Why Mobile Number Is Important While Downloading Aadhar Online?

The process of linking your aadhar card was started to make sure that every person having aadhaar cards saved from any kind of fraud activity. By linking your aadhaar card with your registered mobile number you giver person to share your details with the concerned authorities to check that this belongs to you or not. One aadhar one person is the basic concept behind linking these two things altogether. While doing any kind of transaction online payment applications ask you for an E KYC, and this is just for the safety of every individual. Linking aadhaar with the mobile number will give a proper idea about the citizens and confirm their identity and no other duplicate cards of the same details can be furnished after that.


Mobile number registered with aadhar card will help you in authenticating online while you are downloading your aadhar card from the official website of UIDAI. One time password or the OTP will be sent to your mobile in case you want to download your digital aadhar card. Without your registered mobile number you cannot download your aadhar cards it is a mandatory condition for the download of E Aadhaar card.

If by mistake you have misplaced your aadhar card or the enrollment id you can get it online from the UIDAI website by providing your name and mobile number. When you have furnished all the required details your aadhar number or your enrollment number will be sent to your registered mobile number within a minute. After getting your ID number or aadhar number you can download your digital aadhaar card with ease. 

With your registered mobile number you are never far from reaching out aadhaar, you can call them and with your number, your details can be generated on their system which will help the executives to give you your required details within no time.

There is no other way in which you can download your aadhar card online without your registered mobile number. It is mandatory for everyone to link their mobile number and aadhar card together so you will never be able to download it online without your registered number. All the ways mentioned on the website to check status, download or to retrieve the lost aadhar card require your mobile number for the authentication process by a one-time password.

आप भी अगर अपना आधार कार्ड डाउनलोड करना चाहते है तो आप उससे बिना किसी भी परेशानी के UIDAI की वेबसाइट से कर सकते यही पर अगर यदि किसी भी कारण से आप डाउनलोड नहीं कर पा रहे हो तो आप डाउनलोड करने के तरीके देख सकते यही जिसमे की आपको हर स्टेप्स और फोटो के साथ समझाया गया है की आप उससे कैसे सरलता से अपने घर बैठे हुए अपने मोबाइल फ़ोन पे ही दिद्गिटल तरीके से सेव करके रख सकते है. इन स्टेप्स को ज़रूर पढ़े अगर आपको नहीं ज्ञात की वेबसाइट से आधार कैसे डाउनलोड किया जाये. 

Follow the link above to know about the steps on how to get your aadhar card with your mobile number easily. If you have not linked your aadhar card to your mobile number then you can only get your aadhar card from the aadhar center and no other way is possible.

Best Social Media Apps For Your Smartphone

Social Media apps are the most used apps in the world. Whether you want to share your thoughts with the world or reach out to a friend, social media apps let you do that instantly. Here are some social media apps that you must definitely have in your smartphone.

1. Facebook

It is an internet-based application created in the United States of America by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004. More than 25% of the world population use Facebook. This is more than any other social media app. 

2. Instagram

It is a photograph and video sharing online application which is used by a large number of people on a daily basis. This application was launched in the year 2010. Impeccably made and purposely arranged by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram has gone through a progression of upgrades since then. According to reports, there are about a billion people ore more using Instagram actively.

3. Telegram


Telegram was launched in 2013 by Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov. These guys are the founders of the largest social network of Russia, VK. They decided to start Telegram Messenger LLP as an independent nonprofit company and hence we got this amazing app that we can use to connect, share and grow. One of the best features of this app is that you can create Telegram channels to share what you love with other people. Here is a website where you can find links to Telegram movie channels.

4. Twitter 

This is a news and shoutout platform developed in the United States by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stones and Evan Williams. Since its launch in 2006, it has got the attention of the top leaders and celebrities of the world and most of them use it to share their thoughts with the world.

5. TikTok 

This is one of the most trending apps these days. It is a platform for young talent to demonstrate their abilities to the world. TikTok has been one of the highest downloaded mobile applications in the US in 2018. One of the best thing about TikTok it that it has a huge user base. Besides, it is extremely easy to use. This is the reason for this app being so popular all over the world.

