Simple steps to wear an N95 mask

The most common types of face masks that people buy, whenever there’s a viral pandemic, are surgical masks also known as three-ply masks. Now, these masks are cheap and easily available, but unfortunately, they are not really good when there is a viral infection that spreads through respiratory droplets of a sick person. In that case, you would be thinking about what kind of mask you should use. I suggest you should use N95 masks. N95 masks filter out almost 95% of the finer particles and droplets in the air. These masks can effectively stop the spread of viral pandemics.


N95 masks or any other mask can work efficiently only when they are worn properly. So now, let’s check out how to wear N95 mask. Grip the mask firmly in your hand placing the metal nosepiece at your fingertips, allowing the straps to hang freely below your hand. The mask should be placed under your chin with the metal nosepiece up. Hold the mask in this position and stretch the top strap over your head and set it high on the back of your head over your ears. While still holding the mask, bring up the lower strap above your head and set it around your neck beneath your ears. Make sure the straps are not twisted. Use the fingertips of both hands to adjust the nosepiece to the shape of your nose. Always use both hands to adjust the nosepiece. Pressing the nosepiece with one hand may result in an incorrect fit and lower the effectiveness of the mask. 

Perform a seal check every time you wear a mask. To do that, gently cover the mask with both hands, be careful not to disturb the position of the mask, inhale and exhale shortly. If the air leaks around the nose we adjust the nosepiece; and if the air leaks around the sides at the bottom of the mask, we adjust the position of the mask as well as the straps.

Always take extra care while removing your mask as it is very important to keep yourself safe while doing so. While removing your mask always start from the bottom strap followed by the top strap. Be careful not to touch the front cover of your mask because this is where all the particles are trapped. Dispose of your mask immediately after use. Though it is recommended to dispose of a contaminated mask, however, the N95 mask can be reused if it is properly disinfected and sterilized. But, a soiled or distorted N95 mask should never be used.

That was our take on the features of N95 masks and how to wear N95 mask. I hope you found some helpful info out of this article. Share your queries and thoughts with us in the comment section below. If you want to learn more about different types of masks please check out our other posts. Also, make sure to come back for more interesting articles like this in the future.

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