What Makes Patanjali A Successful Brand

Patanjali Ayurved was launched in the year 2006. Ever since then, the company has considerably grown bigger and expanded into the FMCG sector. Recently, it has entered the apparel industry as well. Considering the disruption it has created in the FMCG market, there are now speculations about how it is going to conquer the Indian apparel market too.

In this post, you will understand what it is that Patanjali does that makes it successful at any sector it steps into. Here are the reasons that make Patanjali a successful brand:

1. Top-notch quality product

Patanjali’s products are known for their quality. The Patanjali team focuses on the quality of each product and makes sure to bring good quality products in the market. This is a major factor behind the success of Patanjali brand.

2. Reasonable pricing of products

Patanjali products are priced keeping the price-sensitive Indian consumer in mind. The raw materials used in Patanjali products are sourced directly from farmers. Unlike its rivals, Patanjali runs on very minimal marketing spends. This is the reason why it is able to deliver products at a reasonable price.

3. Large-scale network for sales and distribution

Patanjali has a large network of distributors and vendors. This is the reason you will find Patanjali products being sold at all parts of the country.

4. Differentiation, innovation and experimentation

When Patanjali entered the FMCG sector, there was already competition in the market. Even though the large MNCs were doing well, Patanjali became successful in differentiating itself and establishing itself as a tough competitor against these companies. Innovation and experimentation in product research is a major reason for the success of Patanjali products.

5. Cultural connection

The core value of Patanjali is to provide the Indian masses with products which represent Indian culture. Patanjali has successfully projected itself as a truly Indian brand. There is a liking for culturally rooted products in the Indian market. This is a major reason for the success of Patanjali products.

6. Swami Ramdev as brand ambassador

Swami Ramdev is a well-known face in India and abroad. He has a mass following which is essentially helpful for the marketing of the brand. Patanjali products are known for being health-oriented because of the image of yoga guru Swami Ramdev. Other than avoiding the cost of celebrity endorsements, this has helped in creating a unique image of the brand in people’s minds.


Patanjali is a revolutionary brand that has proven to be a game-changer in the FMCG sector of India. It has now entered the apparel industry to compete with major brands in the market. Know more about Patanjali’s apparel brand here.

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