FIFA Brings You Closer!

Corona virus has been nothing but brutal to the likes of us. There has been a frenzy out in the world due to this contagious virus, people loosing their jobs and committing suicides because they could not make ends meet. The poor strata of the society are dying of hunger and malnutrition in this time , rather than the virus.

Covid 19 has forced the service class to work from home and the children to attend online classes, what a change of pace and lifestyle this is. So,to make sure that you couples do not kill each other while working from home, there are certain tips to keep the love intact and the spark alive.

1) Arrange a date night at home: Get out of those comfy night suits for once and dress up real fancy! Arrange a romantic lunch or dinner at your own home, cook a fantastic meal and enjoy each other’s company. Try to relive or recreate the conversation you had on your first date.

2) Discuss about your troubles: If you are facing any kind of troubles at work, discuss with your partner rather than venting it up as the it builds up as frustration and lashes out on your respective partner.

3) Do not build up expectations: It is the most toxic habit of a relationship, building up unrealistic expectations from your partner. It is natural that sometimes your partner cannot judge what is going on in your mind, so rather than expecting, communicate what you feel like.

4) Distance is important: There are sometimes that you start feeling a little choked up in each other’s presence basically because you are together twenty four seven, so maintain a distance for a day or two in order to freshen up and gain a little perspective.

5) Hang out with friends: Try to call some friends at your home for a small get together, keeping in mind the Covid protocols of course, this way you will get a refreshing change in your daily lifestyle. For example, organize FIFA game nights using fifa  generator to make your nights rocking.

6) Surprise each other: Try to surprise each other so that the spark continues. Small gestures like bringing chocolates or making meals or even complementing each other can go a long way.

7) Listen: Listening carefully and with full focus is one of the most important part of a relationship. Even if your partner is ranting about their crude boss, listen and let them pour their heart out. Sometimes, your partner just needs you to listen and be supportive about things which bother them.

8) Make them laugh : Both the partners , be it the man or woman, need someone they can laugh with, without worrying about any insecurities. Also, laughing changes the pace of the day and improves the mood, so make sure that your partner laughs as much as they can.

Companionship goes through a lot of challenges and Covid-19 is one of the toughest hurdle. Quarantined at home and work stress tends to take a toll on your health as well as relationships, so it is better to be patient and understanding with the people at your home, as it said, “Mutual caring relationships require kindness and patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in other’s achievements, confidence in oneself and the ability to give without undue though of gain.”- Fred Rogers.