Is poison plant contagious to humans

Poison plants are common in the United States and Canada, and they can cause a lot of problems. It’s important to know which plants are poisonous in order to stay safe and healthy. In this article, we’ll take a look at whether or not poison ivy is contagious. We’ll also cover how long it takes for poison ivy to stop spreading once you’ve come into contact with it.

Can poison spread by touching?

The rash that develops from poison ivy is caused by an oil called urushiol. When you touch poison ivy, the urushiol gets into your skin and causes a reaction. The oil can also transfer to other surfaces, including clothing and tools used to remove it from your skin. It can also be spread if someone who has touched poison ivy touches or inhales dust or soil contaminated with the oil.

So if you’re worried about getting the rash but don’t want to avoid touching things altogether (who would?), here are some tips:

  • Wear disposable plastic gloves while pruning or bagging dead leaves of all kinds of plants, especially those in the Anacardiaceae family, which includes cashew nuts, pistachios and mangoes as well as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac;
  • Wash contaminated clothing separately from other laundry until all signs of oil have been removed by detergent;
  • Use caution when handling pets that may have come in contact with these plants since they might transfer some residue back onto you when scratched during grooming sessions;

Is poison ivy contagious after washing

Does washing poison ivy make it contagious?

It does not. Even if you touch your eyes or nose after washing the sap off of your skin, there’s no way for the plant to infect people through these areas. It’s possible that poison ivy could get into your ears or mouth if you had a cut on those parts of your body, but this would be extremely unlikely and definitely not worth worrying about.

The only real risk is odor transfer from contaminated clothing onto another person (or yourself) during normal contact with someone who has been in contact with poison ivy before hand—for example, if you borrow an article of clothing from someone who was recently exposed to this poisonous plant and ended up getting bits of its residue on their clothes when they were cleaning themselves off afterward. Click here to  know about “is poison ivy contagious after a shower”.

What dries up poison ivy the fastest?

The best way to remove poison ivy oil from your clothes is to wash them immediately after exposure. The longer you wait before washing, the more likely it is that the oil will seep into your clothing and other fabrics.

If you are doing laundry by hand, be sure to use hot water and a detergent with enzymes or bleach (such as Tide Coldwater Clean). Washing in warm or cold water won’t kill all of the oils in poison ivy leaves, so washing with hot water will remove all traces of these toxic substances. If detergent alone doesn’t seem to get rid of all of the oil on your clothes, consider adding bleach at a ratio of 1 tablespoon per gallon (about 4 cups) of water when washing by hand.

You can also dry clean or machine-wash clothing contaminated with poison ivy directly; however this may not be possible if there’s too much oil present on your outfit—you’ll need some serious elbow grease and lots of detergent for this method!

How long does it take for poison ivy to stop spreading?

You can also spread poison ivy to other parts of your body when you scratch the area where you got it. This can cause a new breakout in another part of your skin. It’s not uncommon for people with an outbreak on their hands, for example, to develop an outbreak on the face or chest from scratching their hands too much.

If someone else touches the sap from a poison ivy plant, they could become allergic too! It’s important to wash your hands thoroughly after touching anything that may be toxic so you don’t accidentally spread the irritant onto others.

The good news is that once someone has been exposed to poison ivy and has developed an allergy to it, they aren’t likely ever again—but if another person comes into contact with sap from this plant while they are experiencing symptoms (such as rashes), then it could trigger an allergic reaction in them as well.


Video games are popular around the world and part of popular culture. They provide an escape from reality and can be used to relax, but they can also be used as a way to connect with other people online. There are many people who play video games often, including those in India. Some people have questions about how a Jain man plays video games because their religion requires them to follow strict rules regarding nonviolence. In this article we will look at what a Jain man can do while gaming so that he is still following his religious beliefs.


Video games have become a huge industry and part of popular culture.

Video games have become a huge industry and part of popular culture. They’re even more popular than movies, as game sales exceed movie box office receipts.

The industry is also extraordinarily profitable: it’s estimated to be worth $140 billion worldwide, which makes it larger than both the music and film industries combined. The average gamer is 35 years old and has been playing games for 12 years.

They’re an incredibly diverse group of people who enjoy video games in many ways—from playing casually with friends at home to competing on the highest levels against other players online. Video games are not just an activity for children; they’re also enjoyed by adults across all age groups!

