Simple steps to set up your website

The web has revolutionized the way we do business and trade today. With websites we can reach out to numerous people all over the world, 24/7. This mode of using the internet to do business can be called by many names, like e-commerce or internet marketing.

A captivating web-design can helps businesses to establish a powerful online presence. An effective web presence is indeed possible only by designing and developing a Good website that can capture new business on World Wide Web. An inspiring web-site can also help assure in generating a significant return on your Internet investment. Hence in website development, website designing is the most daunting and crucial phase. In this brief article we will make an attempt to overview the process of setting up a website briefly.

When I started web-development I was blank from where to start off. I grasped an HTML book but later I discovered that I was more inclined toward designing than development. I later switched to experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator and found both very easy. Nearly anything you can imagine you are able to create with these powerful programs. Then what next? Let us discuss (concisely) each step of website development.

Designing: Focus on the purpose of your website. What information you want to portray with your web site? Is it an organizational website or is it your personal portfolio?  Design accordingly. Search out templates that will be of great help. Download graphic software that best suits your requirements. Brainstorm and decide what sort of graphics you are looking for. Find tutorials that will create graphics with nearly same results. Practice them and experiment with them. Export the files to your HTML editor.

Development: Development is another crucial phase of Web-development. You have to decide which technology you have to use. If your website is database driven then what technology you need to implement it? Today you have a wide variety of different options for each type of website. You can choose from available CMS or develop your website with flash or Silverlight. If you are setting up a blog, you might opt for WordPress or similar services. In each case your selection entirely depends on the focus of your website.

Hosting-Publishing: The next and apparently unnerving step is hosting and publishing. However it is indeed the simplest step in setting up your website. Purchase space and your web-domain from numerous hosting sites and upload your website simply by any HTML editor that supports FTP upload.

This article is very basic and is for readers who are very new to web-development. It is aimed at educating the beginners in a very simple way.