Deterioration in the Academic Performance

With increasing concerns on the dipping performances of the students, the official authorities have been relentlessly working on devising a method that is apt and friendly for the students. They are planning to come up with unique and easy solutions to help them out of these serious issues which are being traced on the answer sheets of the students every now and then.

We have lost our abilities in generating perfect examples of academic performances. The answer sheets of students are usually flooded with immense mistakes which intensify their chances of being prone to failure or underperformances.

This is really a matter of grave concern for the authorities and the government where the students are continuously failing to stand up to the expectation of the teachers, parents and the institutions. What possibly could be the main issue that is dragging down their performances, especially in the subjects that deal with numerical and rigorous calculation?

What does the Analysis say?

The statistic says that 52 per cent students fail in maths and other subjects that serve question pertaining to derivations, permutation, combinations and integrations that require high calculating abilities and accuracy with speed. It is rather common to fail in the subjects that test your capacity to play with numbers and classic mathematical tokens.

Considering the statistics of low performing students as a matter of concern, the educational experts are coming up with liberal ideas that suggest the using of calculators in the examination halls for particular subjects that asks for lengthy and tricky calculations. The subjects falling in the category are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accounts and Finance.

Surge of relief

We could see the relief in the eyes of students who hate being countered with the above-depicted issues. Now, if this method makes its way into the system, which has already been adopted by few universities and boards that conduct examination the number of students failing in the examination will deteriorate to a great extent. There are few laws on the use of calculators which have been devised to check the misuse of it by the students and person appearing for such exams.

Serving the Cause


There are companies and website creators that are completely dedicated to making high performing calculators like ti 84 calculator online that undoubtedly serve the same purpose. They have been making high-end products for peak performances to serve the cause. Ti 84 calculator online is a platform that helps to perform major calculations with speed and accuracy and generates exact and precise results. These calculators are highly recommended not only for the student but to the vast majority of professionals out there.


We are expecting a surge in the performance of students which will surely provide solace to the parents and their wards. The authority needs to come up with more innovative measures like these for the betterment of the clan that we are expecting to be the future of our nation.

“No statue is going to be made in the name of critics”

Some appreciated this effort of the boards and authorities while some bluntly criticized and moaked the ideas. Those who appreciated the effort are the people who felt the productivity in the idea that might go a long way in rectifying the present scenario. Though it has almost the same amount of pros and cons that can be debated for years on vast platforms but this will certainly help the students struggling with thinner performance cards.

I personally back up the ideas and consider it an innovative approach. What is your take on this? Share any story or incident that you came across. We will try putting it up on our writings.

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