How to choose right insurance company

Health is the only gift that you have and you must take care of it. How..? This is the first question that strikes your mind. By consuming healthy foods and doing regular exercise! Yes, it is true but apart from this, you can secure your health by choosing a good healthcare plan from a good insurance company.

Here we are going to talk about the UAE. Some of the top insurance companies in the UAE are Pacific Prime, Howden Insurance Brokers, American International Group, MetLife Alico Gulf, Emirates Retakaful Limited, Nexus Insurance Brokers and many more. These companies offer you complete insurance benefits.

How can you choose the best insurance company? Here we are going to discuss some of the things through which you can find easy to choose the best insurance company for you.

1. Insurance coverage: when you select a health insurance plan, it is not just picking a random plan. Usually, people make mistakes by choosing a low rate insurance plan, where you get inadequate coverage. In the end, despite having an insurance plan, you have to spend money from your pocket because it doesn’t cover your medical benefit. Insurance companies having high rate insurance plans also cover high rate medical insurance. So you must choose a plan that gives you total health coverage. Also, keep in mind while purchasing a family plan that every individual of your family must fulfil the medical needs.

2. Renewal: while choosing an insurance plan it is necessary to check for how many years the medical plan will cover. Because as you grow older, your body gets weaker and most of the medical benefits are taken at an older age. So, it is important to choose a plan that will give you a lifetime renewal.

3. Health insurance plan: There are various companies which offer different plans. So you have to make a deep survey of different plans, compare online and then select the best suitable plan for you at a reasonable rate and total coverage. In the insurance plan take note of the following coverage like Transportation, Medical visits to a doctor, In-patient treatment, Emergency medical treatment and hospitalization, Diagnostic test, Maternity services, Prescription drug, Physiotherapy, Preventive services like vaccination and immunisation under DHA.

4. Hospital coverage: Another important thing you must keep in mind while choosing an insurance company is that the number of the hospital the company is listed with and the services of the listed hospital. Also, survey whether the hospital possesses cashless treatment at the time of emergency.

5. Settlements: It is the number of claims that a company gets and the number of claims that a company settles. Always choose the company that has a high settlement claim, this will boost you up and have the chance of getting quick medical facilities.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind before buying the health insurance plan. These tips will help you to choose a perfect insurance company, as the investment you will be making in it to secure your life for medical treatment and a huge financial burden. For more information on insurance companies in the UAE, visit…

Marriage is a point of time in your life when you have to be sure whether you can handle the financial and emotional responsibility of one more person apart from your family. People coming from strong financial backgrounds have fewer chances of unfruitful and unhappy life as compared to people who live their life at a low standard. 

Early marriage does not mean that you should get married in your 16’s or 17’s, early marriage is the time when you have gained the status of an adult after 18 years of age and you get married between 18 to 24 years of age. If someone like me has to solve some basic questions like what year was I born if im 17 years old in the year 2019 or in 2018, I have to make some calculations in my mind to figure it out and how I can get married at that point when these simple things aren’t clear in my mind. Well, everything has some upsides and downsides and we are going to discuss both down here.


Some Upsides Of Marrying Early

Cool Parents

If couples get married early, they are expected to be parents to their kids in the 30s. They will always be strong and willing to be the responsible parents of their kids. What is more, parents who are youthful are often regarded as cooler parents. 

Nothing Needs To Be Perfect

Although a wedding is a huge decision, it really doesn’t take the perfect moment. It can actually occur anytime, therefore, it is really a clueless choice. Couples need to get into the bond of life the moment they know they’re able to do so. However, if you’re waiting for a marriage, it could cost you the right partner. 

Can Spend More Time Together

As partners are younger than intended, there’s no need to hurry anything. They could spend their time with each other without having to concentrate much on having a kid. Once they do, it would be the ending of their happier times of not having to think about whose turn it is to keep control of the child, particularly mostly during nights.

Some Downsides Of Marrying Early

Communication Gap Between Partners

If you want to get married early, you will come up with a lot of problems in terms of communication for both of you. The level of communication can only be established if both of you are intelligent enough to accept each other and your own culture or environment. 

Compatibility Issues  Among Partners

It is not surprising to realize that compatibility can have a major effect on marital relationships. In comparison, people who marry at a later age have little knowledge about the interests of their mates. As a result, you will be forced to live under one roof, which will reduce your mental flexibility. As a consequence, you’re expected to ultimately wreck your future. 

