Penny Boards on a Budget!

Entertainment is surely a very important aspect of our lives, I mean wouldn’t our lives become mundane if there was no source of entertainment at all? Imagine going to work daily and coming back to the house with nothing at all to do..imagine doing household chores throughout the day and no source of entertainment at the end of the day to would surely freak you out, isn’t it? Some sources are absolutely worth our time and money

  1. Television- It might be a little expensive to install this source, but it surely is worth offers a wide range of channels to choose can watch the news..or watch the shows of your choice..or watch animated cartoons..or watch videos on the television.
  2. Phone: Along with it being a source of communication, mobile phones can also be a source of offers a lot of ways to entertain, be it social media or videos or games, a mobile phone does everything. Nowadays mobile phones are available in every it a lower range or the expensive ones..depends upon the kind of phone you need.
  3. Newspaper: Apart from being a powerful source of information, newspaper can also be a source of has crossword puzzles, mathematical riddles and sometimes, comic strips..some newspapers also come with supplementary papers which carry information about the personalities of the cinematic world. It is a rather cheap source of entertainment.
  4. Magazines: Although magazines are a long gone trend in the world(after the emergence of social media)..there are some people who prescribe magazines as a source of entertainment..a magazine contains content about movie stars..or recipes that are worth following..or some skincare guide..or question and answer from experts(truly very entertaining as people ask hilarious questions )..magazine subscribers would surely know that reading a magazine with a cup of coffee in the hand can be so engaging and entertaining.
  5. Internet: Internet has become one of the most popular source of entertainment..with an internet connection, you can spend hours watching movies, listening songs, playing games, browsing social media and what not. Internet is an endless source of entertainment..and it is nowadays completely in budget to this facility.
  6. Fun and games: Board games such as Business, Monopoly, etc offer a lot of activities to be done, which in turn becomes a major source of entertainment..also, fun things like penny boards are an absolute delight to use as it is pretty exciting to use it and also, it is a good form of exercise…cheap penny boards are very easily available!
  7. Exercising: I know it may sound a lot weird that I am listing exercising as fun..but believe me, exercising is a great source of also keeps our body and mind active and healthy.
  8. Music and dance: Of course, music and dance are one of the most engaging source of entertainment, both these activities soothe your mind and entertains you throughout, also it is believed that music makes you calm and dancing lets you express yourself in a constructive manner.
The Ordinary: Salicylic Acid Serum

Acne has become a consistent problem for a lot of it teenagers or adults, acne does  not spare fact, even after acne gets cured, the after marks of acne are clearly visible, itchy, red and sore. It is a long, hard way to an absolute acne-free skin, in fact, there are so many people in the world that are living rather painfully with acne, that is, the complaint about pain from the acne and also, a lot of soreness, redness and itchiness.

..but, there is one revolutionary product which might be the solution to all your acne related problems


Manufactured by the parent company, DECIEM ,it is a gel-based non-fragrant chemical-based exfoliator and belongs to the Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) family with 2% BHA…it is surely the best thing if you want to get rid of uneven skin patches, blackheads, whiteheads,blotching  and is used in very little  quantities and it’s usage will show visible changes of reduction of acne within two weeks.The serum is perfect for those with oily and combination skin. However, it helps those with sensitive skin provided they use it at night on alternate days.

The noticeable thing about the Ordinary products is that all the products go through safety evaluation before they are launched..and the shelf life of the products is three years if they are unopened, but in case it has been opened..every product has a different time period mentioned on the product itself. Following is it’s composition:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Cocamidopropyl Dimethylamine
  • Dimethyl Isosorbide
  • Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate
  • Citric Acid
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Ethoxydiglycol
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • 1,2-hexanediol
  • Caprylyl Glycol
  • Aqua (Water)
  • Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Water

Using this serum has it’s own merits and demerits:


  • It deeply cleanses the skin(from the inside, mostly) removes all the dirt and dead skin cells on and in the surface of the skin..making the skin pimple free and smooth.
  • It is very effective of sensitive’s usage does not gives a tingling feeling or redness and itchiness on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is very good for people with an oily skin, as it reduces the natural sebum production of the skin.
  • It dissolves the glue like component that binds all the skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin resulting in clearer and smoother skin.
  • It plays a major part in dissolving scars left by pimples and acne.
  • It helps your makeup to last longer before you apply foundation.


