4 Ways to Look Your Best on Facebook

If you are on Facebook already then give yourself a huge pat on the back. You have already taken an important step towards building your internet business. If you are not on Facebook, what are you waiting for?

More and more people who have never been online or done any social networking are actually signing up with Facebook. A few want to connect with their past and others are trying to connect with their future. But whether you are using Facebook for building a company or you need to stay in touch with people from your past, you will need to put your best “face” forward for the online world to see.


If you have joined Facebook and also have no clue what to do next, check out the 8 tips below. These are a great place to start.

Tip #1: Use a good, accurate picture

Facebook will allow you to upload as many pictures as you like, but you are only allowed one profile photo so be sure to make it a current image of yourself! You might very well have some potential followers. So, select a photo that you are comfortable with everyone seeing and that will help you put your best face forward. Almost as you would like to, refrain from making use of a picture at that party you just attended that got a bit out of control because although the privacy settings of yours could be engaged, no matter what, everyone sees your profile photo.

Tip #2: Share and Share alike

While filling out your profile, be sure to fill in things like your “Favorite Music”. The musical taste of yours says a great deal about who you’re, and so list your favorite bands in your profile’s “Favorite Music” section. Do not be one of those individuals that says, “I like pretty much everything.” BORING!

You are on Facebook to show people who you are. So, be specific and give artist names and possibly album titles. One popular tactic is to sort your iTunes based on the “Play Count” or “Last Played” tabs, and then copy down what you find. These tips also apply to your Favorite Movies and Books sections.

Tip #3: The more the merrier

For all those of us that grew up in the pre-Facebook era, I know it could be embarrassing to meet old friends and say “will you be my friend?”

Well, get over it because the social networking can only start when you belong to a good sized community who know and like you! After you have joined a community you are able to start making new friends and contacts. You will also be more likely to hear from a random person that you knew back in grade school who is looking for just the product or service you have to offer.

Tip #4: Join a Network

What is a network and why should you care? A network could be a group of people from places as far-flung as your school, city, company, or hobby you love. Networks may be nearly anything. As for me, I’ve joined a Facebook network where we talk about movies and stuff. It is through this Facebook group that I have learned and a lot about movies. It has inspired me to create a website about movies. www.moviesnosignup.com is a website where you can find movie streaming sites with no sign up.  Creating this website has been possible because of the ideas I got from this Facebook group.

Including a network also provide you with the freedom to you manage your privacy settings on the website. By choosing the networks of yours you will then have the ability to set your profile’s visibility within different networks. For instance, you are able to let folks in your city see the contact info of yours, while you are able to provide full access to every person from the business of yours.