Most Beautiful Horse Breeds in the world

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  • Andalusian Horse. 


Known as the Pure Spanish Horse, it’s a breed from the Iberian Peninsula. It has been perceived as an individual breed since the fifteenth century. This breed has its impact on pretty much every pony breed on the planet today. It is no big surprise at that point, that this steed is known as the “granddad” of all breeds. Since its commencement, it has been referred to for its ability as a warhorse and was prized by the respectability. 


  • Lipizzan Horse. 


The Lipizzan is one of the most exquisite horse breeds. It has a firm strong figure, athletic yet agile. The breed has been jeopardized on various occasions by fighting wars including World War I and World War II. However, this breed managed to get through and its numbers gradually increased due to the efforts made by the breeders.


  • Knabstrupper. 


The Knabstrupper has a graceful body with an exquisite, expressive head. The eyes are clear and calm, the ears modest, and the neck is all around set and solid. Knapstrups have inclining shoulders and solid backs. Their legs are solid, strong and all-around precise; likewise, their hooves are well framed and stiff. 


  • Haflinger Horse. 


The Haflinger is a moderately small, yet powerful horse breed. This horse breed remains somewhere in the range of 13 and 15 hands high. Haflingers gained popularity for their cute physical appearances; especially for their energetic eyes, fine nostrils and exquisite ears that are with respect to the head. The chest is wide and profound and the legs well defined. The Haflinger horse has the appearance of an athlete.


  • Gypsy Horse. 


The Gypsy Horse is a breed that originated in the British Isles. It’s a little, muscular horse of cob adaptation and is frequently, however not constantly, piebald or skewbald. Different names for this breed incorporate Gypsy Cob and Tinker Horse. 


  • Black Forest Horse. 


The Black Forest Horse breed has a German origin. As these horses are bred in large numbers in the Black Forest area of the southern part of Germany, so it gets the name “Black Forest”. The Black Forest Horse is one of the small breeds yet is extremely strong. Their slender body-looks made them popular among horse lovers.

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