  • It is not really beneficial for those with dry skin as it causes skin to dry out.
  • Usage of sunscreen is recommended after the usage of this serum as it makes the skin for sensitive towards the sun.
  • It may cause increase in acne in the initial stages of usage.
  • The people with extremely sensitive skin may experience rashes and breakouts.

The Ordinary salicylic acid serum review has yet been a marvelous one and it is really advisable to try it for yourself at least once, because you will realize that after using it for a good time you will find your skin to be healthy, shiny and absolutely spot-free.


What makes Wheel of Fortune interesting

There are millions of fans of Wheel of Fortunes. I am one of them. I have been watching this show for a long time now and I am always amazed by the way the show is presented.

There are so many things about the show that make this one of my favorite. In this article, I’m going to talk about why I like this show and why you should too.

It is based on skills and not chance.

Unlike shows which are based on luck, this one is based on skills. Although there is a tint of luck factor that comes into play, it is mostly your skills that make you a pro at the game. This is what I like the most about this show. 

It makes people more interested in academics


If you are like me, you are interested in learning about new skills when you see others performing their best. I have always been thinking about preparing myself for the Wheel of Fortune show. I am working on improving my memory of places for the wheel of fortune place category. There are so many contestants who fail to make a good impression in the wheel of fortune place category. I try to learn from those failures and prepare myself for the best.

It drives you to learn new things

Whenever I watch this show, I learn something new. It makes me wonder about the sheer amount of knowledge there is in the world. If I could access even 1% of this knowledge, it would make me a thousand times better than what I am today. I am learning new things every day and this show is like a reminder for me to keep going.

It makes you a happy person

Seeing others win is really stimulating for me. I love to see the expressions of the contestants and I can feel the happiness within. This may sound weird but I feel like a winner when I see the contestants winning. I become really really happy when I watch the show. It is truly the best show ever in the US.

It is funny

The hosts of the show are humorous. You will never get bored watching this show. This is one of the most interesting shows ever and I can tell you that you are going to love it if you haven’t watched any of the episodes so far. I love the show so much that I watch repeats of the episodes on YouTube.

Those were some of the reasons for me to love this show so much. I wish I could tell you more. There are actually more reasons for me to like this show. But, I believe these are enough to convince you to go and watch this show. Hope you found this post useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below this article. 

Comic Books Storage Resurrects!

During the pandemic, the whole world was confined to the boundaries of their own house..which quite frankly was not something people were really fond of..I mean living under the same roof, with the same people(even if it’s your family) is not that easy because you do not get to live the actual lifestyle you thrive for. 

