How to write content that gets shared

If you are a content writer and find that people do not share your content, this article could be really helpful. In this article, I’m going to talk about the various techniques that generate tons of social shares for your content.

To start with, let me tell you that writing content isn’t a problem. Yes, your content does affect your social shares, but that actual reason for fewer shares is something else. If you are getting less traffic on social media sites that means people aren’t even reading your content.


Now, I’m gonna share with you how to write content that generates more social shares. Based on all to tests I have done I can tell you, it’s not really about the content, it’s actually about the headline. I’ve learned that seven out of ten people read your headline, but only three out of ten people will read the rest of your content. But if you want to generate more shares for your content it’s all about the headline. And here are some ways you can write amazing headlines. 

Make sure a headline is neither too short nor too long; it should be around five to seven words. When your headlines are too long, for some reason, it’s just overwhelming and people don’t wanna share. When it’s too short people don’t really get what your contents are about and they’re not really going to share it. 

The next thing you can do is use adjectives while writing your headline. When you use words like effortlessly, people will be more eager to know about the content. For example, “five ways to effortlessly lose weight” that’s way better than “five ways to lose weight”. Everybody wants to know about the easy route.

The third tip when you’re writing headlines is, create some mystery. For example, the ten benefits of lime honey juice, number six will shock you. Now people will be keen to know, what’s number six? People are much more likely to share your content. Now if your number seven is a plain point, people are gonna be like oh I don’t trust this guy anymore. I’m not gonna share his content. So don’t trick people, give them really amazing content.

The next thing is you can make your Headline more unique by giving it a stunning look. For this, you can use some online tools like Bold Text Generator. Bold Text Generator is a tool that can convert your normal fonts into bold fonts. You can use this tool to create bold and fancy texts and add extra charm to your headline. 

Make sure when you are using these tactics you have amazing tips and techniques. It’s really that simple. If you do that with your headlines, you are going to generate way more social shares. Generating social traffic isn’t just about your content.

It’s more about your headline. Hope these tips will help you to increase the views and shares of your content in social sites.

How I am travelling the world on a budget

Travelling is one of the best things that a human being can do in today’s age. It is known as a stressbuster and for a good reason. There was a time when I was stressed with all that was happening in my life. I was worried about keeping my job and providing for my family. But, things have turned around when I started travelling

You might be wondering how I manage to do my regular 9 top 5 job and travel at the same time. Well, as a matter of fact, I no longer do a regular day job. I work part-time and I do other odd jobs online whenever I find the time. The best thing about this job is that it gives me the liberty to work from anywhere and not worry about paying my bills. 


While I manage to earn enough to fund my travel, I also make sure to not blow up my budget. I strictly follow some rules which help me travel within budget. These rules work very well for me. I hope it does the same for you. Go through this list and find some interesting tips that can help your travel the world on a budget:

  1. Create a budget

One of the initial things that I do every time I go on a trip is set a travel budget. I make a spreadsheet and list all the things which need to be accounted for. From the tiniest expense details like buying snacks to higher expenses like flight tickets and hotel bookings, I plan and record all my expenses and make sure to never go overboard on my daily budget.

  1. Travel via local transport

Once I land in a new country, the first thing I do is figure out the best way to find local transports for travelling. There is a lot of information online on this topic but I choose to do my research on the spot and find the means of local transport right after I reach the country. The reason I prefer travelling in local transport (mostly buses) is because it is comparatively cheaper than other means of transportation. This is a strategy that has worked for me every time.

  1. Look for cheap accommodation

Plan your accommodation well in advance. There are some online portals where you can find cheap hostels. These are places where you can connect with other travellers from different places all over the world. There are websites where you can arrange your stay with the local people of the place. One such website is The best part of this strategy is that I can save enough money to afford going to the best places for partying at night. Last year, on my visit to Rome, I visited some of the best places for nightlife entertainment. Here is a website which has all you need to know about nightlife in cities from different parts of the world. I find the information here very useful during my journey. Make sure to check it out.

These are some basic things that I follow during my travel to ensure that I can travel more and spend less

Modded Controllers Are The Best

The expression “Modded Controller” showed up about 10 years back, when only a couple of organizations available were making first endeavors to change Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepads. The primary objective at that point was to offer players something they needed, something that would improve their interactivity results and upgrade their gaming experience by and large. 

