KISS Always works

People have always been wanting to nail a bigger skill in a  very short span of time. Scientists and researchers have been working deliberately on devising such shortcuts to make our life even easier. We are the generation dwelling in the 21st century looking for ease and effortless approach to complete tasks. The biggest question of today… is it possible to bring such technologies into existence?

Bill Gates, the richest person on the earth having an estimated worth of 9,770 crores American dollars once said  — ‘I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’ Finding a lazy person and making him do a job are poles apart in terms of productivity. A sluggish with a sea of knowledge and capabilities will always find an easy way out to nail a tough job without getting out of his comfort zone.

We perhaps believe in being pragmatic and deliberate while performing any task. We have always been wanted to generate results with the least count of mistakes and errors. What possibly could be the way out for doing any task without disturbing our comfort zone? How can we put in lesser efforts to generate more precise results?


Through studies and researches that deprived our scientists and researchers of peaceful sleep, we can find the answers to our questions that broke our inertia.

The hardest part of any job in the world is to make it simple.

This very question has provided the writers with the contents to write on. We may have differences in terms of skills and knowledge, but simplicity is adored by all, loved by all and sought by all.

The KISS worked

Recently I got across a student who was struggling with his projects on mathematical logic. He really looked restless as the days were being eaten up by the clock. He, like almost everyone else around, wanted to be introduced to a shortcut to put an end to the presentation. I approached him to provide help for the project he was working on. Though I hardly had any knowledge on such mind-numbing topics still I had a principle with me –  the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)to pep me up every time I encountered difficulty in life. I decided to help him out with the same notion of mine.

It was gruelling but fruitful

We sat together doing researches on mathematical logic and operations. Ha had to make truth tables for his presentation for the judges and teachers. We came across something called truth table generator which was capable of generating truth table for intricate mathematical and propositional logics. This truth table generator was cut out for his job.

With few hits and trials, he could now operate it perfectly to perform the task he needed the most for that instant of time. I guessed my job was done and my KISS really worked as expected.

We should be thanking them

This was just one incident that I came across. Things keep happening around with or without our knowledge. We are just a fraction of a point of the universe. Our efforts of the past really work no matter how far we get in life. We should be grateful to those making it possible for us by going against the clock and the nature for our interest and benefits.