I guess anyone and everyone would be able to resonate with my feelings of helplessness, low productivity, idleness yet a lot of things to do and a lot of chores to complete..the feeling of being trapped was something which couldn’t be shaken least by the people I right in the middle of the pandemic I went ahead and analysed what people actually do to feel a little more engaged and productive as compared to the empty, non- productive days.
Even I chose to re kindle my hobbies which I left a very long time back..due to my hectic, busy schedule- I just realized that in the run for making my life a success, I forgot what I actually enjoyed and never made time for myself
  • Yoga– During the pandemic, I have seen several people moving on to yoga as a way to relax themselves and well, a way to lose weight and remain healthy..many people I know started attending classes online(due to obvious reasons,) has brought about a drastic change in how people perceive their bodies(in a positive way, of course)..I joined yoga too and since then, there’s no turning back.
  • Painting/ Drawing/Coloring– There are many people who are really proficient at the art of creating marvelous paintings..but due to the pressure of studies or work, they had to leave their pandemic gave them the time to pursue their hobby with full force and thus, such people could re visit their talented side which was a miss since a long period. It is also said that coloring, painting is a therapeutic technique to soothe the nerves.
  • Comic books collection– Due to the hectic schedules people follow, reading as a habit was eloping by the day..but the pandemic enabled this habit to resurface and how! I have personally witnessed so many friends and family creating a marvelous collection of comics and well, using creative and best comic book box.. in such a creative and aesthetic way.
  • Cycling– In the beginning of quarantine, people did nothing but sit and binge eat on foods they like..which made them gain weight, gain mass and a whole lot of feelings of being lethargic followed(personal experience to be honest) to loose that chubbiness and to keep their bodies active and working, many people adopted the habit of cycling. The spike in bicycle sales in 2020 will surely give you an idea about the popularity of the fact, cycling became a social media activity(people post about their achievements and number of kilometres daily)
  • Cooking/ Baking– This hobby was such a rage in the beginning due to the shutdown of all the restaurants and hotels..people made the effort and stepped in the kitchen to make their favorite cuisines..where some experiments were successful and some went down the drain(quite literally)
  • Cleaning– Even the person least concerned about sanitization and hygiene had to step up and maintain cleanliness for themselves as well as their homes. just because Corona cannot survive in clean spaces.
Find Health Stores in Las Vegas too

Anna is getting married to her long time boyfriend Matt in a small ceremony in Chicago, later on they will move to Las Vegas as Matt works there and Anna has found a job for herself too. Before getting married, Anna’s friends Becca and Erica decided to throw a bachelor party for Anna in guess what, Las Vegas. They wanted Anna to explore Las Vegas bachelor style, so they booked a suite in Caesar’s Palace.

Anna: You guys! This is so amazing, my last bachelor trip and that too in Las Vegas, thank you so much!

Becca: No problem, Anna. We wanted you to enjoy your last days as a bachelor to the fullest and what is better than Las Vegas for that.

Erica: Yesssss! Now switch off your phone, forget about Matt and let’s party!

Anna: As you say, boss!

Erica: Let’s go to the casino you guys. We will have some fun.

Becca: That’s a great idea! Let’s go!

Anna: But we have to be careful, we cannot spend a lot, we don’t have much.

Erica: Ya! Ya! We will go out from there soon and go dancing okay? We have booked another surprise for you!

Anna: What? Another one? Why are you spending so much?

Becca: You promised to chill! It is your bachelor’s and you’re the first one to get married ! We have to have fun, so shut it.

Anna: Alright, alright, but tomorrow evening I have to explore the city, I have to find some things, some stores. Deal?

Erica: Okay, deal! But only after we have fun in the pool the whole day.

Anna: Done deal!

Becca: Let’s go girls.

(The girls enter the casino, play for three to four hours and then move out to go to a night club. A limo zine is waiting for them)

Anna: A limo! This is so awesome my girls. I love it!

Becca: Anything for you, babe!

Erica: Let’s dance till our feet are swollen.

Anna and Becca: We will dance till we sweat like a pig and till our feet give up.

Erica: Yesss!

(The girls move ahead to the night club, dance their hearts out and returned to their suite at three a.m. They wake up at eleven a.m to enjoy at the pool)

Becca: Let’s play pool volleyball.

Anna and Erica: Yes, we should!

(Three of them play volleyball, tan themselves and enjoy swimming, they chill together and discuss the details of the wedding. At 4 p.m. they decided to explore the city a little bit like good tourists)

Becca: I had no idea that Vegas looked beautiful even in daylight.

Erica: Of course you didn’t! It’s the party capital of our country, people come here to relax and chill.

Anna: Stop cribbing, Erica. I just want to find some health stores here, then we will go back to our suite and relax.

Becca: Of course Anna wants to find a health store, how can we forget that she is a health freak.

Anna: I want to find best health food stores in Las Vegas. I need to know where can I find good healthy food in the city.

