Why are Titanium and Titanium products expensive

Titanium is one of the most durable metals in the world. It looks like silver, but it is more lustrous and attractive. It has very high strength compared to other metals.

The name Titanium is derived from Greek mythology, where there were Titans who were known to be very strong. Certainly, this is the perfect name for a metal specimen so strong as this.

So you might be wondering if Titanium is so expensive only because of its strength and durability. Well, you are right in that case. However, there are many reasons for the high price of Titanium in today’s market. You will know about it when you finish reading this article till the last line.
One of the most significant factors behind the high price of Titanium is its resistance to corrosion. It is widely used in various industries. It is even used for making jewelry.


There are many jewelry making companies that use Titanium to enhance their jewelry and crystals. One of the most popular crystals made from Titanium is the Titanium aura quartz. The Titanium aura quartz is an enhanced form of natural quartz that is formed by combining Titanium vapors with the natural quartz. Making this kind of jewelry is very complex; hence, the market price of products made from Titanium is very high.

The melting point of Titanium is very high and the entire process of converting this metal into vapours takes the price level to a very high range. A lot of energy is used in the process and when the final product gets into the market, the cost gets even higher.

To add to this cost is the cost of shipping and packaging cost and various other costs involved in the process. The high-quality metal that Titanium is, makes it a solid and precious metal to have in any kind of product. Asking a higher price for such a product is quite reasonable

Till this point, we have seen the process of using Titanium in various metals and why the cost of such metals and jewelry is high. Another aspect of the high cost of these metals is the high price of Titanium itself. The metal is extracted with very complicated process which makes this one of the highest priced metals in the world. The extraction of Titanium involves many different stages. The whole process is known as Kroll process. It is very complex and energy-consuming process. This is one of the reasons why Titanium is priced heavily before it turns into a product.

Those were the main reasons for the high price of Titanium in the market. There are many other metals which are are beautiful as well as expensive. However, Titanium is one of the best of any metal. It is also the most demanded metals in today’s time. Despite the high cost of products made from Titanium, buyers are ready to spend hard-earned money to get a hold of this precious metal.