6. YouTube

Launched in 2006, YouTube was the brainchild of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. You can use this platform to upload videos. There are more than 2 billion users of this platform. Some of these users are creators while others use it to watch videos. Creator or not, you can make use of this video platform to have a good time and learn something new everyday. This makes it one of the best apps to have on your smartphone.

7. Pinterest

While this may be an underrated app, it is certainly beneficial if you know how to use it. It was launched by  Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann in the year 2010. There are more than 300 million active users on Pinterest. 

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Benefits Of Using Credit Cards

There have been times when I get into debates on the pros and cons of credit cards. Most of the times, such debates are concluded without any coherent result. However, here I’m not going to put up any argument. I’m just going to put out the facts and let you decide whether using a credit card is the best choice for you.


Benefits of using credit cards

1. Signup Bonuses

All popular credit cards available today offer some sort of welcome bonus for the cardholder. Not just that, some credit card providers even provide you with reward points which you can redeem with shopping and fun activities.

2. Rewards Points

Another benefit of using a credit card is that you get reward points for your spendings on various categories.  Reward points can be redeemed while shopping. You can get reward points when you dine out. You can get reward points when you pay for fuel. There are a lot of things that you can do with your credit card and earn reward points for that.

3. Cashbacks

Cashbacks are another interesting way to get the benefit from your credit card. Credit card providers provide up to 10% cashback on certain purchases. This is something that you’ll not want to miss out.

4. Travel points

If you’re a frequent traveller and use aeroplanes as a mode of travel, you can get huge benefits through your credit card. Flyer miles or airline miles are part of a loyalty program offered by airlines and credit card providers. You earn points for flying with certain airlines. These travel points keep collecting and you get something for free with these points.

5. Insurance

Most credit cards offer you a lot of additional benefits such as rental car insurance, travel insurance and more.

6. Easy payments

When you’re travelling in a foreign destination and want to make payments, you may find that not all merchants accept your debit card. On the other hand, when you offer to make the payment using a credit card, they will readily accept it.

Those were some of the major benefits of using a credit card. Last month, I did comprehensive research on the best credit cards in India and got to know about some interesting offers. If you do not already know about the best credit cards in India, you need to do your research and start using some of these credit cards. It is worth it considering all the benefits that come with it.


Credit cards are certainly beneficial to you. But, if you are someone who doesn’t keep a tab on your expenses, you may land in high water and there will nothing much to do about it. Having said that, credit cards can actually save you tons of money when you use it with discipline and planning. It is something that when you start seeing the benefits, you will want to use more of it and use it wisely.

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Digital Marketing Trends in India

Digital marketing may be a trend in big nations but now this trend is getting hype in the Indian market. This became more popular from the last 3-4 years. It was there in the market before as well but from last 3-4 years it has gained a tremendous popularity in Indian market and especially the Indian youth is interested in this field.

Digital marketing has opened the gates for many SEO service providers online and many people from India has starting giving quality SEO services not only to Indians but also to people outside India. If you search of SEO resellers India you will find a long search result for your query.


Digital marketing has created a lot of job opportunities for the youth who are really interested in this platform. It is expected that in the coming time there will be 60% more chances of job opportunity in this sector. Talking about the current scenario this platform is going high with time and people working in this field are generating more revenue than many employees who were working from a long time before. Digital marketing involves many other things like SEO, Content writing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc. These professions have created a lot many opportunities for many people.

Many people have even switched their profession in the initial stage and started working in this sector just to create more scope for their future. With everything going digital with time it can be seen that this platform will reward you the best income in the coming future. This can help you in securing your future and it will definitely increase your worth and you will be paid well by every organization.

I have seen many people who dropped out from their studies and invested their time in this field. They researched about this platform slowly started working towards it and now they are working from their home and creating more income for themselves. This field is very vast and never ending and you will be able to see something new every day from various sources. Many working professionals who are working from a very long time are unable to match these people in terms of earning who are just sitting at home and working for themselves.

With the expansion of this field many institution came up with digital marketing courses which can help you in fetching a better job for your bright future. Getting a job in this field will create many other ways of generating income and many freelancer projects are available online for adding an extra income over your monthly remuneration. Some people after completing their courses do not opt for job rather start working as a freelancer or create some other sources to make income for them.