There are many people around the world who play video games often.

You probably know that video games are a huge industry. You may not be aware that they’re popular, though—so popular, in fact, that they’ve become a part of our cultural fabric. Many people play video games frequently and with regularity. It’s not uncommon for them to devote hours upon hours each week to trying out new titles or revisiting old favorites.

If you’re one of those folks who plays video jain dharmik games often or have an interest in doing so but aren’t sure where to start the process, then this article is for you! We’ll walk through the steps involved in getting started playing some classic games from different genres and platforms so that even beginners can enjoy themselves regardless of their experience level with these types of activities previously (or lack thereof).

Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches nonviolence, vegetarianism, the cyclical nature of life, and other principles.

Jainism is an ancient religion from India that teaches nonviolence, vegetarianism, the cyclical nature of life, and other principles. In Jainism, there’s no place for violence or bloodshed in any aspect of life—including video games. According to Jain philosophy, even plants have a soul (known as a jiva) that you should never harm or kill because it could be reincarnated as another living being later on down the road. This means that when you’re playing video games with other people online who may not share your beliefs about how they should treat their fellow human beings online—and in real life—you need to know how to handle yourself accordingly so as not to upset anyone else’s sensibilities while still enjoying yourself at the same time!

Abstinence from violence is one of the main principles of Jainism.

Jainism, one of the oldest religions in India and one that is practiced by around 5 million people worldwide, is a non-theistic religion that preaches non-violence. Jains are vegetarians because they believe all life should be respected and protected. They are also strict about not killing anything unnecessarily or stealing any property—including ideas.

Ahimsa is a central principle of Jainism that means not causing harm to others or to their views or opinions.

Jainism is a religion that focuses on nonviolence and compassion. In Jainism, ahimsa is the first of the five vows that a person takes when they adopt this religion. Ahimsa means not causing harm to others or to their views or opinions; it also means not killing any living thing.

In gaming culture, there are many depictions of violence against other players in video games that could be considered harmful. For instance, in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (2018), one character shoots another character dead while they were tied up on top of each other (this was done during a mission where the player had no choice but to do so).

Technology advances so quickly in the 21st century that it’s hard to remember what life was like decades ago. Well, if you know how to use a computer, you are using technology that didn’t exist just 10 years ago (e.g., your computer was probably manufactured in 2008 or later). But, have you ever thought about how different the world was, say, 75 years ago? Of course, you have — and those people who are older than us already know… but if they don’t, they should! That’s why I’m going to show you some of the top 5 inventions in 1940.

The 1940s were a decade of technological advancement in terms of inventions and discoveries. If you grew up or were alive in those times, and even if you weren’t, it is likely that some of these great life-changing products became an essential part of your life and your ancestors’.


The first inkjet printer was invented in 1940

The rise of inkjet printers has forever transformed the ways in which we print and assimilate information. In this self-paced online course, students will explore a timeline of technological development, from the first inkjet printer to modern models that use advanced technology such as thermal printing.

The first floppy disk was invented in 1940

The introduction of the floppy disk was critical to the growth of computing. The use of this new technology led to large increases in productivity, improved business procedures, and influenced further development. Praised by the public and widely used by businesses, the floppy disk was the latest in a long line of advancements in the computing world.

First nylon stockings? 1940!

Nylon is a synthetic fiber, made from coal and created by science. While it was among the first man-made fibers, scientists had trouble creating a product that stood up to wear and tear, eventually figuring out how to make the material stronger — but still less bulky — than the natural materials it was replacing.

The first non-dairy creamer was invented in 1940

The first non-dairy creamer was invented in 1940 by Alfred L. Cralle (a pretty cool guy name). Calle, a Cuban immigrant, and self-made millionaire invested his money into his own company that manufactured coffee creamers and other sweeteners. His product included powdered hydrogenated vegetable oils as well as a vegetable oil in liquid form to improve the quality of the product.


Many of these inventions took part in changing the world forever, and only a few decades later, people have become used to them. The evolution from manual to automatic irrigation systems proved to be essential for growing food. Sputnik revolutionized aviation. The first media tablet computer was created to serve as a multimedia entertainment system for one’s home. These are just examples of great inventions that helped change our world of today. Hopefully, we will continue inventing new things in the future, and at least some of those innovations will help shape tomorrow’s world!


