Here is why you need to visit Qatar

Qatar is a very beautiful place to roam around. It is rich in heritage and monuments. It is a Peninsular Arab Whose Terrain comprises a long Persian Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes and arid desert. It is known as the futuristic skyscraper. 


It has a wealth of culture and beauty to offer people visiting from different corners of the world. Along with a very smooth past, this country has different places worth visit, from all few are listed below:


  • Katara Mosque


The Katara Mosque is differently built, it is not alike other mosques in Qatar which are typically designed. It is situated in the center of Kantara Cultural Village site. In the middle east of Kantara village, there are some most beautiful architectures waiting to be seen. The mosque is accompanied by 3 sky touching pillars.

  • State Grand Mosque

The beauty of this mosque is really mind blowing; it looks like an impenetrable fortress. The exterior of this mosque is intimidating. And the Interior is awe inspiring. There are very high domed ceiling and stone white pillars all around the mosque. It is built on a large piece of land and is consisting of numerous extra ordinary architectures.


  • The Doha Desert


By most of the visitors, Doha desert remains untouched but you must visit this place. This desert is very quiet and helps us to remind what we are. Its sand is flawless and smooth, dunes are rolling and this becomes a gorgeous desert landscape that can be enjoyed at any safari day.

  • Al Zubarah Fortress

This fortress is found in lonesomeness, which is in the depth of desert so it can be reached only on the back of a camel. Standing beneath to this fortress gives a sense of being connected to an excited and influential history.

  • Al Jassasiya Carvings

They are basically intricate and incomprehensible carvings in the stones which we can say are incredibly rare. Their mystery lies in their Petroglyphs. Their preservation is truly remarkable as it is believed that these carvings are there for hundreds of years. Out of all, some are discovered to represent animals, boats, and daisies. Rests are still not recognizable.

  • Al Wakra museum

This museum is a site that has some of the best architecture in the country. The antiques present in the wakra museum are quite fascinating and feature ancient artifacts and details of the history of Qatar.


  • Barzan Towers


First of all, this is a perfect place for photography, so do not forget to take your camera with you. The beauty of this place is better experienced from its top. Just step up and take a view of the surroundings. The building itself is quite formidable and is beautiful in its own way. These Barzan Towers feature a brilliant architecture.

So, what are you waiting for? Just step forward and take a trip to Qatar. Check the requirements for visa on arrival in Qatar now, and get ready for a wonderful experience. The requirements for visa on arrival are quite simple and you won’t have to worry about it much.