Not Financially Stable In Life

Many of the people who marry at a very early age are still not fully established in life. They should also need a good amount of money to sort out the family’s duties. Similarly, there would be problems that can occur in respect to monetary stability if they lack information or qualifications, or if possibilities are small.

The decision to get married early is solely an individual’s choice but the most crucial thing, nevertheless, is to get engaged whenever there is the stability of feelings and economic freedom.

Are Schipperkes A Good Family Dog Breed

Some dogs really don’t know how large they are. Great Dane is just like that, totally huge, yet they believe they’re poodles, and they’re almost as eager to cover behind you before danger hits whenever they’re facing it. 

Schipperkes would be on the other side of the curve. These dogs are small, but they are completely assured and they’re the most terrifying species on earth. They’re not going to come back from something which is a quality that’s impressive but also gets them through danger. 

The species is not so well established, but they will make great buddies. For most of the time, you could only see a black coat on this breed, but because of certain variations, you will also see a tan, white and blue schipperke.

Would it be right for a household? 

Schipperkes are yet another compact Belgian dog species, no more than 13 inches tall and carrying up to 16 pounds. The males are typically heavier than the females. 

The whole species is happy to be living in a small house. But by walking and playing, require a lot of workouts. The dog is going to enjoy agility sports and domestic activities.   

Schipperkes are smart, although they can be self-sufficient, and training requires dedication and compassion. Discipline teaching and socialization from a young age are necessary to suppress Schipp’s independent spirit. 

Kudos to their watchdog nature, such breeds will turn into guard dogs, which might be important to mention if you live in apartments or in near proximity to your neighbors. 

You’ll need to groom your Schipperke once every week. Regular grooming could be needed throughout their two-year shedding cycles.

Does Schipperkes do well with kids and other animals? 

As several smaller breeds, Schips appear to be temperamental and responsive when forced. They are less accepting of discomfort and of conditions that they deem offensive than most species. For this cause, this is not the right breed option for small kids’ and teenagers’ households. 

It is possible to socially interact with a Schip baby quite enough to accept people, but the unpredictable nature of kids and animals is not something you’d encourage, particularly for a species recognized for its spit-fire temperament. 

Older kids, from the other side, will make awesome buddies for Schips, provided they are polite and know how to manage a pet with care. Schips are born lunatics, and they love jumping and racing across the lawn. For this cause, an enthusiastic elderly person is a perfect companion.

The same bitchy personality which places Schips in conflict with children can even cause unpleasant interactions with many other creatures. They tend to be more violent and protective with animals that they don’t identify with, especially larger species. While it is conceivable to get a multi-dog home with a Schip, it would focus largely on the temperament of the canine, how well they were conditioned as a child and the temperament of all the other pets. 

When thinking of taking Schip to a household with other household animals including cats as well as hamsters, it’s significant to mention that such a dog was raised to hunt down and kill rodents on ships and in stores. They have a strong hunting instinct because of their height, and they should be trusted if smaller animals or birds are nearby. Schips can get along very well with cats, particularly those who are around their size and shape, particularly if they are bred together.

Planning To Buy An Easy Sketch Pro Subscription?

Easy Sketch Pro is an easy-to-utilize video editing and presentation software that equips its clients with solid instruments for creating draws, sketch videos, doodles, and presentations. It’s an ideal device for advertisers, graphic artists, creatives, content makers, influencers, new companies, and businesses that need to help their deals via improved client commitment. It’s the sound alternative to complicated video editing stages that require progressed technical information. 

It has a simplified interface, allowing you to make engaging videos in only a couple of clicks. Easy Sketch Pro has devices that can easily incorporate content, video, music, and background images. It accompanies an uncomplicated voice include that permits its clients to easily make videos with voice overs. All Easy Sketch Pro content can directly be published to multiple stages like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. A single license purchase can be utilized on an unlimited number of PCs. This Easy Sketch Pro Review has secured all the significant details about the best and ESP 3.0 software. 

So for businesses and individuals that have been looking for an approach to make impactful videos for marketing, training, and presentations without the utilization of an expensive creative group, EasySketch Pro 3.0 (ESP) provides a powerful arrangement of instruments that are to some degree unique versus its competitors at an incredibly attractive pricing structure. 

