How My Long Distance Relationship Actually Worked Out

Long-distance relationships are considered to be less stable and less lasting but in my case, these things never made an impact while I was dating my European girlfriend. My name is Stuart Riddle and I am from California. I started dating my girlfriend, Jane Williams in the year 2016 and we both are going to marry each other in the next year. I scrolled through many European dating sites and finally, I found her after some days of constant scrolling. We had an immediate connection with each other after some days of communication.

People say that living long-distance creates trouble and you both cannot stick together with each other. There are certainly some challenges for both of you but you can overcome those challenges and stick together for a lifetime. Let me tell you about how we survived all the challenges and what were the main concerns for us while we started dating each other.


Some Unique Challenges

While any serious connection has problems, research suggests that long-distance connections have a range of possible difficulties that seem to be peculiar to the physical locations among members.

  • Experience the fiscal pressure of transportation 
  • To have more intense feelings attached to the connection 
  • Preserving strong hopes of face-to-face encounters notwithstanding how irregular and small these are 
  • Negotiation of parameters among close friends as well as a distant companion 
  • Having an inaccurate impression of the connection.

The cost burden is a common variable that any individual in a long-distance relationship has encountered. Whether it was the rising petrol prices of traveling thousands of kilometers, or even the numerous cost investment of daily air transportation, individuals ought to manage travel expenses just like other expenses like mortgages, nutrition, and clothes. 

Border agreement is a slightly more complicated aspect to handle. Persons in long-distance relationships will grow envious against close friends of their companion, frequently arguing that they share “quite enough hours” with friends. 

There is indeed a possibility that your partner may establish an emotional bond or form a relationship with someone else because you’re abroad. Building stronger limits, staying truthful and realizing that individuals require face-to-face unique interactions can take a very long time to neutralize these possible issues.

Overcoming Challenges

After such obstacles, it feels quite difficult to be successful in long-distance relationships, however, that doesn’t imply they won’t be successful. 


In case of interaction, video calling or phone calls are easier than emails or texting. Fortunately, face-to-face communication became significantly essential and created a massive impact among couples in long-distance relationships. In plenty of other cases, long-range partnerships performed in a certain style as local connections, as long as the two parties meet face to face at least a few times in a year. If you both seek to retain a good close relationship, focus on saving expenses on flights and agree to meet periodically.

Be Honest And Give Each Other More Time

Being honest with your partner and giving them more time will help you in retaining your relationship for a long time. Tell them about how your day was, tell them about your friends to make them feel that they are important and they can trust you for your honesty. When you are free try to spend more time calling them or texting them instead of going out with your friends all the time. You need to accept that living far away has many complications and you should make them feel wanted every time and give them the importance that they deserve.