The ornamental Elite Shungite


Elite shungite are the noble or silver Shungite that are the most beneficial and the rarest form of Shungite with a non-crystalline surface. It has a slight metallic smooth surface that contains about 95 – 100% of carbon and is considered as the purest form of Shungite. Due to the high content of fullerenes, it has the strongest healing properties. The hardness of the stone is registered to be 3.5 and is qualified as a higher grade of Shungite. Due to the presence of a high percentage of carbon, it has very high energetic potential. The deposit of this type is very scarce and is found in very less amount that is only one percent of the total Shungite found. This type of Shungite is usually mined out of the ground.


This Shungite is used for water purification that takes out the metals and other debris from the water that normally can`t be noticed. It is the perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer. This Shungite has a powerful energetic field that keeps our body healthy and our soul in harmony. The Shungite is beneficial for EMF protection that helps in the healing and well being of a person. The energy embodied in this Shungite absorbs and eliminates negative energy that is hazardous to the body.

Shungite is called the stone of fruition because it brings forth positive blessings and beneficiary results. Shungite brings calmness and relaxation to anyone using or near it. This happens because Shungite converts negative energy into positive energy. It is considered a very beneficial protective stone especially from the EMFs and psychic protection when placed near electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, and televisions. The shielding and healing power of Shungite arises from its non-crystalline carbon mineral formation that is very rare in any crystal.

It has the property to heal the immune system, skin diseases and deformations, fight against free radicals, cancer, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, hair growth, rheumatic arthritis, GI problems, headaches, balancing food pressure to the ideal level, respiratory issues, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial, insomnia, pain relief, etc. It is considered as the miracle healing stone. Nuggets of this Shungite are poured in water and are used for physical health benefits.

This Shungite is the most effective type when it comes to healing, cleansing and protection. It is a type we use when we want to experience Shungite in all of its glory. As it is very fragile we use only raw nuggets, yet we do use pendants and earrings with this Shungite, but again with raw stones. Nuggets of beautiful elite Shungite are used as home decor. Wearing a Shungite ornament on our body will automatically put away all the negative frequencies that may get attached to our body.

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