Electricity – The Fuel of Human Civilization

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The invention of electricity was the beginning of a new era. Countless innovations and studies have been successfully done since the beginning of the use of electricity in our lives. It is that source that drives technological innovation and makes the world a better place.

Electricity was discovered by  Benjamin Franklin. His famous kite experiment led to the discovery of a power source that now powers up the world. The discovery of the electric bulb was another achievement that made the electricity much more useful.

The invention of the electric bulb is credited to Thomas Alva Edison. He failed more than a thousand times before discovering the filament that could light up a bulb. Tungsten is a lightweight metal that glows up anything coming into contact with electricity. The day he discovered this phenomenon was the beginning of a new era of usage of electric power.

Today, there are small and large industries that run on electric power. There are millions of gadgets and appliances that use electricity as a source of power. Almost all kinds of appliances operate on some kind of electricity. These are appliances that use electric power to charge up and store them for future use.

I have seen halogen heaters that use power backups to operate outdoors. If you do not know what is a halogen heater, you can learn about it through a simple Google search.

Before I started writing this article, I didn’t know what is a halogen heater. I learned about it and in the process, I learned about a lot of other things about electric heaters.

Electric heaters are appliances that operate with or without electricity. You can use stored up power to run these appliances. There are many other appliances like this that run on backup electricity.

Electricity has a lot of uses. The most common uses of this power source are – 

  1. It is used for lighting up homes and offices.
  2. It is used to operate different kinds of vehicles.
  3. It is used to run factories and industries.
  4. It is used to cook food.
  5. It is used to power up aircraft.
  6. It is used to run all types of electric appliances.
  7. It is used to produce new things.

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