Becca and Erica: Oh, your obsession with healthy food.

Anna: Okay, I have figured things out, let’s go back to the suite and relax, we have an early flight to catch tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for the soh-so-awesome bachelor’s girls. It was amazing! I would never forget it!

ERica: You’re welcome my love, you’re welcome.



Omaze Got Me a Car!

We all have such relatives in our family that we absolutely hate right? Those nosy kind of relatives whose business is to spoil our business, the one who is good for nothing but overstays their welcome, aren’t they the most irritating human beings on the planet? Well, Corona Virus is the exact same guest that we absolutely despise. This pandemic has turned our lives upside down and unfortunately we can do nothing about it, we can just sigh disdainfully  and carry on with our lives with a mask on our faces and sanitizers in our hands.

The pandemic has absolutely changed the scenario of our economy, the buying power of people have absolutely diminished because there are many people who have lost their jobs and many whose business is on an all time low. The places that I loved visiting and absolutely adored the food of have been shut down because the pandemic hit hard. I have literally seen people of good wealth, having a flourishing business worrying about their food supplies during 2020 because they exhausted all their money and savings. It is safe to say that recovering from the blow on our economy would be the hardest as already our country is a developing one. By reading the statistics, I learnt that more than four crore people have lost their jobs in this year, which obviously has increased the situation of unemployment and hence, their buying power has been challenged.

Before the pandemic my family and I were planning to buy a car for us in March 2020, unaware about the pandemic, we were about to give the booking amount, but somehow, it got delayed, but eventually the lockdown came into the picture and we cancelled our plan of buying a new car, instead, we thought of investing some of the money we had in helping the people who were in dire need of funds. We decided to donate in kind as well as cash. My parents contacted the nearby old age home and asked what they needed, so we donated them masks, sanitizers, medicines, clothes and a lot of liquid soap. We also made big packets of food and donated them to the poor living on the streets, who ever we saw in the way. I also searched on the internet if any organisation requires any kind of fund, I found UNICEF and donated some amount to it and in the process, I came across Omaze, which I found very interesting. Although I had a hunch about it’s process, I still decided to research, I got to know that it is a fund-raising organisation that works uniquely, it offers a golden opportunity to the people who decide to be a part of this organisation.The money donated for different causes goes to Charities Aid Foundation America. The donors get many great experiences like winning a car, meeting a celebrity, a tour, dinner date, movie tickets, etc. So, I donated some money and waited and to my surprise, I won a car! I was absolutely ecstatic, I just couldn’t believe when I was told, but when the car was parked in front of my house, I felt overwhelmed with joy! It had to be the best day of my life! The organisation called me and congratulated me for being one of the omaze car winners and I couldn’t thank enough! I was further told that the money I invested has been donated, it was a cherry on the top of my wonderful cake!

This year might be the worst for some but it has surely brought be joy, happiness and a shiny new car!


Best Toy for a Child

Toys are considered the best friend of every child. From ancient times, toys have been favorite of children of all ages. Whether it be a child from a rich family, a middle-class family, or a poor family, toys have a special place in the heart of every child. But have you ever thought about what impact a toy has in the mindset of a child or how it affects the mental development of a child? Have you ever thought about what kind of toys you should provide your child that can improve the brain development and intelligence of your child? If not, then you have come to the right place.


In this post, I will discuss some important factors that determine the type of toys your child should be playing with as per their age group that will help in the proper intellectual growth of your child.

In ancient days, toys were made of wood, bamboo, rags, linen, and whatever stuff that were easily available. Even today, children from the poor section of the society have access to these toys. As time passed on, soft toys came into existence. The most popular types of toys preferred by today’s kids are soft toys, action figurines, cartoon characters, funko pops, etc.

Toys play an important role in the intellectual growth of your child and you must pay attention to the selection of toys your child makes. Different types of toys are suitable for children of different age groups. A toddler is more attracted towards big, bright, and cossy objects, so it shows more interest in playing with soft toys.