Introduction: How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results.

Search engine optimization is a way to make sure that your website or webpage appears on the first page of search results when someone searches for something related to your site.

There are many factors that affect how well your webpage will rank in search engines. The most important factors are keywords, backlinks, and content quality.

What You Need to Know about Google’s New Algorithm

Google’s new algorithm will change the way you use Google.

Google announced that it will be changing its search engine to provide more relevant results. This update is called “Panda 4.2” or “Penguin 4.2”, and it will be live on July 23, 2018.

The new algorithm is designed to remove spammy content from the search results and make sure that users are getting what they need. If you want to keep your site ranking high on Google, make sure your content is relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends.


Google’s new algorithm is an update to the Google Panda and Penguin updates. It will be rolled out over the next few weeks, and it will affect your website rankings for all of your keywords.

Google’s new algorithm is called “Panda 4.2”.

The update was announced on March 14th, 2018 and it is expected to roll out over the next few weeks.

What are the Best Practices for Optimizing Plumbing & HVAC for SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results, you can visit our website

There are many SEO best practices for optimizing plumbing and HVAC businesses, so it is important to keep in mind that every company needs to find what works best for them.

Some companies have found success in using customer reviews, including reviews on their Yelp page, while others have found success with online video marketing.

It is also important that you have your Google My Business page set up correctly and include all of your location information.

How do I Get My Facebook Business Page Seen By Customers?

Facebook ads are a great way to get your business in front of the right people.

Facebook ads can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

– Boosting posts on your page

– Promoting events

– Showcasing products or services

– Collecting leads and getting signups


Why You Need to Change Your Approved Payment Method on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. It has more than 300 million active customer accounts. The company generated $136 billion in revenue in 2017.

If you are an Amazon seller, then you know that Amazon charges fees for different services that sellers use on their platform. One of these charges is the fee that Amazon charges for using its approved payment method like credit cards, debit cards, bank account transfers, and checks.


The reason why it is important to change your approved payment method on Amazon is because if you don’t, then you will be charged an additional percentage on every order. For example, if your items cost $2 and you use a payment method like checks or bank account transfers after March 1st 2019.

This is the first time Amazon will be collecting sales tax from customers who buy products from third-party sellers and they also search for Payment method finders.

Starting January 1, 2018, Amazon will collect sales tax from customers that purchase items from third-party sellers and not just its own products. This is the first time that the company will be collecting tax for items sold by third-party retailers who sell on

Amazon has always been criticized for how it sells goods, with most of its inventory coming from third-party sellers rather than its own inventory.

What is the Best Way to Change My Payment Method on Amazon?

This article will not only teach you how to change your payment method on Amazon, it will also help you to avoid being charged for a recurring subscription.

Changing your payment method on Amazon is a piece of cake. You will have to go to the “Account settings” and then select the “payment methods” tab. There you just have to click on the “change” button next to the one that you want to update.

You do not have to worry about being charged for a subscription if it’s automatic payments from your account or credit card on file with Amazon, because they will cancel it before any charges are applied. If there are any other payments that are scheduled, they will be cancelled as well.

Is Changing My Credit Card a Good Idea?

If you’re looking to change your credit card, there are a few things to think about first.

The first thing you should do is to call the bank or card company and ask them what they can offer you. They might have a better deal on a new card for you with better benefits.

Or if they don’t have anything for you, they can give some tips on what cards might be best for your situation.

You should also consider getting a rewards card that helps incentivize responsible spending.

This might include points for every purchase, reward points as long as the balance is paid off monthly, or some other type of incentive that will keep you from overspending.

This is a popular topic which tackles the most important question: should you or shouldn’t you change your credit card?

The answer is, it depends on various factors such as the number of cards that you have and the type of credit card. However, we can’t say for sure whether changing your credit card is a good idea or not, but we can tell you that it’s certainly not a bad idea.


How to Outshine your College Mates

In today’s fast track life, there is huge competition in every field. From school to college, and  from petty business to the corporate world, everywhere there is a race going on to come first. If you have completed your high school and  got admitted to a reputed college, then it is very important for  you to surpass others in every field so that you get to choose the best career option and  live a happy life thereafter. So, here are a few tips that can help you to emerge as a winner and outshine your mates in your college.