The first and essential change, presented for the past age supports several years prior to COD Black Ops turned out, stimulating the modded controller fever, was the Rapid Fire mod. The mod was answerable for the shooting activity of the gaming character and was squeezing and discharging the fire catch of the gamepad for the client’s benefit. The component promptly got a positive reaction from gamers and made an enormous interest in alleged Rapid Fire controllers. The usefulness of the element hasn’t changed, and the primary concern to comprehend here is that this alteration has nothing to do with the game code hacking. It won’t permit going over the speed top pre-set by game designers for all weapons and, along these lines, it is difficult to change the discharge rate for completely programmed weapons utilizing the Rapid Fire perk. It is profoundly compelling for self-loader and single-shot weapons, in any case, and accompanies various pre-customized speeds and a capacity to set up custom shots every second if necessary. 


Seeing the developing interest for the gaming experience-upgrading advantages, modding organizations put every one of their endeavors into discovering approaches to convey and began growing more mods. Today there are up to 15 ongoing interaction updates that are notable and offered by the respectable sites available (don’t purchase appealing headings shouting about more than 50 or 100 mods accessible, as it’s only an advertising stunt to stand out enough to be noticed, and such number of mods just doesn’t exist). 

Every single current change can be isolated into 2 primary gatherings – shooting and non-shooting highlights. The shooting bunch incorporates capacities intended to modify and improve the terminating experience of your character. The other gathering offers highlights planned for giving your officer some additional abilities helpful in battle. 

  • Akimbo that gives you a chance to fire both double used handguns all the while with a press of one catch, 
  • Dropshot enabling your character to drop and take shots simultaneously,
  • Fast Reload that diminishes the ammunition reload time,
  • Quick Scope to improve killing experience and that’s just the beginning.

If you have one of the modded controllers with your and you are competing online with your friends, there are less chances that you are going to lose the game as you have the modified version of the controller but your friends may be using a very basic controller against you, that gives you an advantage over them every time you play a game against anyone. 
Mostly players of Xboxes use these kind of controllers but it is compatible with PlayStations, computers and even with your mobile phones. So, if you have a Modded Xbox 360 Controller, it means you can use it anywhere with any compatible device.

Education system of India

Education is a process of giving or receiving a systematic set of instructions to acquire any skill, knowledge, values, thoughts, and habits. It can be through teaching, story-telling, and discussion. Now, let’s talk about the education system in India. In ancient times, the Gurukul System of education was followed. In this, students who want to seek education go to Guru’s place or Gurukul to attain education. This system of education was not only confined to science and mathematics but covered all aspects of life including values and beliefs. The good thing about this education system was the strong bond between students and teachers. The system went on for many years until the education system has changed to Modern Education System. 


The Modern System of education came in 1830 under British Raj. This system was brought to India by famous British historian Thomas Babington Macaulay. Unlike the Gurukul system, this system of education was confined to science and mathematics, focused on classroom teaching, and the relationship between students and teachers was not as strong as in the Gurukul system. Not all were benefited from this system, and the reason was the lack of schools, teachers, and knowledge. 

By the time India got independence, the education system in India was not up to the mark, and many political leaders had realized the importance of education. The reason behind that was the poor literacy rate of rural and urban India. To tackle this problem the Union Government of India established several Education Commissions from 1948 till 1966. Finally, to make education better an education policy was adopted by the Parliament in 1968. This made education compulsory for all children up to the age of 14. A lot of other key steps were taken in this policy and it also assured better training and qualification of teachers. This policy increased the literacy rate of India and also increased the reach of education.

In the current education system of India, vast improvements have been done due to the availability of high tech devices, mobile phones, and laptops. Today’s education system enables the reach of education and lessens the dependency on teachers. It also provides more educational Institutions and the growth of opportunities. In the current education system in India, students are more focused on theoretical knowledge. Students concentrate more on acquiring a good percentage and grades rather than values and practical knowledge. From one point of view, it seems quite right because a high CGPA is essential for admission to a good institution and to find a better career option. Since I have mentioned the term CGPA, I will explain a bit about it. CGPA is the short term used for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is simply an average of grade points used in schools and colleges to measure the overall academic performance of the students. Few of the Indian Institutions use CGPA whereas in general most of the Indian educational institutions use percentage for grading students. However, students can convert percentage to CGPA by using some tools. Many websites are available on the internet that can be used to convert percentage to CGPA. 

