What Makes Patanjali A Successful Brand

Patanjali Ayurved was launched in the year 2006. Ever since then, the company has considerably grown bigger and expanded into the FMCG sector. Recently, it has entered the apparel industry as well. Considering the disruption it has created in the FMCG market, there are now speculations about how it is going to conquer the Indian apparel market too.

In this post, you will understand what it is that Patanjali does that makes it successful at any sector it steps into. Here are the reasons that make Patanjali a successful brand:

1. Top-notch quality product

Patanjali’s products are known for their quality. The Patanjali team focuses on the quality of each product and makes sure to bring good quality products in the market. This is a major factor behind the success of Patanjali brand.

2. Reasonable pricing of products

Patanjali products are priced keeping the price-sensitive Indian consumer in mind. The raw materials used in Patanjali products are sourced directly from farmers. Unlike its rivals, Patanjali runs on very minimal marketing spends. This is the reason why it is able to deliver products at a reasonable price.

3. Large-scale network for sales and distribution

Patanjali has a large network of distributors and vendors. This is the reason you will find Patanjali products being sold at all parts of the country.

4. Differentiation, innovation and experimentation

When Patanjali entered the FMCG sector, there was already competition in the market. Even though the large MNCs were doing well, Patanjali became successful in differentiating itself and establishing itself as a tough competitor against these companies. Innovation and experimentation in product research is a major reason for the success of Patanjali products.

5. Cultural connection

The core value of Patanjali is to provide the Indian masses with products which represent Indian culture. Patanjali has successfully projected itself as a truly Indian brand. There is a liking for culturally rooted products in the Indian market. This is a major reason for the success of Patanjali products.

6. Swami Ramdev as brand ambassador

Swami Ramdev is a well-known face in India and abroad. He has a mass following which is essentially helpful for the marketing of the brand. Patanjali products are known for being health-oriented because of the image of yoga guru Swami Ramdev. Other than avoiding the cost of celebrity endorsements, this has helped in creating a unique image of the brand in people’s minds.


Patanjali is a revolutionary brand that has proven to be a game-changer in the FMCG sector of India. It has now entered the apparel industry to compete with major brands in the market. Know more about Patanjali’s apparel brand here.

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How To Effortlessly Manage Your Expenses While Travelling

One of the things that you should know about travelling is that you have to understand how to take care of your finances well while travelling. You are supposed to have fun while travelling. Therefore, it is wise to figure out how to manage your expenses while travelling so that you can spend your time having fun and meeting people. In this post, you will learn about some of the best tips that you can use to effectively manage your expenses while travelling. Read on to find out what I am talking about.

  1. Plan well

Things do not always go as planned. Therefore, it is really important that you anticipate your expenses well and be prepared for some extra expense that can happen during your trip. Calculate your expenses for food, accommodation and other essential things and take extra money with you so that you do not run short of money during your stay.

  1. Use cards

While debit cards and credit can help you go cashless, it is important to know which cards to choose for your expenses during the journey. Different cards have different charges and you have to understand the costs from spending through these cards before you go ahead and use cards during your travel.

  1. Carry cash with you

Having cards while travelling is a really good option. However, make sure to carry cash with you when you are travelling. There are countries where you may have a tough time finding cash machines. Having cash with you can save you in such a situation.

  1. Prepare a regular budget (in a spreadsheet)

Plan your daily, weekly and monthly spends in a spreadsheet. You can organise the spreadsheet template to make it easier for calculating spend per category, average daily spend, etc. Once you do this, you can use the information to decide where to cut down the expenses.

  1. Have fun

The motive for travelling is to relax and have fun. Managing your expenses is essential to make sure that you are in control of your money. However, do not get obsessed with calculations and budgeting. Make sure that you are having a good time when travelling.

Bonus tip: Find out the countries where the value of currency is lower. Visit those countries for a cheap yet amazing travel experience. Here is a list of currencies which are low in value compared to the US Dollar. Look up these countries on the internet and find out the best places to stay there. You can also check this list of the cheapest countries to travel and choose one among these for your next holiday destination.

