Monday Morning Blues

I have been suffering from Monday morning blues since my childhood as I always used to make lame excuses every Monday morning to avoid school. I still don’t understand why I hated going to school especially on Monday that much. The night before Monday used to be so grueling that the ordeals of demons and monsters were very common. I used to plan for the morning and forced my mind to come up with the best of the excuses that could help me convince my parents to not send me school. I was so hell bent on not going to school that I even tried burning my hand just to avoid two-three days of school.

Friday never sucked

Friday was exactly opposite to that of Monday and my mind kept bringing plenty of ideas just to make the weekends fruitful. We had our own plans of playing cricket in the garden that we considered an abode for the spirits and avoided playing after six in the evening. We used to get goosebumps if we were ever asked to stroll down the garden after the sunset. We never dared to pass by the garden no matter how important it could be.

School or office, Monday will always be hard to deal with


Even today as a CAT and GMAT aspirant I find it rather hard to carry myself to the coaching classes and rack my brain over GRE to GMAT conversion which indeed is not that hard but the mental inertia is hard to break. So sometimes I prefer skipping classes on Monday than struggling with the problems of GRE to GMAT conversion or ask for someone else to do it for me.

What is morning blues?

Monday morning blues is basically a fear that can be widely observed among the school going kids who show reluctance in going to school every Monday. The mental inertia of the kids could possibly be the read behind their unwillingness as they carefreely enjoy the weekends and get comfortable with it.

Monday comes with ample challenges which ultimately disturb the established inertia of the kid which infuses restlessness in them for that particular of the time. This gives them ants in their pants which eventually compels them to come up with lame excuses to avoid the school.

Didaskaleinophobia(The Fear Of School) is very common.

The phobia of school is very common among the kids dangling between six to fourteen years of age. We as a working clan too have this phobia even in our late twenties and thirties. We also feel the same as these kids every Monday. The only term that changes is the school which either becomes an office or company.

This should not be seen as a problem or a disease as it is very common and natural. Our brain works in a way similar to that of the first law of motion propagated by Newton which says an object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion, until or unless an external force is applied. This was also accepted as the inertia of rest and motion.