Sunset Are Gorgeous!

My sister, my brother and I are hard working people, we have been on a working spree from the past two years and obviously, the result of our hard work shows. My sister was awarded as the ‘Shining Star Performer’ of her floor, my brother was awarded with the ‘Rocker of the Year’ award and I was awarded with the ‘Intellectual Genius’ award, all in all it was good ,successful yet  two hard years. So, my siblings and I planned to relax and celebrate our achievements, we planned to take a trip together. My sister, her spouse, my brother ,my spouse and I decided to take a trip to Jaipur. We all booked a luxurious five star property and pre-decided that we would relax ourselves a great deal too because obviously, we deserved it. So, early on a December morning we started our journey, we were excited to explored the much talked about city, the pink city. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, it is said to be the hub of rich culture and scrumptious finger licking food. Before we started our trip, we all made a list of places that we wanted to visit and we researched about the places where we would get the authentic Rajasthani experience. The places we shortlisted were- The Pink Market, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Chokhi Dhaani, Amber Fort, Nahagarh Fort and Birla Mandir, we planned that we will not run around but explore the city with great luxury and patience.

The day we reached our hotel, we relaxed the whole day, we swimmed in the pool, we went to the spa, played golf and played carrom with each other, what a day it was. Next day, we went to Chokhi Dhaani which was such an amazing experience as we got the most surreal and authentic Rajasthani experience, there  were dancers, camel rides, henna artists and the food was oh-so lip smacking and they made us eat till we begged them to stop, this day was amazing! On the next day, we explored Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal and The Pink Market, Hawa mahal and Jal Mahal were quite beautiful and we clicked a lot of pictures, we then explored the Pink Market for handicrafts , jewelry and dupattas. We purchased a lot of things from the market because everything was so beautiful, colorful and of good quality, then later in the night we ate Rajasthani cuisine ,again, it was so delicious that we ate till our stomachs started aching, then later in the night we played cards together and posted our whole day’s pictures on Instagram. The next day we explored Amber Fort and Nahagarh Fort, the forts were absolutely beautiful and they were architecturally marvelous. We decided to stay there for the sunset and boy, the sunset was worth watching, there was a light breeze blowing , we took the moment’s advantage and took a lot of photos and videos(obviously), then later at night we ate dinner at our own hotel and at night updated our Instagram, my brother noticed that I am putting up quite interesting captions on my photos and I bragged about knowing a lot of sunset captions and that he should learn something from me. The next day we visited the Birla Mandir and headed home.

All in all , it was an exhilarating trip and we enjoyed ourselves. Moreover, we relaxed and spent a lot of time with each other.