Why buy a two wheeler in India

According to a recent report it has been found that the fuel emission rates in cities of India have risen to dangerous levels. With the growth of four wheeler ownerships in the country, the rate of fuel emission is expected to get higher and higher.

While this is certainly a problem that the common man won’t be concerned with, if it continues to be so, India will have to face a huge environmental threat that will be hard to deal with.

This will eventually lead to major environmental problems. If the present situation persists, there may soon come a time when India will be one of the top contributors of environmental pollutant.

There is a simple solution to this major problem. The solution is to buy two-wheelers instead of four wheelers. Two-wheelers are eco-friendly and they come with a host of other benefits as well. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Saves expenses

One of the major reasons for you to buy a two-wheeler and not a car is that it is comparatively less expensive. Not just the price, the cost is cut down on consumption of fuel too. Other expense would be the maintenance which is again lower than that of a car. Basically, two-wheelers can save your expenses.

2. Good resale value

When you compare the resale value you get on cars and two-wheelers, you will find that two-wheelers have a much better resale value than cars. Even after years of using a bike, the price of your vehicle doesn’t deteriorate much. This is something that makes buying a two-wheeler a much better option.

3. Easily affordable

One of the best things about two-wheelers is that they are cheap and affordable for the general people. You can even get two-wheelers on loan these days. For repayment, you can use two wheeler loan EMI calculator. With the help of two wheeler loan EMI calculator, you can easily estimate the amount to be paid to get complete possession of your two-wheeler vehicle.

4. Can be cleaned easily

Cleaning a two-wheeler is much easier compared to cleaning a car. It takes less time and effort to clean your bike or scooter than a car.

5. Can be parked easily

Another advantage of bikes and scooters is that you can park them easily. It takes less space compared to a car and you can easily find a spot for parking your two-wheeler.

6. More fun

Bikes are much more fun to ride than cars. When you get out of your house with a bike, you have the freedom and you can get into any lane or any street you want. You can’t do the same with a car.

7. Better fuel efficiency

Two-wheelers provide better efficiency than cars. You need less power to operate a bike or scooter compared to the power needed to run a car.

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