Evolution of Jewellery: A big Change in Fashion


Jewellery is one of the oldest things you will find in the market that is present from the times of king- queens to modern times. In the early times, people of the upper class usually wear jewellery to show their status and to present themselves as superior. In the early time people wore most of the bold and heavy jewellery which was not at all easy to carry and now coming to the present time people usually prefer light and elegant jewellery that is much more easy to carry around. Jewellery was first introduced around 5000 years ago in India.

1. If we go back to the time to the rule of king- queen they used to wear a lot of jewellery, in fact, they were all covered in jewellery from head to toe. You can see in the picture itself how these people used to wear jewellery at that time. This was an era where people from the upper class wore jewellery to show their status and to define their symbol of power and royalty. 


 Jewellery has changed a lot over a period of time, from wearing it to show power and royalty in the past, to showing style and making it a fashion statement in the present time. Thinking of people has changed, the way of carrying out these things still changes after every year. In today’s time different types of unique fashion jewellery is available in the market and you can choose from a wide range of products and compare easily. 

2.  If we go to the Era of early 80s-90s, it was a time of big bold and colourful jewellery, original gold got replaced by the coated gold colour and from that time a major change in the jewellery occured. You can see the look of these patterns and styles in some of the modern jewellery also. In the modern era, the weight of the jewellery has decreased significantly and people have much more choices than before. Jewellery has played a very important part in Indian culture from the beginning and it has played a crucial role in highlighting the beauty of an Indian woman.

Now in India, we have a lot more to designs and patterns to offer according to the cultural needs and various tastes or preferences of people from different regions.

3. At present the fashion has really changed a lot, nowadays people buy and wear these things for the sake of fashion and to look more presentable. Fashion jewellery or Costume Jewellery are much more trending in the present time and mostly among the young generation because of their attractive appearance. Low-quality material is used in these kinds of products which makes them cheaper and more affordable. 

Coming from original products to the duplicates and cheaper products fashion has changed immensely in our culture and due to high demand of these products, there is always something new coming to the market after some time. If you want to buy something good for your money you can click here and you will be redirected to one the coolest website offering some very good products at a very good price.  

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