Unlike other professions this profession rewards really well and the hike in income in this sector is much better than many other big professions.  In the coming future more opportunities will be created by digital marketing and it is a good point of starting your career if you have just completed your graduation. Try to read about this field more often and increase you knowledge on this topic so that in future you can a better platform to showcase your skills.…

Things that worried me always

As a child, I was afraid of a lot of things. There were stories of ghosts and there were TV shows which scared the hell out of me. But, more than that, there were other things that worried me the most. These were things related to my study. I was worried about passing my maths and science tests.

This sense of worry had always been there throughout my school life. Although I passed those tests most of the time, it was after having spent many sleepless nights hovering over thoughts of what if I fail. This is the reason why a lot of times I spend alone wondering what I did wrong to feel this way and why others don’t feel the way I do.


Ten years down the line, while I have a stable job and a regular life, this fear of math is still there. My job though doesn’t involve much number crunching. However, it is one of the most technical jobs of today and at times I find myself in a mess. I remember once having to look back into my textbooks for learning power factors. I consider myself lucky to have come across this online power factor calculator which helped me get over this complexity.

While I made use of the power factor calculator to solve that problem in hand, I had a thought that made me act the way I had never done. I decided to punch my worries right in the face. To start with, I took upon this fear of maths and analyzed my fear and thought of all the ways that I could use to get over this fear. I started reading about maths. I started solving tough equations and I started doing all that needs to be done to conquer the fear of maths.

It took me a year and a half to get rid of this whole math fear. Now I’m so confident in anything related to numbers that I get things done quicker than ever before. This has led to multiple promotions at work and I’ve developed a new sense of confidence in myself. Now I’m always looking for mathematical equations to be solved or anything related to numbers. It is no longer a fear for me. It is now a game.

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The dilemma of a 90s kid

I’ve always thought of myself as a lucky kid to have been born in the 90s. There has always been something special in my life to carry on till I reached adulthood. The memories of the time spent in the 90s always make me feel like going back in time and experiencing those days again. The nostalgia is extreme at times and there have been a lot of instances where I’ve shown my over-excitement when talking about my childhood. 

The dilemma

While everything seems to be going so well in the present, there are days when I feel out of place, especially when I have a conversation with teenagers of today. Till a few days back, I used to think that I know all the new slang and cool terms used by today’s younger generation, but I was wrong. The new generation of kids have so complex terminology that it is really difficult to keep up.

Why am I talking about teenagers? 

I’m talking about teenagers because I have a bunch of teenagers in my colony who constantly stay in my sight. I’m a freelancer and I spent most of my day working in my apartment alone. But, when I get bored, I do get out and play cricket with these teenage guys. That is when I get into a dilemma. I wonder if my generation is the perfect or is it just my misconception I have.


I’ve no answers yet. But, I can tell you that playing with those teenagers is a good feeling. I sometimes realize that the feeling is not different from the time when I was a kid and played cricket with my friends. This makes me wonder how I, as a kid from the 90s, am different from these kids.

Social media

Social media makes me feel a little updated with the modern world. However, I do sometimes observer that teenagers today are taking over the internet and making us feel puny. That is when I find myself questioning – how do I stay updated constantly? What do I do to become cool like the kids of today? Well, I have no answers.


Sometimes, I just give up thinking all these and start playing with my gaming consoles from the 90s. Yes, I still have them with me. Sometimes, I play mobile games too. I recently got to know about this website called gamesnowifi.com. This has been a great resource for finding the games from my childhood. I’m not good at the online games of today and these are great for me. But, of course, I want to play the games of today. I wish it could be easy as the games of the 90s.


That was my take on life as a 90s kid. I hope you found this post useful and informative. In case you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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4 Ways to Look Your Best on Facebook

If you are on Facebook already then give yourself a huge pat on the back. You have already taken an important step towards building your internet business. If you are not on Facebook, what are you waiting for?

More and more people who have never been online or done any social networking are actually signing up with Facebook. A few want to connect with their past and others are trying to connect with their future. But whether you are using Facebook for building a company or you need to stay in touch with people from your past, you will need to put your best “face” forward for the online world to see.


If you have joined Facebook and also have no clue what to do next, check out the 8 tips below. These are a great place to start.

