How to choose right insurance company

Health is the only gift that you have and you must take care of it. How..? This is the first question that strikes your mind. By consuming healthy foods and doing regular exercise! Yes, it is true but apart from this, you can secure your health by choosing a good healthcare plan from a good insurance company.

Here we are going to talk about the UAE. Some of the top insurance companies in the UAE are Pacific Prime, Howden Insurance Brokers, American International Group, MetLife Alico Gulf, Emirates Retakaful Limited, Nexus Insurance Brokers and many more. These companies offer you complete insurance benefits.

How can you choose the best insurance company? Here we are going to discuss some of the things through which you can find easy to choose the best insurance company for you.

1. Insurance coverage: when you select a health insurance plan, it is not just picking a random plan. Usually, people make mistakes by choosing a low rate insurance plan, where you get inadequate coverage. In the end, despite having an insurance plan, you have to spend money from your pocket because it doesn’t cover your medical benefit. Insurance companies having high rate insurance plans also cover high rate medical insurance. So you must choose a plan that gives you total health coverage. Also, keep in mind while purchasing a family plan that every individual of your family must fulfil the medical needs.

2. Renewal: while choosing an insurance plan it is necessary to check for how many years the medical plan will cover. Because as you grow older, your body gets weaker and most of the medical benefits are taken at an older age. So, it is important to choose a plan that will give you a lifetime renewal.

3. Health insurance plan: There are various companies which offer different plans. So you have to make a deep survey of different plans, compare online and then select the best suitable plan for you at a reasonable rate and total coverage. In the insurance plan take note of the following coverage like Transportation, Medical visits to a doctor, In-patient treatment, Emergency medical treatment and hospitalization, Diagnostic test, Maternity services, Prescription drug, Physiotherapy, Preventive services like vaccination and immunisation under DHA.

4. Hospital coverage: Another important thing you must keep in mind while choosing an insurance company is that the number of the hospital the company is listed with and the services of the listed hospital. Also, survey whether the hospital possesses cashless treatment at the time of emergency.

5. Settlements: It is the number of claims that a company gets and the number of claims that a company settles. Always choose the company that has a high settlement claim, this will boost you up and have the chance of getting quick medical facilities.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before buying the health insurance plan. These tips will help you to choose a perfect insurance company, as the investment you will be making in it to secure your life for medical treatment and a huge financial burden. For more information on insurance companies in the UAE, visit