Using bitcoin qr codes can make transactions easier

Bitcoins are the new method of making online transactions. Since its inception 2008, the value and use of bitcoins have increased tremendously. The bitcoin qr code system has also boosted its value. It not only offers users an easy method to transfer, but also provides security for high valued transactions.

Where is bitcoin used?

Bitcoins are not only used as a currency for online transactions by freelancers and service providers, but they are also used in eCommerce stores and escrow platforms. Basically, whenever someone wants to pay online, btc is definately one option amongst many others.

How is it used?

Bitcoin payments may be complicated for first time users but they get simple after you know what you are doing.

  1. User purchases money in his bitcoin wallet
  2. User enters the address of the wallet he wants to pay bitcoins to.
  3. User must also enter the amount of btc that he wants to send.
  4. After that the payment is sent.

How have QR codes made the process simple ?

Instead of copying a complicated address and paying through wallet, QR codes simplify the process. You need not copy lengthy btc addresses, you just have to click a picture of the bitcoin qr code shown in the sellers website and click pay!

All the address and amount recognition will be done automatically!

Isn’t that process simple?

Generating bitcoin qr code

QR codes have not only shown there significance and value in the industry of bitcoins, but they have also proved to be useful in many other industries. Integrating that with anything brings in more security and ease of access.


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