Tip #1: Use a good, accurate picture

Facebook will allow you to upload as many pictures as you like, but you are only allowed one profile photo so be sure to make it a current image of yourself! You might very well have some potential followers. So, select a photo that you are comfortable with everyone seeing and that will help you put your best face forward. Almost as you would like to, refrain from making use of a picture at that party you just attended that got a bit out of control because although the privacy settings of yours could be engaged, no matter what, everyone sees your profile photo.

Tip #2: Share and Share alike

While filling out your profile, be sure to fill in things like your “Favorite Music”. The musical taste of yours says a great deal about who you’re, and so list your favorite bands in your profile’s “Favorite Music” section. Do not be one of those individuals that says, “I like pretty much everything.” BORING!

You are on Facebook to show people who you are. So, be specific and give artist names and possibly album titles. One popular tactic is to sort your iTunes based on the “Play Count” or “Last Played” tabs, and then copy down what you find. These tips also apply to your Favorite Movies and Books sections.

Tip #3: The more the merrier

For all those of us that grew up in the pre-Facebook era, I know it could be embarrassing to meet old friends and say “will you be my friend?”

Well, get over it because the social networking can only start when you belong to a good sized community who know and like you! After you have joined a community you are able to start making new friends and contacts. You will also be more likely to hear from a random person that you knew back in grade school who is looking for just the product or service you have to offer.

Tip #4: Join a Network

What is a network and why should you care? A network could be a group of people from places as far-flung as your school, city, company, or hobby you love. Networks may be nearly anything. As for me, I’ve joined a Facebook network where we talk about movies and stuff. It is through this Facebook group that I have learned and a lot about movies. It has inspired me to create a website about movies. www.moviesnosignup.com is a website where you can find movie streaming sites with no sign up.  Creating this website has been possible because of the ideas I got from this Facebook group.

Including a network also provide you with the freedom to you manage your privacy settings on the website. By choosing the networks of yours you will then have the ability to set your profile’s visibility within different networks. For instance, you are able to let folks in your city see the contact info of yours, while you are able to provide full access to every person from the business of yours.…

India In Details

There are a lot of things that I could tell you about India. It is one of the best countries in the world for a reason. Not just one reason. There are actually a lot of things that make this country one of the best in the world. When it comes to being tolerant, India is an example to the world. For centuries, this country has been conquered and ruled by people from other parts of the world. It has been tolerant towards this conquests and has never tried conquering another nation for as far as history goes. While India’s tolerant attitude is certainly a praiseworthy aspect of the nation, there are a lot of things that you need to know about India which will blow your mind and make you wonder at the greatness of this nation.


  1. One billion and a quarter pure hearts

There is so much love in India that it is ranked as one of the most peaceful nations in the world. There are certainly incidents of violence from time to time, but there has hardly been a situation where the peacefulness of the nation was disturbed. This is possible because of the goodness in Indian people. They are one of the most good to heart people on the entire planet.

  1. Bollywood in the air

There is so much craze for Bollywood in India that you will find every family having at least one member who wants to become a Bollywood actor. Considering the amazing films that are made in India, Bollywood has its fan outside India too. From the amazing music tracks to the visuals, there is a lot of interesting elements to savor when watching a mainstream Bollywood movie. This is what makes India amazing.

  1. Cricket mania

There is no family in India where someone or other hasn’t been associated with cricket. Though it is not the national game of India, Cricket receives more love than hockey in India. It is one of the best games for Indians. For a glimpse of the craziness of Indians over cricket, just visit some Indian colony on a weekend. You will find little guys with bat and ball, playing gully cricket.

  1. Respect for women

India has a culture where women are worshipped as goddesses. While there are certain people in the society who still think that Indian society is male dominant, it is not really true. The Indian society respects women. Even the government of India is making efforts to uplift the position of women to where it deserves to be. Schemes like the sukanya samriddhi are examples of how the Indian government is trying to work for the betterment of Indian women. If you are a beneficiary of this scheme, you can try out this sukanya samriddhi yojana calculator to calculate the estimated returns from investment through this scheme. The sukanya samriddhi yojana calculator is free to use and you can use it online anytime.