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How Buying LinkedIn Followers Helped Me Get A Job

I was always fascinated by the world of social media. From making new friends to spending hours and hours playing online games, I was hooked to the amazing social media platforms right from the time I passed my board exams. For a sixteen-year-old introvert like me, there wasn’t much of an option to go out and socialize. I cared little about the world and took refuge in the world of internet, particularly on social media platforms.

To say that I was a social media addict would be an understatement – my world revolved around it. My journey as a social media addict began when I got my first laptop. I was seventeen then. I started creating fake accounts on multiple social media platforms and spend the whole day chatting with my virtual friends, liking their pictures and doing everything that gave them some validation and made me feel that I was not alone.

Fast-forward seven years. I became a graduate and my craving for social media got decelerated. I had to go out into the world looking for a job. It was a challenge I wasn’t ready to tackle. It was then that I decided to get to LinkedIn. I had known about LinkedIn but found it to be boring. But now I had to get familiar with this social media platform. It was my only means to get a job without having to move around much.

I created an account on the platform and set up my profile. I started believing that I would get a job through LinkedIn quite easily. I had read about LinkedIn and followed all the tips that promised about getting a job through LinkedIn. However, after eight months on the platform, I started feeling that I was wasting my time. I started believing that there was something that I was doing wrong. Once I started analyzing the reason for my failure on LinkedIn, I realized that I needed recommendations and endorsements for getting noticed by recruiters. Another thing that I became aware of was that LinkedIn was a platform for experienced professionals.

However, I had decided to get my job through LinkedIn and I was ready to do anything for it. I explored the internet for days and found a solution to my problem. I had to buy Linked followers for my profile. It was a piece of cake. I ordered my followers from linkonfire.com and got them in no time.

It took me a month after that to get my first job. There were so many job offers to choose from and I finally got hired by the company I wanted to work with. All this has been possible because of LinkedIn and the service that I used for buying followers.

While now I don’t use social media that often, I have to admit that social media has become a part of my life and I owe a lot to these sites that have been by my side when I had nobody and nowhere to go.

That was my story about how I got my first job through social media. If you too want to get a job through social media, I recommend that you create your LinkedIn profile and start building your network right away.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is basically a software program that stores your private key and public address and lets you receive and send digital currency. These are used for the purpose of storing digital currency, managing transactions and key storage. In this article, I am going to tell you about the different types of cryptocurrency wallets and how you can use them. The list below is in no particular order and shouldn’t be considered as a ranking list.

Types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  1. Hardware Wallets

These are hardware devices which are built to handle private keys and public addresses. This device can be operated without batteries. You can use these by connecting it to a PC or mobile device via USB. Though expensive, hardware wallets are considered to be the safest among all kinds of wallets.

  1. Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are a little more technical than hardware wallets. In a paper wallet, you just store your private keys and public addresses on a piece of paper and start transferring your coins to it. It keeps your private keys offline. Therefore, it is a safe way of storing your cryptocoins.

  1. Desktop Wallets

These are desktop software packs that you can install on your PC, Mac or Linux. Before installing this software, make sure that your desktop/laptop has antivirus or anti-malware protection enabled. Without them, you will risk getting hacked and robbed of your digital coins.

  1. Mobile Wallets

These are phone applications which you can access any time from anywhere. These are the most widely used wallets right now as it is easily available and really easy to use. There are mobile wallets compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Online Wallets

These kinds of wallets are connected to the internet. These are cloud-based wallet. You can access them from multiple devices via internet connection. You can access these via browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Because this kind of wallets run on cloud, these are susceptible to security threats. You need to be extra cautious when choosing a wallet provider for this kind of service.

Which among these Crypto wallets should you choose? Well, it entirely depends on you. Long story short, you need to choose something that you can trust and stick to. Just make sure not to compromise on security and you will be fine. To stay updated on the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency, check this website. Keep yourself updated about the latest cryptocurrency events, meetups and release updates to make sure that you make the best out of your investments.

