How to write content that gets shared

If you are a content writer and find that people do not share your content, this article could be really helpful. In this article, I’m going to talk about the various techniques that generate tons of social shares for your content.

To start with, let me tell you that writing content isn’t a problem. Yes, your content does affect your social shares, but that actual reason for fewer shares is something else. If you are getting less traffic on social media sites that means people aren’t even reading your content.


Now, I’m gonna share with you how to write content that generates more social shares. Based on all to tests I have done I can tell you, it’s not really about the content, it’s actually about the headline. I’ve learned that seven out of ten people read your headline, but only three out of ten people will read the rest of your content. But if you want to generate more shares for your content it’s all about the headline. And here are some ways you can write amazing headlines. 

Make sure a headline is neither too short nor too long; it should be around five to seven words. When your headlines are too long, for some reason, it’s just overwhelming and people don’t wanna share. When it’s too short people don’t really get what your contents are about and they’re not really going to share it. 

The next thing you can do is use adjectives while writing your headline. When you use words like effortlessly, people will be more eager to know about the content. For example, “five ways to effortlessly lose weight” that’s way better than “five ways to lose weight”. Everybody wants to know about the easy route.

The third tip when you’re writing headlines is, create some mystery. For example, the ten benefits of lime honey juice, number six will shock you. Now people will be keen to know, what’s number six? People are much more likely to share your content. Now if your number seven is a plain point, people are gonna be like oh I don’t trust this guy anymore. I’m not gonna share his content. So don’t trick people, give them really amazing content.

The next thing is you can make your Headline more unique by giving it a stunning look. For this, you can use some online tools like Bold Text Generator. Bold Text Generator is a tool that can convert your normal fonts into bold fonts. You can use this tool to create bold and fancy texts and add extra charm to your headline. 

Make sure when you are using these tactics you have amazing tips and techniques. It’s really that simple. If you do that with your headlines, you are going to generate way more social shares. Generating social traffic isn’t just about your content.

It’s more about your headline. Hope these tips will help you to increase the views and shares of your content in social sites.