Pricing Of This Software 

ESP has three plans that you can purchase, each with better features. Once purchased, the software should be downloaded and is all yours: 

  • Starter – $37 

This option gives you admittance to the full software, yet any videos you produce will have the phrase “Made by Easy Sketch Pro” in the base right corner. 

  • Business – $67 

This option provides admittance to the full software, without any ESP watermarks or branding. 

  • Business Pro – $97 

This option provides admittance to the full software, without any ESP watermarks or branding, in addition to the option to add your own logo and admittance to an additional library with more than 12,000 premium sounds and images in it. 

Significant Benefits 

The main benefits of Easy Sketch Pro are speed, ease of utilization, integrations, esteem for cash, and improved commitment. 


Easy Sketch Pro is the answer for non-technical clients that need to offer engaging video content. It can be utilized by beginners with no technical experience in video editing. As it has an intuitive interface, everything clients can edit and make videos in an instant. 

Ease of Use 

Easy Sketch Pro was made with non-technical clients in mind. All instruments and features are friendly for beginners. It utilized an intuitive interface that effectively taken out all the confusing and complex parts in video editing. Voiceovers should be possible by a simple click of a catch. 


Easy Sketch Pro integrates with various third-party applications as well as the best content administration framework solutions that empower instant import and export of content. It can directly publish videos on multiple stages including YouTube and Vimeo. 

Incentive for Money 

Easy Sketch Pro is adequately priced. One license purchase can be utilized in unlimited quantities of PCs with no month to month expenses. A hassle-free discount policy for unsatisfied clients is additionally available. 

Improved Engagement 

Easy Sketch Pro can help deals by providing video content that can be delivered in an instant to take into account trending requirements, concerns, and needs of the market

Apache Tears : All Things You Need To Know

The Apache Tears obsidian stones are, definitely, one of the gentlest defensives and grounding stones known to man. If you work in a fast-paced and profoundly serious climate, carrying a bit of Apache Tears near your root chakra can be a basic and viable approach to ensure your vibrations and redirect sick intentions. 

This beautiful stone can fill in as a reminder to the individuals who just wish to see things in a positive manner while totally detaching themselves from the pain that it’s difficult to have light without darkness. Apache Tears are a type of obsidian that oozes a lot gentler and more nourishing energy than different assortments, for example, snowflake obsidian or black obsidian. These dim brownish-black minerals are referred to among crystal specialists as the best healing crystal in the midst of an enthusiastic emergency and profound pain. 

They’re ideal for the individuals who are in profound need of grounding and association with both their physical body and mother Earth. Despite the fact that they are not customary zodiac stones, energy healers who accept those conceived in November have an uncommon affinity to these tranquil and calming diamonds. 

Wellsprings Of Apache Tears 

These warm and soothing stones are frequently found in a grayish volcanic material called perlite, a more permeable and lightweight type of obsidian. The most significant extraction destinations of Apache Tears are situated in the United States, the most well known being Superior, Arizona, where the Apache heroes lost their lives. Examples have additionally been found in the province of Nevada, different areas in the southwestern aspect of the U.S., and parts of Mexico. 

Healing Properties of Apache Tears 

Physical Benefits 

Other than serving as insurance stones that unmistakably affect your auric field, Apache Tears are additionally hailed for being natural apparatuses to free your physical body from toxins and equalize the enthusiastic framework. Alongside citrine, comprehensive advisors prescribe the utilization of Apache Tears to give some alleviation to issues that may influence the kidneys, the stomach, and the adrenal organs. 

As they’re a result of the earth and fire energies, many accept that carrying these stones can furnish them with food and animate essentialness and quality — particularly when combined with amethyst. This is particularly valid for the individuals who saw their wellbeing take a jump after a shocking or horrible experience or after the departure of a friend or family member. 

Emotional Healing 

Their energy serves to delicately move profound established harmful feelings brought about by injury and to eliminate blockages that prevent you from moving forward and healing. Exploration has discovered that a postponed reaction to horrible accidents can cause results that include rest problems, bad dreams, persevering weariness, the dread of repeat, and extreme uneasiness. It might likewise prompt the evasion of feelings, sensations, and exercises associated with the event. 