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Online Dating: Risks And Precautions

The Internet is a preferred platform for most people to find love today. Who could have imagined that finding love would become so simple? With the power of the internet, you can now reach out to anyone in the world within seconds. This concept of instant reach out has made dating sites popular. Love is indeed only a click away.

While dating online has its own advantages, there are certain things that make online dating intimidating. In this article, you will know about the risks of online dating and what precautionary measures are needed while dating online.

  1. Join a trustworthy dating site

There are so many dating sites out there. There are paid online dating sites and then there are totally free online dating sites. Before joining any of these sites, make sure to know about these sites. Check reviews and testimonials from other users. Make sure that your privacy is not compromised when using these sites. While paid dating sites seem to be the right choice to go with, totally free dating sites are also worth it until and unless your privacy remains safe.

  1. Do not get deceived by looks

Most of the profiles you find online are not of genuine people. There are people who pose as somebody else online when in reality they might be totally different. You need to be really cautious in figuring out if the person you are dating is actually genuine. There are ways to do that. Know all about it here.

  1. Be wary of dating scammers

Online dating is about getting to know a stranger and starting a new relationship. This is the reason why you need to be a little extra careful when interacting with someone online. There are people who just wait for someone or other to get into their trap. Once you get emotionally involved in a relationship with someone online, you should be ready to take a step back the moment they ask you for some favour. There is a great chance that a person asking for a favour is a scammer. Do not ever fall for them.

  1. Do not share your address (ever)

Online dating can make you believe that the person you are interacting with is harmless. You may be asked to disclose your address to people. Do not do that unless you get to know the person for real. You never know the intentions of people dating online.

  1. Take your time before getting into a relationship

While the objective of online dating is to find someone for dating, you need to hold your horses and slow down. Often hastening up in getting into relationships can be hazardous. Take your time in getting to know the person before you enter into the relationship. This will help you understand the person better.

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Facts About Online Dating You Should Know

There used to be a time when dating for a man meant calling a woman on the phone or meeting in person and asking her to accompany him to someplace nice on a certain date and time. Technological advancements have replaced this age-old custom of dating with online chats which are non-committal in nature. Gone are the days when people use to practice courtship and eventually get into a relationship. The modern times have made our devices the source of courtship and we have started using it to find and meet out date. In this article, you will know about the downsides of online dating which you do not know of or might have ignored until now.

1. Unrealistic expectations

While you chat with someone new and you like the conversation, you tend to develop certain expectations in terms of real-life dating. This can cause you emotional hurt as you can never be sure as to how the person will be in real life.

2. Too many choices

Too many choices make it hard to find the right person willing to make a commitment. Boundless options make people wonder if they have made the right decision. They can feel less satisfied with their decision of choosing someone when there are still so many choices left.

3. Chivalry is dead

Chivalry was considered to be an essential part of courtship. But in these times of online dating, this perception has changed. When two people date in real life, they have interaction and there is a scope for chivalry. But, in online dating, there is no way to practice chivalry. This is certainly a drawback as chivalry adds spice to a relationship and makes a couple enjoy their relationship.

4. People lie

People keep lying on online dating platforms. From their physical appearance to their hobbies and interest, people on online dating platforms lie pretty much about everything. This is true for both men and women. While a lot of men lie about their height, women conceal their weight on a dating site.

5. No physical interaction

Online dating has the demerit of not being able to touch the other person which is an essential means to understand if the other person really has some connection to you.

6. Subscription charges

Online dating sites are designed in a way that attracts users to have their profile on them. Users get free access to certain features of the site, such as viewing the profile they are interested in. But, when they try to get in touch with the person, they are prompted to get a subscription. While this is the case with most dating sites, there are few free dating sites like Tender Indian where users don’t have to pay to use their services.


These were some of the drawbacks of the online dating industry. Do you think online dating industry is going in the right direction with all these drawbacks? Share your thoughts, questions and suggestions with us in the comment section below. Thank you very much for reading!

A Story Of Motherhood

Jessica Mathew was in her late thirties when she turned a mother. Her story of motherhood is inspiring as well as intriguing. She is an example of the purity of a mother’s love and knowing her story will make you believe the fact that nothing in this world is as miraculous as a mother’s love.

