Closer to Truth: Mathematics

Is Mathematics Eternal?

Simple, fundamental bedrock, success story, explains all, ugly, elegant, beautiful, complex, etc. These are phrases and words usually connected with mathematics. That in itself does not make mathematics eternal.

I suspect that regardless of what the laws, principles and relationships of physics were to switch out to be, there would be some kind of mathematics to cover it. Nevertheless, a lot of our mathematics bears no relationship our physics – inverse cube relationship for instance.

What’s the condition of mathematics? Is mathematics eternal?

Mathematics does not have any status outside of the human brain. So mathematics is just as eternal as the duration that human minds exist. Mathematics is actually an invention of the human brain (since I am aware of not one other life form which makes use of mathematics in any abstract kind of way) to help humans in coping with the numerous (also invented) complexities of human society (like trade, economics and commerce). Mathematics is actually a not-thing since it has no physical properties and can’t be recognized via any of your sensory device. Needless to say in case we are in a Simulated (Virtual Reality) Universe then we completely exist as, as well as in, a mathematical construct.

Of course, mathematics may also be the creation of extraterrestrial intelligence, therefore mathematics could persist eternally in the cosmos provided you will find intelligent life forms around to use as well as abuse their mathematical inventions.

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Mathematics is a not thing, it is an abstract concept that is the creation of the human brain. Mathematics has not one of the attributes that we connect with things. Things may be discovered; concepts are actually invented. One plus 2 equals 3 (one 2=3) isn’t a thing. Pi isn’t a thing. The quadratic equation isn’t a thing. Mathematical theorems aren’t things. Mathematics is able to not be recognized with any of the 5 senses, or perhaps maybe even with instrumentation which extends our sensory capabilities beyond that which our sensory machine can come to terms with. We search around for and follow the type of mathematics which fits in with what we observe, with what’s handy, and chuck what does not easily fit in into the rubbish bin. So the gravitational force could be accounted for by an inverse square law, however, not by an inverse cube law, so the inverse cube connection is actually placed into the rubbish bin.

The set of all potential mathematical equations is actually as close to infinity as makes no chances so it shouldn’t be surprising that a subset of those should by opportunity mirror what goes on in the real life including the inverse square law for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation and gravity. This implies that mathematics is actually an invention and not really a discovery.

Final words…

While it is difficult explaining the concept of Mathematics, we have however tried to briefly explain the myth associated with Mathematics. Hopefully, you found it useful. Thank you very much for reading!