Tired Of Losing 8 Ball Pool Games? Read What To Do!!

Playing a game becomes frustrating once you start losing all your games and this is even more frustrating when you are at a point of winning a game online but suddenly at the end, you are screwed up by the other player. This thing has happened with all the players and gamers who are really into gaming and they love spending their time on games rather than anything else.

8 Ball Pool is loved widely by everyone around the globe but once you start losing it you lose your confidence as well in pocketing the balls. What can be done here then? The answer is very simple and very common, you need to find an 8 ball pool hack to speed up your game and to break that losing streak of yours. 

Hacks are easily available online on many websites and you can run those hacks easily without any issues, if you are unable to run that hack, you can try downloading a modified APk of this game which is completely free on google and you even are safe from facing any kind of ban problems from the game. Hacking into the game is very common and that’s what most of the players in this game do.


If you want some source to view some hack tricks for your PC or for your smartphone you can easily get working tips from this website –, the tricks are very helpful here and most importantly they all are working. There are many websites on the internet providing these online hack tips and modified APK’s but most of them are not working and the mentioned tricks are completely useless so them. You can expect something good from this mentioned website. 

You can enjoy your pool game on this website also and after doing the tricks you can also check here on this website by logging in to your game through Facebook or your Miniclip ID. This website has an embedded game on their homepage for everyone to try the hack and check them by logging into your profile.  

What else do you need, you have got everything on the same platform to try and watch if your hack is working in your game or not. By using the mentioned hack on this website you will be able to earn unlimited coins, unlimited money and everything like your legendary cues and tables which were not unlocked before will be unlocked after installing the hacked APK or by following the mentioned steps to hack in your preferred device. 

In my opinion the hacked APkK is better as you have to install the modified APK and that’s it, you do not have to wait for the steps not be completed but if you are using this game on your PC then you have got no choice but to follow the hack steps and enjoy unlocked version of this game.

Offline War Games

Many people love war games, for them playing war games is the best way to pass the leisure with fun. But their happy mood gets stains when their data’s speed starts to play with them. And that part is the worst about playing war games on slow data.

Thus, we need a few war games which use data only once as to be downloaded. And then let the users enjoy it longer without any data related distraction. 

And those games are said to be offline war games. Here are some of the best offline war games.


Hurdles of playing online

Playing games online is not that simple deal. You have to go through several obstructions to play and have to face few consequences after playing as well; as

  • Yes, data nowadays is very inexpensive (Rs. 359/ unlimited calls + 1.5 GB data per day for 84 days). We are getting it almost free.
  • But cheap is not always best; with fewer charges we are having a poor quality of data in terms of speed and accessibility. 
  • Data flows properly only until a short period of time, after that it starts lacking; Causing sudden interruptions. This irritates players a lot.
  • Also using systems with enabled mobile data or wifi function leads to extra consumption of the battery.
  • Rapid charge and discharge process of battery results in degradation of its fine quality.
  • When few energy processes like charging, using data and playing games are all done together, then even your system may start to perform malfunction.

Hence, the idea to play games online does not sound intelligent!

But, now the questions like “should I stop playing?” or “Is there any alternate way to keep playing?” arises.

I must answer “yes, there is something like an alternate way to keep playing with the exact enthusiasm as with online games”. And that is offline games.

Why offline games?

  • There are no worries about the internet or its speed after installing offline games once.
  • They less affect the battery or system as compared to online games.
  • You can play them at any corner of the World, without begging someone for the data.
  • You can resume your game from the point where you left; this is not possible in online games.

Benefits of offline games

There are many benefits of offline games over online games. Let’s go through them one by one

  • Offline games are beneficial in terms of the system’s life over online games.
  • Offline gaming saves your time.
  • You can never get irritated due to network speed issue.
  • You can resume your game from the point where you left it.
  • You do not need data after installation.( updating is an exception)
  •  Offline games are less addictive than online games; so your playing remains the same and do not over power you.
  • Offline games also do not contain ads (additional graphics displaying for the sake of advertisement of any product).
Here is why you need to visit Qatar

Qatar is a very beautiful place to roam around. It is rich in heritage and monuments. It is a Peninsular Arab Whose Terrain comprises a long Persian Gulf shoreline of beaches and dunes and arid desert. It is known as the futuristic skyscraper. 