That might be the reason Apache Tears are known as crystals of solidarity, opportunity, and healing, as their calm yet courageous nature goes about as a guiding light for those going through dull occasions. 

They help to clear the heart from dread, stresses, and old disappointments and feelings of disdain, helping you to pardon without sharpness the individuals who have treated you terribly. These insightful gemstones assist you with the understanding that by forgiving, you don’t show weakness.

Profound Growth And Metaphysical Properties 

Apache Tears can instruct you that melancholy can be a gigantic otherworldly learning apparatus that supports mindfulness, self-acknowledgment, and sympathy towards the individuals who feel overpowered by anguish and distress.

Barney was undeniably a kind man. He was generous , loving and sweet, but, he did not have much resources. He had a meager income and lived alone in Manhattan. Despite having limited means of living, he helped people as much as he could. Before he left for work, he always used to cook an extra meal for a homeless man living right outside his house.  He used to lend money to the poor family living nearby because the father could not afford his child’s education and despite having limited means himself, he felt wholesome and utterly happy because he was trying to make a difference , one person at a time.


One day, while on his way to work he heard some strange noises coming from a home, of people fighting , he peeped through the gate of that house, he saw a dog, an american staghound, sitting there in a corner, chained and bleeding. He was sad and melancholy, he seemed to be malnourished, unkempt and neglected for years. Barney felt bad for the dog , so he threw the food he had in his hand for himself to the dog. The dog  jumped and ate the food as he was hungry and needed care, the dog smiled back at Barney , and then he left for work. Barney started feeding the dog everyday while on his way to work and the dog started to wag his tail whenever he saw Barney , the dog felt Barney’s kindness and love through his gestures. The couple who owned the dog were negligent and cruel, sometimes they used to hit him out of anger and frustration. The poor dog was bruised all over but still, he waited for Barney as he was the only one who loved the dog and was kind towards him. When Barney saw that the dog was bruised, he gave the dog first aid and tended to him with love and care. Barney was a little hesitant to adopt the dog because he knew that the dog belonged to someone else, so he kept feeding him and caring for him, but he did not take the dog to his home.


Just when Barney was starting to loose hope about the dog, that he might not survive with these cruel people, the couple disowned the dog because the dog bit one of the owner. That day when Barney came to feed the dog, he saw the dog outside the house , he became ecstatic!  Barney took no time in taking the dog to his home and prepared a wholesome meal. Barney tended to the dog ,gave him first aid and hugged the dog to sleep.

Barney named the dog Oswald and boy he was a ball of enthusiasm! Oswald was so protective of Barney, he used to drop Barney to his work daily  and wait for him to come back. Oswald once was heading back home, he saw a man kidnapping the little girl next door , he instantly attacked the man and freed the little girl. He took the girl back home and became friends with the whole neighborhood. Barney was ecstatic to have american staghound in his life and he thanked god for the same. A dog was surely a blessing in Barney’s life, search for more information on National geographic for different breeds of dogs.


The Future of Global Warming

Everybody talks about the harmful effects of global warming and how humans are going to face the consequences of this phenomenon soon. While this may seem contradictory, global warming is actually being dealt with in the right manner. Humans have understood that there is no way to get rid of this problem unless they mend their ways. 

It is true that a major proportion of people don’t know or care for global warming, but those who do, have made it their purpose of life to reduce the global warming effect and make the world suitable for living for the future generation. 

Among the many thoughtful actions taken by environmentalists, one that is really credible is the one where humans have given up the use of luxury goods such as refrigerators and air conditioners. We all know the ill effects of using these appliances. Some people have made it a point to totally stop using these. While these may not seem to have an immediate effect on the overall problem, it certainly works in raising more awareness on global warming. This leads to more people joining the cause and figuring out new ways to stop global warming.


There are also certain people who are looking for alternate ways to replace products or appliances which are threatful to the environment. The intention of eco-friendly deodorants and perfumes is one such initiative that needs to get attention. Patented by MIT, these eco-friendly perfumes cause zero harm to the environment on their use. 

Another interesting thing that I have learnt is that there are heaters that are designed to reduce the harmful effects of radiation while warming up the place. There are many more inventions like these that deserve to be noticed. While doing my research, I came across different types of heaters. You can click here to learn more about them. The interesting thing to note here is that some of these heaters claim to be harmless to the environment. But, I doubt that. However, I do believe that there are researchers who are constantly looking for methods to create such appliances which can be useful for humans and harmless to nature.

