The dilemma of a 90s kid

I’ve always thought of myself as a lucky kid to have been born in the 90s. There has always been something special in my life to carry on till I reached adulthood. The memories of the time spent in the 90s always make me feel like going back in time and experiencing those days again. The nostalgia is extreme at times and there have been a lot of instances where I’ve shown my over-excitement when talking about my childhood. 

The dilemma

While everything seems to be going so well in the present, there are days when I feel out of place, especially when I have a conversation with teenagers of today. Till a few days back, I used to think that I know all the new slang and cool terms used by today’s younger generation, but I was wrong. The new generation of kids have so complex terminology that it is really difficult to keep up.

Why am I talking about teenagers? 

I’m talking about teenagers because I have a bunch of teenagers in my colony who constantly stay in my sight. I’m a freelancer and I spent most of my day working in my apartment alone. But, when I get bored, I do get out and play cricket with these teenage guys. That is when I get into a dilemma. I wonder if my generation is the perfect or is it just my misconception I have.


I’ve no answers yet. But, I can tell you that playing with those teenagers is a good feeling. I sometimes realize that the feeling is not different from the time when I was a kid and played cricket with my friends. This makes me wonder how I, as a kid from the 90s, am different from these kids.

Social media

Social media makes me feel a little updated with the modern world. However, I do sometimes observer that teenagers today are taking over the internet and making us feel puny. That is when I find myself questioning – how do I stay updated constantly? What do I do to become cool like the kids of today? Well, I have no answers.


Sometimes, I just give up thinking all these and start playing with my gaming consoles from the 90s. Yes, I still have them with me. Sometimes, I play mobile games too. I recently got to know about this website called This has been a great resource for finding the games from my childhood. I’m not good at the online games of today and these are great for me. But, of course, I want to play the games of today. I wish it could be easy as the games of the 90s.


That was my take on life as a 90s kid. I hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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