It has a wealth of culture and beauty to offer people visiting from different corners of the world. Along with a very smooth past, this country has different places worth visit, from all few are listed below:


  • Katara Mosque


The Katara Mosque is differently built, it is not alike other mosques in Qatar which are typically designed. It is situated in the center of Kantara Cultural Village site. In the middle east of Kantara village, there are some most beautiful architectures waiting to be seen. The mosque is accompanied by 3 sky touching pillars.

  • State Grand Mosque

The beauty of this mosque is really mind blowing; it looks like an impenetrable fortress. The exterior of this mosque is intimidating. And the Interior is awe inspiring. There are very high domed ceiling and stone white pillars all around the mosque. It is built on a large piece of land and is consisting of numerous extra ordinary architectures.


  • The Doha Desert


By most of the visitors, Doha desert remains untouched but you must visit this place. This desert is very quiet and helps us to remind what we are. Its sand is flawless and smooth, dunes are rolling and this becomes a gorgeous desert landscape that can be enjoyed at any safari day.

  • Al Zubarah Fortress

This fortress is found in lonesomeness, which is in the depth of desert so it can be reached only on the back of a camel. Standing beneath to this fortress gives a sense of being connected to an excited and influential history.

  • Al Jassasiya Carvings

They are basically intricate and incomprehensible carvings in the stones which we can say are incredibly rare. Their mystery lies in their Petroglyphs. Their preservation is truly remarkable as it is believed that these carvings are there for hundreds of years. Out of all, some are discovered to represent animals, boats, and daisies. Rests are still not recognizable.

  • Al Wakra museum

This museum is a site that has some of the best architecture in the country. The antiques present in the wakra museum are quite fascinating and feature ancient artifacts and details of the history of Qatar.


  • Barzan Towers


First of all, this is a perfect place for photography, so do not forget to take your camera with you. The beauty of this place is better experienced from its top. Just step up and take a view of the surroundings. The building itself is quite formidable and is beautiful in its own way. These Barzan Towers feature a brilliant architecture.

So, what are you waiting for? Just step forward and take a trip to Qatar. Check the requirements for visa on arrival in Qatar now, and get ready for a wonderful experience. The requirements for visa on arrival are quite simple and you won’t have to worry about it much.

Buying Kobalt Is Worth Or Not?

An Air Compressor is a device with an electric motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine that turns the energy of an air compressor to potential energy. This kinetic energy accumulates into pressure-filled air, i.e. compressed air that is then used to re-pressure the container. The air compressor operates in two stages: the launch procedure and the compression procedure.

A number of unique air compressor ventures have produced Kobalt Air Compressors for Lowes Home Retail Enhancement Stores. Lowes does not own any of the Kobalt Air Compressors enterprises. The Kobalt Air Compressors are powered by electric engines. These air compressors are also available in portable designs, the engines vary between 1,5 Horsepower to 5 Horsepower. These engines are powered by a range of Kobalt. If the tanked 3-gallon models are tiny, motors with a maximum of 1.5 Horsepower are used. The 80-gallon vertically-style static models are operated by 5-Horsepower motors.


If you are going to but a Kobalt Air compressor for your home usage or your commercial usage you should definitely read out some Kobalt Air Compressor Reviews to help you out while selecting the best model that fits your budget and serves you the right purpose. Investing money on the right kind of air compressor is a smart way of buying.

Lowes sold 12 distinct air compressor versions in 2014. 10 of the versions in the 1 1⁄2 Horsepower category are available on tanks of various dimensions. It is possible to classify the Kobalt Air Compressors for a mid-usage. For our house or office, these air compressors can be used. If we believe there is occasional utilization of compressed air, we can acquire a Kobalt air compressor for the workspace. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be the Kobalt Air Compressor if you want a compressor that operates several times per week.

Kobalt Air compressors are not that durable as compared to big brand names like husky, Dewalt and Campbell but if you are looking for a decent air compressor that can work for some small household tasks daily for some time then you can take a look on the Kobalt air compressor otherwise I would really recommend you to go for husky if you need compressor for some more users at a cheaper price.

Kobalt has recently moved up in the quality of their products but still it is not that satisfying that we can say that it can be a good choice if you are reviewing other big brands. For residential purpose and to run a small garage, inflating tires and running some small air tools, Kobalt will fit your needs here and your do not have to spend extra money on buying some heavy air compressor.

