The Benefits Of Skip Counting

Skip counting is one of the techniques that is used for teaching kids multiplication. This is a really effective way to make a child familiar with how numbers work and how to use them for calculations. This article explains the benefits of skip counting for students. Before understanding the benefits of skip counting, you should know what skip counting exactly means.

What is skip counting?

Skip counting is simply counting by a whole number other than one. It is counting by twos, threes, fours, etc. To put it another way, skip counting by a certain number is similar to reciting the multiplication table of that number.

Skip counting can make you learn multiplication faster. Besides making multiplication easier, there are more advantages of using skip counting.

Benefits of skip counting:

  1. The practice of skip counting is very much applicable in day to day activity of counting money. When students learn to skip count, they will find it a lot easier to count money. Besides counting money, skip counting can be applied to other areas too, such as counting the number of chairs in a row or counting the number of students in a class.

  2. Skip counting also helps in addition and subtraction. This helps students do the calculation in their head rather than using their fingers to count. This will make it simple and easy and students will feel more confident in learning maths.

  3. Skip counting can make students get better at division. Students will save a lot of time doing divisions when they use skip counting. Division is related to multiplication and therefore skip counting is applicable for this.

  4. Skip counting develops the students’ ability to understand numbers and concepts. With a better understanding of numbers, students get a new perception towards maths and begin to take a deeper interest in the subject.

  5. Skip counting helps students get familiar with how numbers work and how to use them for calculation. The application of skip counting is extremely beneficial for students to understanding multiplication concepts and how to count faster.

These were the benefits of using skip counting for students. Students can refer to this multiplication chart 1 to 20 to learn to skip count. This will help them get faster at multiplication. This multiplication chart 1 to 20 is a great online tool that should be made use of if you want to learn to skip count. Besides using this chart, you can refer to YouTube videos that teach you skip counting in an interesting way.

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