Soft toys are also good for a toddler because there is negligible chance of getting hurt from the toy. As the child grows and reaches the age of 3-5 years, his/her interest grows towards action figurines and construction toys. It is during this period that you should take extra care in the selection of toys. Buy creative toys for your child that may increase your child’s mental potential and enable them to solve problems and come up with new ideas.

As your child reaches the age of 7-9 years, it is time for them to connect with electronic toys and board games. During this period, integrate your child’s mind with electronic toys that can be of educational value. They might seem to be more interested and obsessed with funko pops as well along with electronic toys. If so, you can purchase one for your child by visiting Funko pops are one of the most liked toy figurines around the world and is a reliable website where you can see the reviews of their toys and purchase one according to your child’s needs.

Toys are the most valuable assets of children that make their childhood joyful and full of amusement. Every child, no matter from which section of the society, has the right to enjoy their childhood and this right should not be taken away from them at any cost. Playing with the right and beneficial toy at the right age plays a vital role in laying the foundation stone of a child’s future, so be careful with your selection.…

Sunset Are Gorgeous!

My sister, my brother and I are hard working people, we have been on a working spree from the past two years and obviously, the result of our hard work shows. My sister was awarded as the ‘Shining Star Performer’ of her floor, my brother was awarded with the ‘Rocker of the Year’ award and I was awarded with the ‘Intellectual Genius’ award, all in all it was good ,successful yet  two hard years. So, my siblings and I planned to relax and celebrate our achievements, we planned to take a trip together. My sister, her spouse, my brother ,my spouse and I decided to take a trip to Jaipur. We all booked a luxurious five star property and pre-decided that we would relax ourselves a great deal too because obviously, we deserved it. So, early on a December morning we started our journey, we were excited to explored the much talked about city, the pink city. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, it is said to be the hub of rich culture and scrumptious finger licking food. Before we started our trip, we all made a list of places that we wanted to visit and we researched about the places where we would get the authentic Rajasthani experience. The places we shortlisted were- The Pink Market, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Chokhi Dhaani, Amber Fort, Nahagarh Fort and Birla Mandir, we planned that we will not run around but explore the city with great luxury and patience.

The day we reached our hotel, we relaxed the whole day, we swimmed in the pool, we went to the spa, played golf and played carrom with each other, what a day it was. Next day, we went to Chokhi Dhaani which was such an amazing experience as we got the most surreal and authentic Rajasthani experience, there  were dancers, camel rides, henna artists and the food was oh-so lip smacking and they made us eat till we begged them to stop, this day was amazing! On the next day, we explored Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and The Pink Market, Hawa mahal and Jal Mahal were quite beautiful and we clicked a lot of pictures, we then explored the Pink Market for handicrafts , jewelry and dupattas. We purchased a lot of things from the market because everything was so beautiful, colorful and of good quality, then later in the night we ate Rajasthani cuisine ,again, it was so delicious that we ate till our stomachs started aching, then later in the night we played cards together and posted our whole day’s pictures on Instagram. The next day we explored Amber Fort and Nahagarh Fort, the forts were absolutely beautiful and they were architecturally marvelous. We decided to stay there for the sunset and boy, the sunset was worth watching, there was a light breeze blowing , we took the moment’s advantage and took a lot of photos and videos(obviously), then later at night we ate dinner at our own hotel and at night updated our Instagram, my brother noticed that I am putting up quite interesting captions on my photos and I bragged about knowing a lot of sunset captions and that he should learn something from me. The next day we visited the Birla Mandir and headed home.

All in all , it was an exhilarating trip and we enjoyed ourselves. Moreover, we relaxed and spent a lot of time with each other.…

FIFA Brings You Closer!

Corona virus has been nothing but brutal to the likes of us. There has been a frenzy out in the world due to this contagious virus, people loosing their jobs and committing suicides because they could not make ends meet. The poor strata of the society are dying of hunger and malnutrition in this time , rather than the virus.

