Clash Royale Gem Generator is a Boon

Gretchen and Jordan are a live in couple residing in New Jersey, USA. They have been dating each other from the past four years, and living in from the past one year. Gretchen is an accountant in a big firm and Jordan is a fashion designer for a fashion studio near their house. Both of work hard and party harder. They love to spend every minute with each other, be it watching a movie together, going on dinner dates, visiting each other’s friends, cooking or just resting, they love to do everything together. On a beautiful, sunny Sunday both of them are lazing and hanging around their apartment. Following is the conversation between the two:

Jordan: God Gretchen! What a mess you are. You cannot even pick up your dirty clothes from the floor. I am so frustrated that I live with the human equivalent of a dustbin.

Gretchen: Shush Jay jay! It’s weekend man! Take a chill pill. Why are you obsessing about the cleaning? I will do it tomorrow for sure.

Jordan: When will this tomorrow come? When I confront you about this mess on weekdays, you say that you are too tired to clean. Let alone the house, you cannot even clean yourself! You stink like a pig.

Gretchen: Chill buddy! This is the smell of success, this means I am working really hard.

Jordan: Working hard? I have to check your dictionary. Does working hard means procrastinating on the couch and doing nothing but stare at the screen? I just cannot do anything about you. You are absolutely useless.

Gretchen: You happen to love this useless mess my friend! You can sadly do nothing about it now.

Jordan: I know, somethings cannot be changed I suppose, and by the way, what is the deal with your phone? Why are you stuck to the screen constantly? What is the deal with your head?

Gretchen: Very funny Jay Jay, there is no deal with my head okay. By the way, my friends introduced me to this online gaming portal and I am hooked! It is called clash royale galaxy and man, it is interesting . I just can’t get enough of this game.

Jordan: Oh pish posh Gretch! Only you can be addicted to such things. Sticking my eyes on to a screen is so not what I would do.

Gretchen: Don’t be so skeptical Jordan, why don’t you give it a try?

Jordan:  Ugh, never. I have better things to do around this house. Like tidying up our room, which you never do.

Gretchen: Will you stop taunting me? You know how clumsy I am when it comes to cleaning.

Jordan: Okay, okay! Now stop the chit chat and let me finish my chores.

Gretchen: No, you will not! Today you will chill and play online games with me. Come on, I want no excuses.

Jordan: Okay, let’s see what all this fuss is about.

Gretchen: Yay! Let’s begin.

Jordan: Okay, this seems interesting, but wait, what is this? Why do I need these gems? What is the deal with this game?

Gretchen: This is pretty simple Jay, there is clash royal free gems , you just need to use it in the game.

Jordan: God, this is marvelous ! I am killing the game! Wohooo!

Gretchen(sheepishly smiling) : Welcome to my world my friend!