Omaze Got Me a Car!

We all have such relatives in our family that we absolutely hate right? Those nosy kind of relatives whose business is to spoil our business, the one who is good for nothing but overstays their welcome, aren’t they the most irritating human beings on the planet? Well, Corona Virus is the exact same guest that we absolutely despise. This pandemic has turned our lives upside down and unfortunately we can do nothing about it, we can just sigh disdainfully¬† and carry on with our lives with a mask on our faces and sanitizers in our hands.

The pandemic has absolutely changed the scenario of our economy, the buying power of people have absolutely diminished because there are many people who have lost their jobs and many whose business is on an all time low. The places that I loved visiting and absolutely adored the food of have been shut down because the pandemic hit hard. I have literally seen people of good wealth, having a flourishing business worrying about their food supplies during 2020 because they exhausted all their money and savings. It is safe to say that recovering from the blow on our economy would be the hardest as already our country is a developing one. By reading the statistics, I learnt that more than four crore people have lost their jobs in this year, which obviously has increased the situation of unemployment and hence, their buying power has been challenged.

Before the pandemic my family and I were planning to buy a car for us in March 2020, unaware about the pandemic, we were about to give the booking amount, but somehow, it got delayed, but eventually the lockdown came into the picture and we cancelled our plan of buying a new car, instead, we thought of investing some of the money we had in helping the people who were in dire need of funds. We decided to donate in kind as well as cash. My parents contacted the nearby old age home and asked what they needed, so we donated them masks, sanitizers, medicines, clothes and a lot of liquid soap. We also made big packets of food and donated them to the poor living on the streets, who ever we saw in the way. I also searched on the internet if any organisation requires any kind of fund, I found UNICEF and donated some amount to it and in the process, I came across Omaze, which I found very interesting. Although I had a hunch about it’s process, I still decided to research, I got to know that it is a fund-raising organisation that works uniquely, it offers a golden opportunity to the people who decide to be a part of this organisation.The money donated for different causes goes to Charities Aid Foundation America. The donors get many great experiences like winning a car, meeting a celebrity, a tour, dinner date, movie tickets, etc. So, I donated some money and waited and to my surprise, I won a car! I was absolutely ecstatic, I just couldn’t believe when I was told, but when the car was parked in front of my house, I felt overwhelmed with joy! It had to be the best day of my life! The organisation called me and congratulated me for being one of the omaze car winners and I couldn’t thank enough! I was further told that the money I invested has been donated, it was a cherry on the top of my wonderful cake!

This year might be the worst for some but it has surely brought be joy, happiness and a shiny new car!