All About Wi-Fi Killers | Block people from Wifi network

Many people find themselves in a situation when their Internet connection speed suddenly slows down. The most popular reason for such a problem is that someone is illegally hooking up to their Internet and using it for their own needs while “stealing” the traffic speed from the rightful owner. The providers have no weapons to fight with such culprits but Wi-Fi owners do with some help from specially designed Wi-Fi killer programs.  These programs will help you block wifi users. This article will help you get more details about these tools.

  • What is a Wi-Fi killer?

A Wi-Fi killer is a software which allows users to shut off the Internet connection on any device that’s hooking up to their network. Such programs give people an opportunity to block Wi-Fi thieves who are illegally trying to use their Internet connection. The program provides full anonymity so the illegal user will never find out who and how kicked him off the Wi-Fi. Essentially, a Wi-Fi killer is a program that allows users to get full control their network and prevent cheaters from abusing the bandwidth.

  • How Does It Work?

The program scans for all devices connected to the Wi-Fi and gives a user a list. The user picks the devices that need to be disconnected and the program generates a DDoS attack which disconnects the device and forces the illegal user to be shut off. Meanwhile, the cheater doesn’t get the “disconnect” message but the speed is reduced to 0.

  • Which Software Can Be Used?

There are several programs that deal with Wi-Fi killing available on the market today. The most popular Wi-Fi killer for Android is Wifi Kill. Meanwhile, a good Wi-Fi killing program for windows is NetCut. All programs have similar interfaces as well as similar functions. They are easy to download and can be found on the Internet and at app stores. All such software is currently available for free.

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  • What Functions Does a Wi-Fi Killer Offer?

The programs are quite simple and don’t offer too many functions. Their work is similar to the off and on button. No special network knowledge is required to operate such programs. Some software allows you to protect your device from similar Wi-Fi killers. Most of them give a user an opportunity to choose the device he wants to shut off while others have a “disconnect all” option. All Wi-Fi killer programs offer fast and easy download and installation options.

  • Are Wi-Fi Killer Programs Illegal?

All Wi-Fi killer programs are designed to be used for your own network only. Using this software in public places in order to free up some speed for your Internet surfing is not allowed. Killing public Wi-Fi connection might lead to various problems for the software user.

The existing Wi-Fi killers are being updated on a regular basis while the new software is created as well.  New features are added to make managing the network faster and easier. So if you are still wondering how to kick people off your Wi-Fi, it’s time to get a Wi-Fi killer.

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