Legal Ways Of Starting A Construction Firm In Jamaica

Starting a business in Jamaica is easy and the process to start any sort of business requires the same process of incorporation. Whether you are incorporating a construction firm you may need the same documents as you would need while starting a restaurant business. Construction companies in jamaica are very common but there are a lot of other businesses too. Read about how to start your business in a legal way from the points below.



Incorporate a neighborhood organization or register a business name at the Companies Office of Jamaica. 

Organization Name Registration 

Learn whether the ideal name is accessible and adequate by finishing and presenting a Companies Name Search and Name Reservation Form at the Companies Office of Jamaica. 

Finish and present the accompanying archives after which a Certificate of Incorporation is given: 

  • The Articles of Incorporation (Form 1A). The Articles should be stepped at the Taxpayer Audit and Assessment Department. 
  • A Declaration of Compliance (Form 2). This Declaration ought to be made by an Attorney-at-law or Chartered Secretary occupied with the development of the organization or a Director or Secretary named in the Articles of Incorporation, expressing that all the necessities of the Companies Act 2004 were clung to when the Articles of Incorporation were being readied. This record should be marked and fixed by a Justice of the Peace. 
  • A Registered Office Notice (Form 17). Note that this archive records the enlisted or lawful location of the organization. 

Business Name Registration 

Finish and present the accompanying structures for Business Name Registration: 

  • Application for Registration By Sole Trader – BN1 Form 
  • Application for Registration By Partnership – BN2 Form 
  • Application for Registration By Corporation – BN3 Form 
  • Acquire National Insurance reference number from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 
Required Documents: 
  • Boss Business Registration Application (Form R1) 
  • Certificate of Incorporation alongside Articles and Memorandum of Association 
  • Business Name Certificate 


The Taxpayer Registration Number can be acquired from the Taxpayer Registration Center at the Tax Administration Services Department or at any of the Inland Revenue Offices found islandwide. 

Required Documents for Sole Proprietors: 
  • Application for Taxpayer Registration (Individuals) – FORM 1 
  • Substantial ID 
  • National Insurance Scheme Card 
  • Business Name Registration Certificate acquired from the Companies Office of Jamaica 
Required Documents for Partnerships: 
  • Application for Taxpayer Registration (Organizations) – (Form 2) endorsed by a Partner 
  • Business Name Registration Certificate gave by the Companies Office of Jamaica 
  • Confirmation of NIS registration 
  • Individual TRN and NIS for each Partner 
  • Legitimate ID for Signatory Officer 


  • Apply for GCT Registration at any of the Inland Revenue Offices found islandwide just as the Tax Administration and Assessment Department. Required Documents: 
  • Complete an ‘Application for General Consumption Tax Registration’ – FORM 1 
  • Business Name Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Business or Company TRN 


Required Documents: 
  • Application for Tax Compliance Certificate Form 
  • Certificate of Incorporation 
  • TRN 
  • Tax Receipts for Corporate Income Tax, PAYE, NHT, HEART, Education Tax, General Consumption Tax, NIS, and SCT 
  • Freedom Letters from GCT, HEART Trust, Inland Revenue Dept, NIS, and NHT 
  • TCC Applications might be submitted in the workplace, on the web, through email, or by fax. 


Commitments payable by organizations/organizations under different legislations are: 

  • Income Tax 
  • Instruction Tax 
  • National Insurance 
  • National Housing Trust Contributions 
  • Human Employment and Resource Training Fund Contributions