If you need a compressor for your workspace, then you do not even have to look for the reviews and rating of the Kobalt products as these devices would not be able to pump the pressure and do all the work for longer time periods and ends up getting seized or you will experience some kind of issues while working. So if you are going for a mid-usage you can opt for Kobalt otherwise go for bigger option available in the market.

Coin Master Free Spins  – An Exciting Way To Become a Coin Master

I’m sure most of you can spend hours playing Coin Master. The game is so addictive. It keeps you engaged. I have been completely into this game for the past three years. Trust me, the fascination never ends.

Why Coin Master?

When it comes to gaming apps, there are a lot of gaming apps out there. A lot of these offer you some kind of reward or gift. But none of them gives you the kick that you get from playing Coin Master. You know what I mean? 

From the graphics to the character demonstration, there is perfection in all aspects of the game. The concept of the game is not new. You’ve seen similar games on the App Store and Google Play Store. But, none of them are close to this game when it comes to the number of downloads and active users of the app.

What do I like the most about this game?


There are a lot of things I like about Coin Master. But, the best part of it is that you get free spins when you play the game everyday. These spins give you more coins and other rewards that you can than use to get an advantage in the game.

You can use the coins to

  • Buy weapons
  • Buy shields
  • Buy equipment for building your village

With my experience of playing Coin Mater, I always felt that the free spins and coins that you get on playing the game are not enough to get ahead of your competition. You need more coins to crush your competitors and become a real Coin Master.

How to get more coins?

Recently I went on a quest for finding more free spins for the game. I went through different websites before I got my hands on a great source for getting Coin Master free spins link. This website offers links for getting free spins daily. 

With the Coins Master free spins link, you can actually stay ahead of your competition become a pro at the game. Of course, you’ll need some patience and good gaming skills to be ahead of your opponent all the time. 

You can raid their villages and you can protect your own. You can do this with more free spins. Once you get used to having more free spins every day, you’ll gain the confidence to raid more villages and make more loot. This is how you become an expert in the game and crush your competitors.


That was my take on how you can be a top player of Coin Master, one of the top gaming apps on the App Store. There are many more tips and hacks that can make you a pro at the game. However, there is nothing as good as getting free spins in the game.

Did you find something helpful from this post? Please let me know in the comment section below. Also, make sure to share this post with your friends on social media. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post.

Best English TV series to watch

TV series are the new craze for an entire generation of movie buffs. From art cinematography to dark stories, there is so much to explore and enjoy when watching TV series. There are TV series for all genres. You can find TV series on whichever genre you like to watch. There are series about crime. There are TV series about love and romance. There are TV series about action and adventure. There are so many choices for TV series that you might sometimes find it overwhelming to decide which one to watch first.

So, here is a list of my favourite TV series. If you haven’t already watched these, you can get started.


1. Prison Break

This is one of the first TV series I watched. When I started watching this series, it was only out of curiosity. The storyline was such that I couldn’t help but go on with the series. The story revolves around the lives of two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and Micheal Scofield. Lincoln gets convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit and Micheal devises as a method to get his brother out of the prison. The events and the revelations that happen in the whole process is what Prison Break is all about. If you’re a lover of mystery and crime series, this is a must-watch.

2. Breaking Bad

Created by Vince Gilligan, this award-winning TV series is one of the best things that has happened in the American TV industry. It is a delight to watch this series. With its gripping storyline, the whole series keeps you wondering where and how it is going to end. The portrayal of some very strong characters and the events that take place takes you on a psychological roller-coaster ride which you’ll want to experience again and again.

3. Stranger Things

As a 90s kid, I could very well relate to this fantasy and science fiction combo series. It is one of the best portrayals of teenage adventure and sci-fi story. As the name suggests, there are stranger things (a.k.a Demogorgons) in the story which bring adventure into the lives of a bunch of kids and make them go on a mission to save their city from the looming danger.

4. Sherlock

If you’re a fan of the work of Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock is a series you should definitely consider having in your list of TV series to watch. The series has four seasons as of now and there are talks about a new season very soon. 

There are many more series like these you can watch on Netflix. Money Heist is one of the most popular series on Netflix now. If you have a Netflix subscription, there are no reasons to miss any series on Netflix. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can always use free Netflix cookies to get access to Netflix accounts and watch your favourite TV series for free. There are many websites on the internet which give free Netflix cookies. All you have to do is search for it and try it out.