Comic Books Storage Resurrects!

During the pandemic, the whole world was confined to the boundaries of their own house..which quite frankly was not something people were really fond of..I mean living under the same roof, with the same people(even if it’s your family) is not that easy because you do not get to live the actual lifestyle you thrive for. 

I guess anyone and everyone would be able to resonate with my feelings of helplessness, low productivity, idleness yet a lot of things to do and a lot of chores to complete..the feeling of being trapped was something which couldn’t be shaken least by the people I right in the middle of the pandemic I went ahead and analysed what people actually do to feel a little more engaged and productive as compared to the empty, non- productive days.
Even I chose to re kindle my hobbies which I left a very long time back..due to my hectic, busy schedule- I just realized that in the run for making my life a success, I forgot what I actually enjoyed and never made time for myself
  • Yoga– During the pandemic, I have seen several people moving on to yoga as a way to relax themselves and well, a way to lose weight and remain healthy..many people I know started attending classes online(due to obvious reasons,) has brought about a drastic change in how people perceive their bodies(in a positive way, of course)..I joined yoga too and since then, there’s no turning back.
  • Painting/ Drawing/Coloring– There are many people who are really proficient at the art of creating marvelous paintings..but due to the pressure of studies or work, they had to leave their pandemic gave them the time to pursue their hobby with full force and thus, such people could re visit their talented side which was a miss since a long period. It is also said that coloring, painting is a therapeutic technique to soothe the nerves.
  • Comic books collection– Due to the hectic schedules people follow, reading as a habit was eloping by the day..but the pandemic enabled this habit to resurface and how! I have personally witnessed so many friends and family creating a marvelous collection of comics and well, using creative and best comic book box.. in such a creative and aesthetic way.
  • Cycling– In the beginning of quarantine, people did nothing but sit and binge eat on foods they like..which made them gain weight, gain mass and a whole lot of feelings of being lethargic followed(personal experience to be honest) to loose that chubbiness and to keep their bodies active and working, many people adopted the habit of cycling. The spike in bicycle sales in 2020 will surely give you an idea about the popularity of the fact, cycling became a social media activity(people post about their achievements and number of kilometres daily)
  • Cooking/ Baking– This hobby was such a rage in the beginning due to the shutdown of all the restaurants and hotels..people made the effort and stepped in the kitchen to make their favorite cuisines..where some experiments were successful and some went down the drain(quite literally)
  • Cleaning– Even the person least concerned about sanitization and hygiene had to step up and maintain cleanliness for themselves as well as their homes. just because Corona cannot survive in clean spaces.