Love is a wonderful emotion

We all have our own ways of expressing our love towards others which shows the various modes by virtue of which we can let others know that we do love them. Love is the most beautiful human emotion that connects people in spite of the wide range of differences that sets us apart. We have been blessed with the gift of speech by dint of which we can let our loved ones know how much we love. It’s not only the humans that have this wonderful emotion but even the animals do have the same emotion crammed in them. The animals express their love using different methods and indications. They give signals if they ever find someone they feel like expressing their love and affection to them. Dogs let you know to bow their love either by wagging their tail or licking you. They get excited when they see someone they truly love by jumping onto them and hopping around. All the living creatures exhibit their love in some or other ways.

We, humans, prefer telling our loved ones using words that we have been taught as our mother tongue. We have been designed and equipped accordingly by our creator to serve this purpose.

Emotion is not like the binomial distribution calculator that needs input to give results. Emotions are the outcomes of the thoughts that precipitate within our minds which certainly depends on the ambiance and the people we are surrounded by. A binomial distribution calculator is a machine that just reduces the human efforts in terms of giving results without meddling with sentiments of an individual.

There are varieties of emotions that stay glued to love and try to neutralize it as nature are full of laws that govern us all. There are always two exact opposite emotions exist that keep trying to neutralize the effect of one another. Love is accompanied by hatred in the same way the fire is accompanied by ice. They both are two different aspects of the same coin that decides which side of it will face you by our own action. No matter how beautifully we toss it, the fate of the coin is never certain. It is predictable though as the probability of getting the desirable side is always half.


Life is exactly how we toss it up. We may either receive hatred or be the recipient of love. It entirely depends on how and what actions we take as a responsible human being. The role of this wonderful emotion is to establish a connection between the living creatures walking on the face of the earth by fetching them together as one.

It’s not necessary that feel the same emotion over and over again. we may encounter with the other emotions too but the intensity of the presently prevailing emotion decides the stronger one. the stronger one will always take over the one that is not so sound or weak.

Our sole job as a thinking social animal is to take care of the constructive and the destructive ones. This will surely fetch a feeling of contentment in ourselves no matter how strong the destructive emotions might be.

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