The first attempt

It was the 13th of August, 2010. Jessica’s husband was waiting outside the maternity ward waiting for the good news. It was after half an hour or so that someone came out of the ward saying something that made him shiver from within. Jessica had given birth to a sleeping baby.

Another ray of hope

This was their first attempt at becoming parents. A year later, they were again on their way towards parenthood. However, as fate would have it, even this time there were complications. Jessica was getting nervous at the thought of having a failed pregnancy for the second time. After her doctor’s advice on being extra cautious, she became all the more nervous. However, because of the support from her husband and her family, she still had some hope.

On the day of the delivery as she was taken into the maternity ward, she thought to herself that this time it would be different. She had no idea that the moments of the next few hours were going to be that of the greatest joy and highest sorrow. Moments after she gave birth to her baby boy, she realized that her baby was deformed.

She was happy, yet there was a  feeling of remorse. However, she brushed aside those thoughts of remorse and decided to be the best mother she could be to her boy. Her feeling of responsibility grew stronger when she discovered that her boy was mentally challenged too.

The struggle

While the rest of the family did not support the child, she took it upon herself to make sure that her boy got the best from his life. A couple of years later when she got separated from her husband, she took up extra jobs to support her boy. She now works as a receptionist in a bank during the day and sings in a bar during the evening. She makes sure to fulfil his needs and make him get the best out of life. She is certain that one day her son would be capable enough to understand the world in a better way.

Her story has become an inspiration for many mothers. While this story is certain to give people hope, there is also a lesson that you can learn from this story. For a pregnant mother, there is nothing more important than the health of the baby. To maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, you have to understand your diet during this period. Know what to eat and what to avoid during the different stages of pregnancy. Get resources from websites like www.monthlypregnancydiet.com and avoid situations that be a risk to your baby’s health. Make healthy choices and enjoy a healthy motherhood. Be the best mother you can be!

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare is a game played mostly by teens and young adults. The popularity of the game makes it one of the most played games during get-togethers and parties. In this article, you are going to find some of the most interesting truth or dare questions for the game. Note them down if you want and make use of them for your next game.

Truth Questions

  1. What is your biggest turn-off?
  2. If you only had a day to live,  who would you like to spend it with?
  3. If your significant other has gained 100 pounds, would you still love him/her?
  4. What are you most self-conscious of?
  5. Have you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife?
  6. What is that one TV show that you’re embarrassed to admit that you’re watching it?
  7. What makes you most attracted to in a person of your opposite sex?
  8. Who do you think in this room would be the best person to be trapped in an elevator with?
  9. When was the last time you lied and what was it about?
  10. Do you ever fantasize about someone while you’re working?
  11. How was your first kiss and how old were you then?
  12. Have you ever rejected someone or being rejected?
  13. If you could have that one chance to go out on a date with someone in this room, who would you choose?
  14. Who are you jealous of?
  15. Have you stolen anything? What was it?
  16. What would you do if you were given a chance to be of the opposite sex for one day?
  17. Were you ever caught lying? When was it?

Good Dare Questions

  1. Dare to drink a brew mixed by the participants.
  2. Dare the person to go outside and wave to everyone who is passing by for 10 minutes.
  3. Dare the person to go out and sing “A Whole New World” song at the top of his/her lungs.
  4. Dare the person to kiss someone of the same sex who’s present in the game.
  5. Dare the person to perform a lap dance for two minutes on one of the playing members of the same sex.
  6. Dare the person to make a call to his/her ex and say “I miss you.”
  7. Dare to use a cheesy pickup line on a stranger.
  8. Dare to drink a glass of water in one gulp.
  9. Dare the person to not speak until it is his/her time to ask questions.
  10. Wear his/her underwear over his/her clothes and make a quick run to the street and back.
  11. Dare to prank someone that he/she knows.
  12. Dare to do 50 sit-ups.
  13. Dare to do a belly dance.
  14. Dare the person to push a quarter around the toilet seat with your tongue.
  15. Dare the person to go to the nearest grocery store, bakery or pharmacy without money and try to buy something.
  16. Play some club music and dare that person to “twerk” like Miley Cyrus for two minutes.