  • Set a Goal: The  day that you set your foot on the college campus, make sure you have a goal in your mind. Focus on your target and be clear with what you want to achieve by the end of your college life. Once you have your goal set, you can gradually take steady steps towards it and later you will be very much satisfied with your progress. Doing this you can easily get ahead of your mates and make an impression in your college. However, haters may call you a nerd but at the end of the day you will be victorious and live a better life than your haters. 
  • Build Healthy Relationship: When I speak of relationships, I am not telling you to make girlfriends or love relationships. I am saying that build a healthy relationship with whoever can help you to achieve your goals. It can be your principal, your lecturers, your seniors, or anyone who influences you to achieve your target. If you have a good relationship with your teachers, they will happily come up with solutions to your problems. They will guide you in the correct way so that you can achieve success in your life.


  • Be Curious: Ask a lot of questions. The more you ask the more you learn. Ask questions to your teachers, your seniors, or even your juniors if needed. Never be shy to enquire about your doubts. Your curiosity can make you extraordinary among your classmates. Teachers always like curious students. A good teacher is always happy to share knowledge with whoever wants to learn more. Be enthusiastic and you will notice that everyone around you will start to admire you.
  • Make a Good Impression: Try to make a good impression on people around you by doing small but unique things that you can. You can make people happy with your actions that they will admire. For instance, it is your graduation day and you want to make an impression, then you can click photos of your friends, teachers, and anyone concerned with you and make an online photo frame for them. You can use tools like a graduation photo editor available online for free. The Internet is filled with tools like a graduation photo editor which can be used in online mode or offline mode for free. These tools will very easily help you to make a good impression on your mates and teachers.


Both chiffon and georgette are great fabrics and they have their own advantages with some limited drawbacks. Both the fabrics are a kind of silk fabric and they both are loved by people due to their attractive look and luxury feel. But even though they are derived from the same natural fabric silk there are some key differences between these two fabrics in the real world. They differ from each other in many aspects and that is why they are used in making different clothing lines. Let’s understand these both fabrics and get a brief georgette vs chiffon comparison here.


What Is Georgette?

Georgette fabric was named after the twenty-ninth dressmaker from France named Georgette de la Plante. Traditionally, this fabric is made out of silk, with exceptionally curved yarns. Yet, these days, they are likewise made out of polyester. Georgette is one of the lightweight fabrics. Georgette is fine woven crepe material with sheer material. Georgette is a crease-safe fabric and it is likewise the most ideal decision for wedding wear and home stylistic theme. Traditional georgette is made of silk yet current georgette is altered with present-day material to accomplish better properties. In ladies’ fashion, this fabric has delighted in huge notoriety as the material is favored when making flowing or clingy dresses. Since Georgette is made from profoundly retentive silk, it can likewise be colored in different tones.

What Is Chiffon?

Chiffon fabric is well aired, sheer plain-weave material made out of exceptionally contorted fiber yarns. Such innovation gives an exceptional fineness and a marginally finished hand. Most commonly made of silk, it is utilized both for extraordinary occasions and casual outfits, like dresses, skirts, and pullovers, all particularly mainstream in summer. Chiffon is worn in summer as well as the entire year. Its prevalence is explained by some of its awesome properties, like an exquisite wrap, delicate touch, and moderate sheen. Chiffon fabric can be woven from normal filaments, similar to silk or cotton, or man-made strands, similar to thick. Traditionally, silk chiffon gives off an impression of being the richest, valuable, and eminent sort.

Difference Between Chiffon & Georgette Fabric

  • Chiffon is thinner and sheerer and has more wrap.
  • Georgette has a thicker utilize, resulting in a heavier fabric that albeit sheer, is more semi sheer if contrasted with chiffon. Its wrap is somewhat less, however, it gives it more body. 
  • Georgette is all the more regularly utilized in delicate pullovers since it has more construction and the body being a somewhat thicker fabric. 
  • Chiffon gives an instant lively look and contrasted with it georgette is marginally dull. 
  • Chiffon is more costly than georgette, however unadulterated georgette fabric isn’t so modest. 
  • Light and soothing shadings work out in a good way for chiffon however georgette are somewhat more obscure. 
  • Chiffon is clear and body-hugging so conservatives decide to wear georgette over chiffon. 
  • The strength of chiffon isn’t equivalent to a georgette. Delicate chiffon is sensitive. 
  • Both are easy to convey and supplement breathtaking figures.