Covid 19 has forced the service class to work from home and the children to attend online classes, what a change of pace and lifestyle this is. So,to make sure that you couples do not kill each other while working from home, there are certain tips to keep the love intact and the spark alive.

1) Arrange a date night at home: Get out of those comfy night suits for once and dress up real fancy! Arrange a romantic lunch or dinner at your own home, cook a fantastic meal and enjoy each other’s company. Try to relive or recreate the conversation you had on your first date.

2) Discuss about your troubles: If you are facing any kind of troubles at work, discuss with your partner rather than venting it up as the it builds up as frustration and lashes out on your respective partner.

3) Do not build up expectations: It is the most toxic habit of a relationship, building up unrealistic expectations from your partner. It is natural that sometimes your partner cannot judge what is going on in your mind, so rather than expecting, communicate what you feel like.

4) Distance is important: There are sometimes that you start feeling a little choked up in each other’s presence basically because you are together twenty four seven, so maintain a distance for a day or two in order to freshen up and gain a little perspective.

5) Hang out with friends: Try to call some friends at your home for a small get together, keeping in mind the Covid protocols of course, this way you will get a refreshing change in your daily lifestyle. For example, organize FIFA game nights using fifa  generator to make your nights rocking.

6) Surprise each other: Try to surprise each other so that the spark continues. Small gestures like bringing chocolates or making meals or even complementing each other can go a long way.

7) Listen: Listening carefully and with full focus is one of the most important part of a relationship. Even if your partner is ranting about their crude boss, listen and let them pour their heart out. Sometimes, your partner just needs you to listen and be supportive about things which bother them.

8) Make them laugh : Both the partners , be it the man or woman, need someone they can laugh with, without worrying about any insecurities. Also, laughing changes the pace of the day and improves the mood, so make sure that your partner laughs as much as they can.

Companionship goes through a lot of challenges and Covid-19 is one of the toughest hurdle. Quarantined at home and work stress tends to take a toll on your health as well as relationships, so it is better to be patient and understanding with the people at your home, as it said, “Mutual caring relationships require kindness and patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in other’s achievements, confidence in oneself and the ability to give without undue though of gain.”- Fred Rogers.

I have been across many cities around the world in the past few years. From the posh cities like Las Vegas to classic cities like Paris, I have witnessed people and culture from all these places. There is one thing that has fascinated me in all these travels across cities around the world. I have seen that none of these cities are as diverse and vibrant as the cities in India.

While I know that there is some bias in my opinion of India, I do have facts and experiences to back up this claim. I am an Indian by birth and I have lived in the country for more than a decade. However, I proclaim this statement keeping in mind my readers who trust me. So, I believe that you are going to trust me when I say that Chandigarh is one of the best cities in the whole wide world.

Why? There are many reasons for this. The city is home to some of the top corporate companies in the world and there are many things that you can find in the city that are fascinating. I have personally seen each and every nook and corner of the city and I have found myself falling in love with this city. There is a certain kind of vibe about this city that makes it all the more attractive.

If you have had the opportunity to be around this city, you must know what I am trying to say. I have been working in the city for the past three years and there have been many opportunities for me to leave the place and move to a different city. The company I work for is one of the top SEO companies in Chandigarh. I love the work culture of this place. Even though it is a corporate environment in the office, there are interesting things happening in the office all the time. This is what makes it one of the top SEO companies in Chandigarh.

My love for Chandigarh has a lot to do with the people here. The people here are extra friendly. Sometimes I wonder why the world doesn’t know so much of this place. It is evidently one of the most underrated cities in India and in the world. This is the reason I am on a mission to spread more information about this city on Global forums. There is a world city exhibition happening next month and I am going to bring Chandigarh to the world. I am going to show the world how this city is not just the best city in India, but the world too.

Well, that is what I have to say about this city for now. I have so many plans to make Chandigarh one of the most known cities in the world. This blog post is a small effort in doing so. This is just the beginning. There is so much more to do.