We hope you found this list interesting. If you want more truth or dare questions, visit www.tdgenerator.com. Let us know what you think about this list in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

The Advantages of Online Counselling

Mental health is one of the major areas of concern for people today. With the rising number of mental illnesses and the negligence towards this threat, it has only become more prevalent in the recent times. However, with the advent of the internet, there is a new hope for people. The internet is now not just used for communicating with people. It is used for learning new things and obtaining new information. The internet has now become so convenient that you can easily get in touch with a mental health professional or a psychology counsellor right from your home. Here are some of the advantages of online counselling that you might consider taking a look at:

  1. More options

With the help of the internet, you can choose from a lot of online counselling services. It is really important to choose the right kind of service because this is something which can determine the success of the counselling session. Therefore, make sure that you do some research and choose the online counselling service that suits your needs.

  1. Easy accessibility

One of the best things about online counselling is that it is accessible to anyone who is in need. This is especially useful for people who live in remote areas where there are no counselling services. Other than this, another noticeable thing here is that online counselling has made it easier for people with physical or mental challenges who cannot go out for traditional counselling session get the advantage of counselling.

  1. Flexible session timings

Another great advantage of online counselling sessions is that you get to choose the most convenient time for the sessions. This is not the case with traditional counselling sessions.

  1. More convenient

Online counselling is convenient in comparison to traditional counselling. It lets you get the benefits of counselling right from your home. This has been useful especially for people who are not comfortable in getting outdoors and those who have some or other phobia.

  1. Affordability

Online counselling is economically affordable for both the therapist and the client. There are no additional expenses to run an online counselling service like in the case of traditional counselling service. Hence, online counselling is better than traditional counselling when it comes to costs. Here is an online counselling service that offers anonymous live chat sessions at affordable costs.

  1. Anonymity

Most people do not prefer to go for counselling because of their fear of being judged by others. The absence of face to face communication that happens during online counselling sessions make the clients feel at ease and they tend to open up more easily. This anonymity factor is a major reason for most people opting for online counselling services rather than traditional counselling services.

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How To Become A Fitter Version Of Yourself

Everyone knows the importance of good food and exercise. But in spite of this, people choose to live a life without these. There are people who do their best to make themselves fit. There are others who are not bothered by their unhealthy lifestyle. And then there are those who do not know what needs to be done to become fitter. This article shows you how you can choose to live a healthier life. The tips mentioned here will help you become a fitter version of yourself.

#1. Leave the couch

One of the most unhealthy habits of people is the habit of sitting in front of the TV with a bunch of snacks and munching away mindlessly. There is nothing good that can come out of this habit. You need to leave this habit if you really wish for a healthy change. You have to get off your couch and get involved in something activity.

#2. Hit the gym

Going to the gym will not only make you fitter, it will have a good impact on your overall personality. You will feel more motivated towards your fitness goals.

#3. Do other forms of exercise

For people who do not want to go to the gym, there are so many other forms of exercise that can be done at home. You can walk, jog, run or sprint. You can do yoga or aerobics. There are so many activities to do for living a healthy life. You just have to make your choice and get started.

#4. Take fewer breaks

Many people are of the opinion that taking breaks from workouts is a good thing to do. However, you should understand that when you extend these breaks for long, you make harder for you to get back.

#6. Practice Yoga

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for the mind and the body. Yoga makes your body flexible and your mind stress-free. Yoga connects your mind to your body. When your mind and body get connected, your health improves.

#7. Eat healthy

Be mindful of your eating habits. Most people eat junk food without giving it a second thought. These kind of foods are not at all healthy for you. Control your craving for junk food and you will be on your way to becoming a fitter version of yourself. Eating healthy foods is one of the key factors for a good physique. Therefore, make sure to eat healthy and become fit and healthy.

Becoming a fitter version of yourself will need some dedication and hard work on your part. But, when you get the results you will be happier and satisfied with yourself than ever before. For more such tips, visit www.theindianbuilder.com.

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