Being creative with Flash preloaders

Whenever you enter a flash site the first thing a visitor views is the preloader. Designing interactive preloader is essential to capture your visitors with the first impression. Working with Rich Internet Application (RIA) technologies, one big drawback is the unexpectedly longer Script Download Time.

If this time is lengthy, it can annoy your visitor and result in losing his interest in your website even before he has entered it. The easiest solution to retain your visitor is to be creative with your preloader. When a visitor is intrigued by the preloader he will make an attempt to visit all the sections of the site and will stroll through your website. If then your site design is complex, the visitor will probe the website as much as possible. That is to say with an effective preloader, you can make the visitor inquisitive about your site.

Today, we have galleries for ready made preloaders; however I will strongly recommend innovating and creating new types of preloaders. Being creative with flash designs is not very difficult. I will suggest you surf the web for templates and flash websites that can be food for ideas. This will not only enlarge your scope of designing, but also help you generate new ideas.

Here we have gathered a list of sites with capturing preloaders.

The purpose of your preloader must be to instill interest in your visitor and make him curious. You can also display a message in your website preloader that completes, as the website fully downloads to 100%.

I have been inclined towards flash preloaders that download a small flash game like tic-tac-toe that engaged the reader as the website continues to download. In similar fashion you can brainstorm and search for new and engaging ideas for your visitor. Not only this, creating and designing an interactive preloader is also a great web designing practice!