Offline War Games

Many people love war games, for them playing war games is the best way to pass the leisure with fun. But their happy mood gets stains when their data’s speed starts to play with them. And that part is the worst about playing war games on slow data.

Thus, we need a few war games which use data only once as to be downloaded. And then let the users enjoy it longer without any data related distraction. 

And those games are said to be offline war games. Here are some of the best offline war games.


Hurdles of playing online

Playing games online is not that simple deal. You have to go through several obstructions to play and have to face few consequences after playing as well; as

  • Yes, data nowadays is very inexpensive (Rs. 359/ unlimited calls + 1.5 GB data per day for 84 days). We are getting it almost free.
  • But cheap is not always best; with fewer charges we are having a poor quality of data in terms of speed and accessibility. 
  • Data flows properly only until a short period of time, after that it starts lacking; Causing sudden interruptions. This irritates players a lot.
  • Also using systems with enabled mobile data or wifi function leads to extra consumption of the battery.
  • Rapid charge and discharge process of battery results in degradation of its fine quality.
  • When few energy processes like charging, using data and playing games are all done together, then even your system may start to perform malfunction.

Hence, the idea to play games online does not sound intelligent!

But, now the questions like “should I stop playing?” or “Is there any alternate way to keep playing?” arises.

I must answer “yes, there is something like an alternate way to keep playing with the exact enthusiasm as with online games”. And that is offline games.

Why offline games?

  • There are no worries about the internet or its speed after installing offline games once.
  • They less affect the battery or system as compared to online games.
  • You can play them at any corner of the World, without begging someone for the data.
  • You can resume your game from the point where you left; this is not possible in online games.

Benefits of offline games

There are many benefits of offline games over online games. Let’s go through them one by one

  • Offline games are beneficial in terms of the system’s life over online games.
  • Offline gaming saves your time.
  • You can never get irritated due to network speed issue.
  • You can resume your game from the point where you left it.
  • You do not need data after installation.( updating is an exception)
  •  Offline games are less addictive than online games; so your playing remains the same and do not over power you.
  • Offline games also do not contain ads (additional graphics displaying for the sake of advertisement of any product).