Your ads will appear on search engines when consumers use keywords that match your business or website.  This can be a great way to gain a real online presence.  There are a few helpful tips for those who are beginners to the pay-per-click world that will be important to follow.

Bidding on the right phrases and keywords will be a major part of your success.

You want to make sure that you are getting a return on your spending, which means you don’t want to lose money on irrelevant users and clicks.  It is good to focus on exact phrases and exact match keywords.  If you pick broad matches, it is possible that your spot will appear when similar phrases are searched for even when they are not relevant.  This means you will end up having to spend cash on traffic that doesn’t get you any profits.

You should also make sure you are hitting the right consumers.  Your audience will be based on the type of merchandise you sell or service you provide.  This is important because you do not want to waste money marketing to the wrong audience.  Small firms can benefit from using the micro-geographic features and picking zip codes.  If you want to promote to other countries, be certain you set up your ads for each one.  If you are targeting stay at home moms, you may want to make sure your advertisements appear during specific times of day.

Keep track of how your spots are performing.  This will help you know if your advertisements are working, and if you are receiving a return on your spending.  Tie in an analytics program that will keep record of your results.  This will help you change your program as needed.

Hire pay per click management services if this becomes too much for you.  PPC management can help you with all areas of your online pay per click campaign.  They can also track your results so that you don’t have to waste business hours doing it yourself.…

The World Wide Web is saturated with information and positioning your website in this huge internet market can really be an intimidating task. Your website should be designed in a way that more number of people visit it over and over again. Simply clubbing your site with graphics and flashy animations won’t do. You need to furnish your audience with relevant information to satiate their thirst for information. A good foundation and quality elements in the website will surely bring in more traffic.…