Modded Controllers Are The Best

The expression “Modded Controller” showed up about 10 years back, when only a couple of organizations available were making first endeavors to change Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepads. The primary objective at that point was to offer players something they needed, something that would improve their interactivity results and upgrade their gaming experience by and large. 

The first and essential change, presented for the past age supports several years prior to COD Black Ops turned out, stimulating the modded controller fever, was the Rapid Fire mod. The mod was answerable for the shooting activity of the gaming character and was squeezing and discharging the fire catch of the gamepad for the client’s benefit. The component promptly got a positive reaction from gamers and made an enormous interest in alleged Rapid Fire controllers. The usefulness of the element hasn’t changed, and the primary concern to comprehend here is that this alteration has nothing to do with the game code hacking. It won’t permit going over the speed top pre-set by game designers for all weapons and, along these lines, it is difficult to change the discharge rate for completely programmed weapons utilizing the Rapid Fire perk. It is profoundly compelling for self-loader and single-shot weapons, in any case, and accompanies various pre-customized speeds and a capacity to set up custom shots every second if necessary. 


Seeing the developing interest for the gaming experience-upgrading advantages, modding organizations put every one of their endeavors into discovering approaches to convey and began growing more mods. Today there are up to 15 ongoing interaction updates that are notable and offered by the respectable sites available (don’t purchase appealing headings shouting about more than 50 or 100 mods accessible, as it’s only an advertising stunt to stand out enough to be noticed, and such number of mods just doesn’t exist). 

Every single current change can be isolated into 2 primary gatherings – shooting and non-shooting highlights. The shooting bunch incorporates capacities intended to modify and improve the terminating experience of your character. The other gathering offers highlights planned for giving your officer some additional abilities helpful in battle. 

  • Akimbo that gives you a chance to fire both double used handguns all the while with a press of one catch, 
  • Dropshot enabling your character to drop and take shots simultaneously,
  • Fast Reload that diminishes the ammunition reload time,
  • Quick Scope to improve killing experience and that’s just the beginning.

If you have one of the modded controllers with your and you are competing online with your friends, there are less chances that you are going to lose the game as you have the modified version of the controller but your friends may be using a very basic controller against you, that gives you an advantage over them every time you play a game against anyone. 
Mostly players of Xboxes use these kind of controllers but it is compatible with PlayStations, computers and even with your mobile phones. So, if you have a Modded Xbox 360 Controller, it means you can use it anywhere with any compatible device.