Which One Is Good?

Now that you have read all the differences and understood how these fabrics are in reality, it is easy for you to decide which one is good for your personal use. As far as usage is concerned, both the fabrics are highly sold all over the world and they both are good options for people in both winters and summers depending on the occasion. Both the fabrics are durable and as they are derived from silk, they both provide a luxury feel.


A vegan diet is no doubt one of the most difficult diets to follow as you can eat only vegetables and fruit mostly if you are on a fat loss journey. Although you can add lentils, rice, and some other vegetation things as well, vegan people prefer plant-based things the most. They even use plant-based protein supplements.  

People who are following such diets can face issues with the fats loss diet such as the keto diet which focuses majorly on fasts and most of the meat and dairy items have those qualities in them, and being a vegan people are not conformable to eating such things. The keto boost pills have been made to speed up the fat loss process. But read the reviews before taking any pills. Suppose you are taking ultrafast keto pills, check the ultra fast keto boost reviews first, and then only you should be using them. 

Apart from using supplements for fats loss, some easy food options are also there for people who want fat loss without taking any additional supplements or pills. Read about them below.



This supplement’s thick green superfood is instantly available – new, frozen, or even canned. Maybe the best food on earth, spinach is stacked with energy while low in calories and gives Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and central folate. 


Valuable for the frontal cortex and capable of cutting downbeat, the unassuming beet is routinely dismissed as most likely the best food on earth. The marvelously concealed root vegetable is stacked up with folate, magnesium, and Vitamin C. 


A few avocados seven days gives you every one of the benefits of sound monounsaturated fats, Vitamin B6, and stores of folate. Check with your local dealer to find when this spreadable natural item is in season in your overall area. 


To wrap things up, this solid vegetable is high in fiber and protein and adds remarkable taste and surface to any dinner. Veggie darlings and vegetarians are regularly a fan of using lentils as a meat substitute in standard plans. 


Consistently advanced as the world’s best food, lemons have strong quieting qualities and can assist with restraining the improvement of threat cells. They moreover have similar measures of Vitamin C as oranges. 


Like most berries, raspberries are stacked up with cell fortifications, to help keep the body strong and freed from contamination. New or frozen, they moreover give Vitamin C, calcium, and iron. 


With a more prominent number of cell fortifications than some different nuts, walnuts are moreover flooding with Vitamin E, and are wealthy in plant serums, omega 3 oils, and strong fats. Almonds on the other hand are also wealthy in strong fats, protein, and some different micronutrients. These nuts are helpful for people who are on a veggie darling eating routine and need to lose their fat from their bodies. 


According to the late investigation, chocolate contains more cell fortifications, gram-for-gram, than most natural item squeezes – phenomenal news for chocoholics! On top of safeguarding the body from ailments and assisting with thwarting heart conditions, dark chocolate is a trademark perspective ally. 


Stacked up with super-strong cell fortifications, black beans digest bit by bit – keeping you feeling full for additional. These little wonders are stacked with calcium, protein, and fiber, and they in like manner taste unimaginable.


People often mistake snow boots for winter boots but there are some key differences between these two boots. One thing is common that you cannot wear both of them in spring, autumn, rainy or summer seasons and this is why people think that both these shoes are the same as no one wears them in any other season but in snow or winter times. However, to know more about the key differences between the snow booties and the winter booties, keep reading the information below.


About Snow Boots

A snow boot is a boot intended for use in the snow, as the name recommends. However, a snow boot is additionally intended to be utilized in wet conditions, as well. What’s more, by wet, we aren’t talking around a couple of puddles or an inch of snow. We are talking about profound, yucky mud. Or then again profound heaps of slushy, wet, filthy snow. Or on the other hand stacks of new, new powder that fell the night before and now beckons for expulsion from the carport. 

