How did I get 1 Million Followers on My Facebook Page?

Facebook is no doubt one of the most popular social media platforms. Billions of people use Facebook all around the world. If you ask “why?”There are many reasons and points of view of different classes of people. Some people use it just for entertainment, while some use Facebook to share their personal photos, lifestyle, emotions, or expressions with friends, while there are people who use Facebook to interact with friends whom they are no longer able to contact in real life. But, how many of you know that Facebook can also be used to expand your business? There is also one class of people who successfully run their businesses through Facebook. 

Facebook is used by businessmen to expand their business activities. Again, some content creators use Facebook to show their creativity and earn through advertisements on their videos. As a content creator, I too wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and created my own Facebook page so that I could make my videos accessible to more and more people. But then I realized that it is not an easy task to get viewers on my videos unless I had a decent number of followers who would watch and share my videos. In this article, I will share my experience on how my Facebook page grew 1 million followers from zero followers.


When I started my Facebook page, I was filled with enthusiasm and confidence that my videos will get viral and I will be able to generate huge income from the ad views. But soon, I saw that my videos could not be monetized as I did not have many followers to watch my videos. So, I had to come up with some strategies to make my Facebook page popular.

At first, I took the help of paid promotion service of Facebook. Facebook promotes your page on the news feed page of other users depending on the target audience set by you and the plan selected by you. So, I was able to easily promote my page to my target audience by using this service. And gradually I found that the number of followers was increasing. 

As the number of followers increased I realised that I will have to come up with interesting content that people will love to share with others. But the problem for me was that I was not able to create enough content for everyone as there was a lack of time and I didn’t have any team to do all the research work for me. As my audience was of all age groups so I had to come up with different types of content that would engage everyone, and it had become tedious work for me.

One day, all of a sudden I came across a website that had all types of content like funny videos, memes, GIFs, short stories, etc. and those could be downloaded for free. My eyes sparkled and I started to download those contents and upload them straight to my Facebook page. There was a lot of content available for all age groups, so my audience was happy to watch my content. Today my Facebook page is monetized and I have 1 million followers on my page. And, I am happy to tell you that I am earning a good income from my Facebook page. All thanks to my viewers and the website that helped me. Read more to find more about this website.