How to choose the Best Cordless Hair Straightener

Choosing a cordless hair straightener is not easy. There are many brands and models, some with a prohibitive price. Not always the most expensive is the best. The most expensive can simply be the most famous. To choose the best cordless hair straightener, you should have it as a hair and what results you want to achieve with it.

There are three major factors to be taken into consideration before buying a cordless hair straightener. 


  • Small plates and travel: You will find all sizes from the smallest designed for travelers to plates with very wide plates. The smaller ones work as a complement for trips but not if you want to use it daily.
  • Normal plates with thin plates: Plates with normal size and very finite, we are worth to make curls and are also perfect for short hair.
  • Intermediate plates: The best for all use, are the intermediate plates (2 and 3 centimeters on average)
  • Wide plates: These type of plates has plates that protrude from the body of the plate. They are designed to comb and mold thicker hair.


  • Ceramic plates: The plates will be in contact with your hair providing heat, so the material is a factor to consider. The ceramic plates are the most used material because it is able to maintain a stable temperature, friction is reduced with the hair since the ceramic makes the hair slip better and reduces static electricity.
  • Ceramic plate with ionizers: To eliminate the problem of static electricity completely, some irons include ionizers that generate negative ions that counteract positive ions which makes our hair more silky, shiny and not frizzy.
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates: Many, perhaps, you will not have heard of tourmaline, a mineral that is also used in combination with ceramic plates to make the hair silkier, thanks to the generation of negative ions. It also emits infrared heat that manages not to damage the hair (or at least the damage is much less).
  • Titanium ceramic plates: We continue with the material combinations, this time it is titanium. Some hair straighteners such as Corioliss include titanium in their plates which makes them very resistant and that heat up much faster.
  • With several components: Some of the plates that we have recommended include components such as conditioners, keratin, etc. We advise that before buying an iron think about which one best suits your needs.



The temperature is a very important factor to take into account when you go to buy an iron. The temperature ranges from 80º to 235º or so. There are plates like the famous GHD, which have a fixed temperature of 180º and 190º which is the temperature that normal hair needs. If you have very fine or brittle hair, it is best to buy an iron with adjustable temperature.

I hope you know understand how to select the best cordless hair straightener. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to do so in the comment section.