Facts About Steve Jobs

Considered as an icon for American business and one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs the world has ever seen, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has a story unlike any other. While most people know about his journey into the tech industry, there are some lesser known facts about this tech genius which we would like to throw some light into.

  1. Apple

Steve Jobs was a fruitarian and pescatarian, meaning he ate only fruits and fish. On one of his visit to an organic farm, he decided to name his company as Apple.

  1. Apple’s typography and font

When he dropped out of college he happened to do a course of calligraphy. His love for calligraphy reflected in the future Apple products which paid great attention to typography and font.

  1. Packaging

Jobs focused on the emotional response that his products could entice on the customers. He had an entire team dedicated for the purpose of studying the experience of opening a box of Apple’s products.

  1. Annual Salary

Steve Jobs kept his annual salary at Apple at $1. However, he had 5.5 million shares of Apple stock and a majority of Disney stock after selling Pixar.

  1. Co-founder

Steve Jobs met the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak in high school. Steve Wozniak was 18 while Jobs was just 13.

  1. The Third Founder

Ronald Wayne, the third founder of Apple had designed the first logo for Apple. However, for some reason, he sold his 10 percent stake just two weeks after joining Jobs and Wozniak.

  1. Pancreatic Cancer

When diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Jobs didn’t immediately go for surgery. He tried different alternative medicine regimes, including herbal remedies and acupuncture before finally opting for surgery.

  1. Patents

Steve Jobs has been named as either the founder or co-inventor of near about 346 United States patent products. Most of these products are popular for their design.

  1. Mentor

Google might be a great company now, but the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were once mentored by Steve Jobs.

  1. Education

Jobs admitted that he wasn’t a fan of school structure. He preferred education to be unconventional.

  1. India

Steve Jobs visited India and spent seven months traveling and experimenting with psychedelic drugs. He eventually got influenced by Zen Buddhism and started practicing it.

  1. Illegitimate child

Jobs had an illegitimate child when he just 23. However, he denied paternity for the child for many years before accepting Lisa Brennan as his child.

  1. Biological sister

Job met his biological sister, Mona Simpson much later in his life. They shared much in common and very soon grew close to each other.

  1. Last words

Steve Jobs last words at his deathbed were “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.”

These were some of the lesser known facts about this legendary tech enthusiast the world has ever seen.

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