The upper piece of a snow boot will be either made of cowhide or a blend of calfskin and nylon. The upper piece of a snow boot will every now and again broaden well over the lower leg. The reason for the tall stature of snow boots is to give an additional glow, give the lower leg additional help, as well as to account for a snow gaiter that is incorporated into the boot. A snow gaiter shuts the space between the lower leg and the opening of the boot, accordingly preventing snow from falling down while wandering through profound snow. 

Snow boots are truly implied for individuals who invest loads of energy outside during the winter. Individuals who work on street construction projects in the mud, hail, and snow will find snow boots ideal footwear. Indeed, even individuals who live in and around the urban communities will find uses for snow boots, like using them for hunting or camping trips during the spring and fall. 

About Winter Boots

On the other hand, a winter boot is to a greater degree a “general use” thing. A winter boot will, similar to a snow boot, have great insulation worked inside of it to keep the foot warm during a chilly climate? Most great winter boots will likewise be waterproof or, at a minimum, water repellant. However, winter boots come up short on the capacity to hold snow back from tumbling inside the boot between the boot opening and lower leg. In this manner, to wear a typical winter boot in profound snow, a different snow gaiter should be worn. The absence of an underlying snow gaiter is one of the most ideal approaches to differentiate between a “Snow Boot” and a “Winter Boot.” 

Additionally, winter boots – even completely waterproof ones – can’t come close to the waterproofing capacity of a decent snow boot. Taking a waterproof winter boot into profound mud is an extraordinary formula to have in a real sense pounds of mud “solidified on” to the boot. Furthermore, sooner or later the water in the mud will begin to find an approach to leak through the external shell, ultimately ending up on the foot.

Instead, a winter boot is best utilized for what I would consider typical everyday exercises that a great many people do in the winter. This includes exciting exercises, for example, shoveling the drive or the walkway, commuting, walking to work, walking downtown, driving, shopping, and so on.

Which are the best alcohol brands in India

There are quite a few alcohol lovers in India. Given the fact that this is the country where madira was found, the love for alcohol in India is not very surprising. This is what keeps a party running. This is what helps you spend some quality time with your friends.

If you are from India, you will know that there are so many different alcohol options to choose from. Sometimes the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. To choose the right brand for the right occasion, here are some of the best alcohol brands in India:

1. Absolut Vodka

This is one of the few vodkas that come in a large number of variants. While the variations are unique, each of them is delightful in its own way. One of the things that makes this Swedish drink different from others is that it is made from a single source. You can really enjoy this drink in parties, get-togethers or any other occasion.

2. Ron Zacapa Rum

Enjoy a whole new world of taste and flavour with this sweet rum. Made from the finest ingredients, this rum is a delight for rum lovers in India. This is one of the best rums for you to try.

3. King’s Beer

One of the best beers for beer lovers, this brand is the best for party lovers who want to chill out in Goa.

Whether you are relaxing on the sandy beaches or partying in a bar, this beer is the right choice for any occasion. You will find it worth it and trust me, your Goa party will be one of the best ones with this beer.

4. Bira


Craft beer was an alien concept to most Indians, until the arrival of Bira. A favourite of young people in India, this beer is promising and cool. All you have to do is get a pint and gulp it down. Bira Boom is one of the recent variants of this beer. There are others which are already popular.

5. Old Monk

This is one of the classic rum brands from India which has stood to be one of the top-selling rums in India and worldwide. The epic design of the bottles and the one-of-a-kind taste makes this a must-try. If you haven’t already taken a sip of this rum, you are missing out on something amazing.

6. Cabernet Shiraz By Sula

With fans all over the world, this red wine enjoys a fair share of love from India too. Cabernet Shiraz By Sula, in fact, lists as one of the most sold brands in India. When it comes to the best sweet white wines, a lot of souvenirs suggest this brand. We did our research on why this brand is considered to be among the best sweet white wines and we were amazed to know that it has a taste that makes you fall in love with it.

7. McDowell’s No.1

McDowell’s No.1 is one of the highest selling brandies in the world. In India, it has a lion’s share of the market and it is still growing.

8. Gin Mare

This is one of the best Gins I have tasted. Known for its exotic flavour, this gin brand has its origin in Spain. If you have a thing for gin, try Gin Mare. You will thank me for it.

That was all in the list of the best alcohol brands in India. Hope you found this post useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.