Find Health Stores in Las Vegas too

Anna is getting married to her long time boyfriend Matt in a small ceremony in Chicago, later on they will move to Las Vegas as Matt works there and Anna has found a job for herself too. Before getting married, Anna’s friends Becca and Erica decided to throw a bachelor party for Anna in guess what, Las Vegas. They wanted Anna to explore Las Vegas bachelor style, so they booked a suite in Caesar’s Palace.

Anna: You guys! This is so amazing, my last bachelor trip and that too in Las Vegas, thank you so much!

Becca: No problem, Anna. We wanted you to enjoy your last days as a bachelor to the fullest and what is better than Las Vegas for that.

Erica: Yesssss! Now switch off your phone, forget about Matt and let’s party!

Anna: As you say, boss!

Erica: Let’s go to the casino you guys. We will have some fun.

Becca: That’s a great idea! Let’s go!

Anna: But we have to be careful, we cannot spend a lot, we don’t have much.

Erica: Ya! Ya! We will go out from there soon and go dancing okay? We have booked another surprise for you!

Anna: What? Another one? Why are you spending so much?

Becca: You promised to chill! It is your bachelor’s and you’re the first one to get married ! We have to have fun, so shut it.

Anna: Alright, alright, but tomorrow evening I have to explore the city, I have to find some things, some stores. Deal?

Erica: Okay, deal! But only after we have fun in the pool the whole day.

Anna: Done deal!

Becca: Let’s go girls.

(The girls enter the casino, play for three to four hours and then move out to go to a night club. A limo zine is waiting for them)

Anna: A limo! This is so awesome my girls. I love it!

Becca: Anything for you, babe!

Erica: Let’s dance till our feet are swollen.

Anna and Becca: We will dance till we sweat like a pig and till our feet give up.

Erica: Yesss!

(The girls move ahead to the night club, dance their hearts out and returned to their suite at three a.m. They wake up at eleven a.m to enjoy at the pool)

Becca: Let’s play pool volleyball.

Anna and Erica: Yes, we should!

(Three of them play volleyball, tan themselves and enjoy swimming, they chill together and discuss the details of the wedding. At 4 p.m. they decided to explore the city a little bit like good tourists)

Becca: I had no idea that Vegas looked beautiful even in daylight.

Erica: Of course you didn’t! It’s the party capital of our country, people come here to relax and chill.

Anna: Stop cribbing, Erica. I just want to find some health stores here, then we will go back to our suite and relax.

Becca: Of course Anna wants to find a health store, how can we forget that she is a health freak.

Anna: I want to find best health food stores in Las Vegas. I need to know where can I find good healthy food in the city.

Becca and Erica: Oh, your obsession with healthy food.

Anna: Okay, I have figured things out, let’s go back to the suite and relax, we have an early flight to catch tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for the soh-so-awesome bachelor’s girls. It was amazing! I would never forget it!

ERica: You’re welcome my love, you’re welcome.