Now you know why India is the best country in the world. If you haven’t already visited this magnificent country, you should definitely make plans to go see India.…

Photography – What To Make Of It

Are you are a photography enthusiast wondering how to make a career out of it. There are a lot of career options for photographers. Some of these career opportunities are such that you have to think if you can do it or not. The career directions that you will find in photography can be confusing at times. However, there are a few options that you can go for without second thoughts. Some of these career options have been there for a long time. Let’s see what these career options are:

1. Photo studio owner

One of the most classic career options to choose from the lot is the option of becoming a photo studio owner. There are a lot of benefits of this business. A photo studio owner can make as low as 15000$ a year in profit. This is quite some money for doing something that you love doing. You can use websites like pixelsperinchcalc.com to learn about pixel density and stuff like that. This can help you in your career and business.

2. Portfolio maker

This is again one of the best career options for people who love photography. If you are interested in taking pictures of people, this career option is the best for you. You can take pictures of people all day long and get paid for it. When done professionally, this career can become a resource of good revenue for you and open new opportunities for career growth. You can even turn it into a full-fledged business if you want.

3. Nature photographer

This is one of the most interesting careers for people who love nature as much as they love photography. So, if you too are one of those people, this is the right career p[ath for you. This is one hell of a career that will pay you well and make you live life in the best way you can. You can be with nature and feel it closer than ever. You can capture that beauty of the flora and fauna of any place you visit and have them with you forever. This is one of the best feelings you can have as a nature lover.

4. Wedding photographer

If you want to make a huge profit out of your photography skill, being a wedding photographer is one great option for you. Although this job will be quite tiresome, the pay you will have is quite good. You can even start a business around it if you want. This is one of the best ways to make money from photography.

5. Travel photographer

If you have the craze for traveling and you can’t wait to go out and explore the world, this is the right profession for you. You get to see new places and get everything you come across captured in your camera. This is actually a job that you will love to do every single day.

I really hope you found this post useful and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I will try and answer all your questions and take your feedback into consideration. 

India  – A Country With A Billion Dreams

If you are from earth, chances are that you have heard about this incredible country called ‘India’. Yes, it is the same country which has stood firmly against the tides of time and shown its glory to the rest of the world. There were times when this country was suppressed and looted. Many foreign rulers have come and gone yet the people of this country have shown immense courage and survived through thick and thin. The result of this extraordinary courage and the unfaltering hope is the formation of this incredible nation.

When we talk about India, there are not thousands but millions of things to cover. It is such a country which has endless diversity and hues of cultural heritage and ethnicity. There are multiple languages and there are multiple ways of living here. Yet these differences are subtle compared to the sense of unity in the people of India. In this post, I’m going to cover some of the most unique things about India that not many people know about.


Let’s get started.

  1. Oh! I can see that from Space

Did you know that India has a religious festival known as Kumbh Mela? Well, most of you might know about it. But, I bet you didn’t know that the huge gathering that happens here can be observed from space. Yes, that’s right. The human gathering during Kumbh meal is so large that you can get a glimpse of it from space.

  1. Defeat? What’s that?

The Indian Kabbadi team has won consistently in all the World Cup Tournaments held till date. This has been an interesting record for any sports team in the world. Considering the spirit of the players of Indian Kabbadi team, they are going to continue the ritual of winning every World Cup Tournament.

  1. How’s the Josh!

While the spirit of the Indian Kabbadi team is high, the spirit of the Indian Army is no less. The Indian Army is the third-largest standing army in the world. Not just that, it also has a huge hierarchical structure. You can check the hierarchy of the Indian Army by visiting www.indianarmyranks.com.

  1. India… India…

If you are wondering what I mean by the title here, it is the cheer line for the Indian cricket team. If you are still wondering what I mean, just watch a cricket match of the Indian cricket team. You will know what I mean. There is a certain fanaticism for cricket in India. Most people believe that it has been that way for generations. The craze for cricket in Indians is unlike the rest of the world. You can easily get a glimpse of it in cricket stadiums.

  1. Bring the veggies

India is reportedly a vegetarian country as it has the largest number of vegetarians in the world. It was this way for a long time. Though nowadays some people have started trying non-vegetarian food, the number of non-vegetarians is a lot less compared to vegetarians.

Those were some of the most unique things about India and Indians. Hope you found something new from this article. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.