How to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You


It’s hard to learn how to stop loving someone who does not love you, however when you’ve to deal with a breakup, this is the very first thing you have to study and move on. Loving somebody is not in the hand of yours because the heart never follows the mind.

You will find a few things; you are able to always take care when you realize you are in a one-sided relationship in which you get no love for your devotion and feelings.

Here are a few tips that can help you move on with your life when you are in a one-sided relationship:

Give a break to yourself –

The second you realize your partner doesn’t love you, give yourself a break. Don’t limit yourself to that person and give yourself full scope to explore rest of the world.

Meet folks, hang out with friends and people who care for you. This can improve your confidence and help you in finding out how to stop loving someone who does not love you

Take time –

Just since you’re in a one-sided affair, don’t just plunge into some other relation. Give yourself enough time to fall in love or perhaps getting into a relationship with someone else. Take time to understand people and your own expectations. Meanwhile, you are able to slowly detach yourself from the individual who doesn’t reciprocate your love.

Don’t waste time in grieving –

Never cry for a person who doesn’t value you. In case you can’t find out how to stop loving someone who does not love you, you are able to at least stop crying for him or her. Do not stay sleepless, unshaven, and untidy for an individual who doesn’t value you. Learn to look good and behave decently.

People are going to love you and care for you just when they find you good and pleasing. Thus, never waste your time welling for worthless people in your life.

Engage yourself –

Entertain yourself and engage in some creative activities. These things always help in healing a heart. The pain of not being liked by someone whom you love is actually immeasurable. But, keep in mind that your life is actually filled with better opportunities and better people.

Simply try to free yourself from the agony of a one-sided love relationship. When you see yourself in a good light then only you are able to show your better self in the eyes of others

Respect others’ choice 

Even when somebody doesn’t love you in return to the love of yours, you have to understand individuals’ freedom of choice. You should never try to impose yourself on any person. 

Respect the person’s choice and make an effort to love yourself more than any other person is able to do. It is much better to invest your energy and feelings in your personal betterment rather than wasting the time of yours in a one-sided relation.

Stay away –

The most effective way to find out how you can stop loving someone who doesn’t love you is staying away. Stay away from that individual almost as possible.

The more you distance yourself, easier it is going to be for you to escape from the tendency to be the victim of a one-sided love.

By following few above-mentioned tips you can very easily distract your mind from the person whom you love one-sided and look for better aspects of life which may give you happiness.

Always remember your virtues and try your best to use them to get happiness in your life.