Global warming is always going to remain a hot topic for debate. There is nothing wrong with that. But, the differences are created by people like you and me. The actual solution to this issue lies in human behaviour. A lot of us know that global warming is really catastrophic for the earth. Yet, we buy things that add up to the effect. The day we stop doing that will be the day we will move towards building a bright future for the next generation.

I hope you found this piece of information useful. If you did, please let me know. Also, let me know your thoughts on this topic. I would love to interact with you and get to know your points on this topic. Ask questions if you have any and I will answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for reading so far and have a great day!

Know How To Play The Pool Game On Your PC

8 Ball Pool is a new biggest and interesting pool game with multiplayer, which was reported as the best-download Pool game on Google Play. Players could play this one-on-one matching game for free, entering competitions, winning the final winner. Additionally, Players in the game could choose their garments and different items based on their own interests. 

About The Game 

Playing an 8-ball pool online is perhaps the most ideal approach to invest your free energy. The game inspires your competitive spirit and provokes you to refine your abilities. Before starting your pool game, you have the option to pick easy, medium, and hard. The harder it is the more exact the rival’s moves will be. Here are a few highlights of this game: 


Refine your skills in the practice field, simply take on the world in 1-versus 1 matches, or enter competitions to win trophies and exclusive cues! 


Personalize your cue and dining table, In each competitive 1-versus 1 match you play, there’ll be Pool Coins in question – win the match and the Coins are yours. You can utilize these to enter higher-appraised matches with bigger stakes or to purchase fresh new items in the Pool Shop. You can even utilize some online generators here to gain more coins without waiting for the game to provide you free spins and coins. It is easier and you are never out of coins for any competitions and games. You can attempt and produce coins here by following some easy advances. 


Playing friends is easy: sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook record and you’ll have the option to challenge your buddies straight from the game. Challenge buddies anytime, anyplace, and display your skills. 


8 Ball Pool’s level framework implies you’re continually dealing with a test. Play matches to increase your ranking and acquire admittance to more exclusive match locations, where you perform against simply the best Pool players. 

8 Ball Pool is an android game yet it can be played on a (pc) or on a windows tablet. There can be numerous emulators for playing the game on your pc or PC however here are using bluestacks to play the game on a PC. Given beneath are the vital strides to play the game easily on your pc. 


BlueStacks is an American mobile organization that creates the BlueStacks App Player and the GamePop micro-reassure. The two items are designed to empower Android applications and Android Games to run on Windows PCs, Macintosh PCs, and televisions. 


We prescribe to utilize BlueStacks android application player for PC and you can get it from the link provided beneath: 

Download Android App Player for PC. 

  • Install the application player. 
  • Run the application player and sign-in your google account (you can make one if you don’t have). 
  • From the application store, search Play 8 Ball Pool and click on the game icon in the item followed by clicking the INSTALL catch to begin the download and install the android game. 
  • After the installation has been finished, you would now be able to run and Play 8 Ball Pool on your (pc) or Windows tablet.
Different Ways To Collect Free Coins In House Of Fun App

On HOF, you can play slot games for free with daily rewards and freebies. There are numerous ethical methods of collecting freebies like coins and spins from the game and separated from that you can attempt, a website for all the freebies from the house of a fun app. 

House of Fun Free Spins and Coins upon Registration 

If you need a lot of freebies, House of Fun slots casino is where you should search for them first. The game is stuffed with advantages, which permit you to get House of Fun free coins, no review, and no additional hassle involved. 

The first reward to play free slot games on HOF is yours when you join the game. This freebie is sufficiently big to make you go for some time — however, you have to realize how to hack House of Fun for free coins and claim all the free stuff available on signup. 

We should assume you already have the House of Fun app installed on your telephone — if you don’t, this is the right time to get it. Dispatch the game unexpectedly to play and you are welcomed by the beautiful woman who gives both of you options: 

  • 1000 House of Fun free coins, or 
  • 100 free spins 

Daily Free Spins and Hourly Bonuses on House of Fun 

Your inbox gets overwhelmed with presents from House of Fun slots casino as soon as you register, and kid does they have some great ones. We should begin with free spins, of which you get a solid 100. However, it’s spread out through the span of five days. Basically, what you have to do is: 

  • Find your free spins gift in your inbox and claim it. 
  • Sign in to your HOF to represent five consecutive days. 
  • Find 20 free spins in your inbox without fail. 

