Various Automobile Lines By Bajaj Automobiles

Bajaj Automobiles is one of the leading automobile vendors in India. They make a variety of bikes, autos, and tempos in their product line. Bajaj is also planning to make his entry into our wheeler market by putting a car model in the market. Till now, they deal mostly in bikes and even sell out bikes of other brands under their name. KTM which is one of the biggest sports bike brands in the world is solely under the name of Bajaj Automobiles.

Mostly bajaj is earning profits and moving ahead due to its bike segment and after that bajaj auto-rickshaws are very commonly seen on the streets of every metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Even in small cities and districts, you can find the auto-rickshaws from bajaj. To know about the various automobiles produced by Bajaj under his name, then look at the content below.


Bajaj Bikes

In India, you will see that most bikes on roads are from Bajaj and they are present everywhere and in every state or district whether it is big or small. Bajaj even does the marketing and sales for one of the biggest international brands “KTM” under his name and they are also the biggest competitors of Bajaj in India. Most people buy their bikes as they are affordable and maintaining those bikes is easy with easy replacement and wide availability of every part of the bike in every state or town. This is why it is one of the most trusted brands in India. The most common bikes from Bajaj are Platina, Pulsar, and Discover. Apart from these bikes, you can also see KTM’s, Duke, and RC in the showroom of Bajaj.

Bajaj Auto Rickshaws

There is no doubt that when it comes to the sale of auto-rickshaws, then the name of Bajaj comes at the top. The auto-rickshaws from Bajaj are a little costlier than other brands like TVS, Mahindra, or Piaggio, but even after being the most expensive among all, Bajaj auto rickshaws get the most number sales throughout the year. You should look at the bajaj auto rickshaw price list and compare it with the list of other brands and see that there is a big difference in their prices. The auto-rickshaws from Bajaj come with different variants and they are more reliable and comfortable as compared to other auto-rickshaws with some added features and this is why they receive high demands from buyers.

Bajaj Tempos

Bajaj Tempos can be seen in all the states of India. Just like the auto-rickshaws, they are the most commonly seen tempos in the Indian market due to the same reason that they are reliable and more comfortable and most importantly, they can be repaired anywhere at any time. If you are buying a tempo for commercial purposes, it is quite possible that your tempo will receive some wear and tear due to excessive loads or mishandling of goods by the person who is loading the goods. You would need cost-effective treatment for your tempo at any place you go, and as bajaj is one of the most famous brands in this field, every mechanic knows how to repair them. Due to these specific reasons, Bajaj tempos are used by the people here.