What Not To Do Before An Exam

There are numerous tips and suggestions on what you should be doing before an exam. You will find a lot of guides about things to do before an exam. While these so-called “exam tips” do help in boosting your performance, there are other things that you should know about. In this article, you will get to know about the things that you should not be doing before an exam. Take your time to go through these are make sure that you understand what you should and should not do before exams.

1. Pull an all-nighter

There are students who prefer to stay awake all night for study, especially before the exams. What they do not know is that pulling an all-nighter is not so beneficial after all. It is not something that can be traded for a good night’s sleep. While all-nighters can make you feel that you are preparing for the exam, sleeping can actually make you feel more functional.

2. Cramming

Most students are not aware of the harm they do to themselves when they sit for a cramming session. Your brain needs time to process information. Most of the cramming is a result of extended procrastination. When you procrastinate, you won’t have much option but to cram. This is not helpful in any way. This can make you stressed out.
Here is what you can do instead:
Schedule specific times for study. Break down a study session into 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1-hour. Take breaks in between each session and unwind. This will keep you focused for longer.

3. Studying alone

While studying alone has its own perks, there are a lot of benefits of studying in groups. As a matter of fact, many teachers advise students to get involved in group study activities. The good thing about studying in groups is that you get to ask questions and learn from your peers who are smarter than you. Also, you get to help others understand certain things which in turn helps you understand them better. When you study alone, you miss out on all these things. Back in the day, when I was in college, I used to travel 20 miles to go to my friend’s place for studying together. I used to take a metro ride for the travel. Bangaloremetrotimings.com is a website that lists metro timings in Bangalore. Check it out to know more.

4. Avoid online study materials

Some students believe that online study materials are not very effective for exam preparation. With this belief, they stick to their college textbooks and notes and do not take advantage of online resources. Avoiding online study materials is something that is a major mistake that can be avoided.

These were some of the things that you should avoid doing before the exams. These will help you keep stress away and make you more prepared for your exams. Make sure that you take note of these “not-to-do’s” and do the best on your part to be completely prepared for exams.

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