You likewise have a reward of 225 coins waiting for you like clockwork at the lower part of your screen and you have to do precisely nothing to get it. 

House of Fun Free Coins on Facebook 

The Facebook hack isn’t the best way to gain free House of Fun coins in 2020. The best page to follow for remaining exceptional on all the most recent free credits promotions to play slots on House of Fun is the game’s official Facebook page. 

With more than 4,000,000 likes, this is one of the most well known social gaming pages on Facebook. There are a lot more advantages to HOF Facebook as well. They appear as a House of Fun free coins link infrequent Facebook posts and offer one-time help. Look out for those and you’ll never be lacking in House of Fun free spins and coins 

House of Fun Free Coins on Instagram 

Facebook isn’t the main social media stage around. With more and more clients turning to Instagram for more than simply pretty pictures, we decided to examine the HOF free coins and free spins market there. 

The game’s official record is @HouseofFunsters and checks ‘just’ 21k followers. The tagline promises “free coins each day” via the link in the bio. If you use Instagram, you better follow the record and respond quickly every time another reward update comes around.

Major Benefits Of Feeding Cabbage To Your Bearded Dragon

As the foods you offer your bearded dragon have a major impact on their general wellbeing and well-being, it’s critical to comprehend what nutritional advantage every food offers your dragon so you can choose if it’s a decent decision to add to the serving of mixed greens bowl or not. Individuals befuddled about feeding greens to their bearded dragons regularly ask can I feed my bearded dragon, cabbage? The answer is yes you can take care of them cabbage, indeed, there are some additional focal points of feeding cabbage to your bearded dragons which are recorded beneath. 

Solid Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio 

Much the same as calcium assumes a significant part in the strength of your beardie, so does the parity of calcium to phosphorus in their diet as well. 

An excessive amount of phosphorus in a bearded dragon’s diet can bring about the calcium they burn-through not being consumed and thus being delivered futilely. 

Useful calcium to phosphorus in your dragon’s diet is around the 1:1 or 2:1 imprint for calcium. 

Offering the odd food every once in a while that is high in phosphorus won’t have a lot of effects however if you offer foods that are low in calcium and high in phosphorus reliably then this could be an issue. 

Fortunately, most cabbages have great calcium to phosphorus proportion and can be added to your beardies diet without stress. 

The main assortment we have concentrated on in this post that offers a helpless equalization is ‘savoy’ cabbage which gives 35mg of calcium and 42mg of phosphorus per 100g, which isn’t in the ideal proportion that is suggested. 

Offering savoy cabbage sometimes is fine but since of this unevenness, you would prefer not to make this a staple aspect of your dragon’s diet. 

Low In Fat 

Cabbage is ordinarily low in fat regardless of which assortment you offer your bearded dragon. 

Beardies like most creatures do require a certain degree of fat, however, they get the greater part of the fat they need through top-notch insects. 

Offering a diet that is excessively high in fat can cause some medical problems and cabbage certainly won’t add to that at all like it for the most part just contains around 0.01g of fat per 100g. 

Genuinely Low In Sugar 

The degrees of sugar in cabbage will differ somewhat depending on which assortment you offer your dragon, however, all assortments are day by day low in sugar and contain moderate measures of sugar and no more. 

Out of the assortments, we have considered, red cabbage contains the most sugar at almost 4g per 100 however even this is a day by day low. 

It’s imperative to offer your dragon a low sugar diet as it can cause some medical issues in the draw out, for example, stoutness, looseness of the bowels, and tooth rot. 

Moderate Amounts Of Fiber 

Cabbage, all in all, doesn’t offer gigantic measures of fiber yet it gives your bearded dragon satisfactory levels that will add to and help their assimilation

It’s really amusing that savoy cabbage, which is the one that we suggest offering your bearded dragon the least out of the ones we have concentrated on in this post really gives the most fiber. 

Respectable degrees of fiber is significant as it controls bowel developments and increases the size and weight of stools as well as assists with maintaining sound bowels in general